How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    This thread is interesting, as I've never considered any of the social ramifications tied up in Disney films. I mean me personally, as a single man with no kids, the only thing that would have gotten me to go see The Princess & Frog flick would have been if Darth Maul or Megatron was in it and to see them slaughter the entire cast. Seriously though I had no idea about possible racism, or one might say, self-racism being a topic of conversation hat this movie generated. Fascinating, I may just have to watch this now........on second thought, maybe not.

  • trailerfitter

    Perhaps you should quietly check out some of the horrors that are in the bible, the demonic imeragery they use.....the sex, incest etc etc and then ask your wife if it would be okay to make films out of some of the stuff. The bible has some of the most horrific ideas in it. Brimstone and fire wiping out a city is not far off watching Hiroshima being bombed however TV would show the aftermath...

  • peace_lily

    I tried to share two photobucket images, but it didn't work...oh well.

  • agonus

    For Witnesses, the struggle of "Good vs Evil" has always been a virtual approximation of "Us vs. Them", though of course they don't view it that way.

    For me, the bottom line of the religion has long since ceased to be an issue of good vs. evil and has devolved into simple "compliance vs. non-compliance". Even as Holocaust survivors, the enormity of a Holocaust-level good vs. evil morailty issue has been reduced BY the WT for them to a simple "Jehovah's sovereignty" formula.

    But, you know, if pat answers to complex issues work for you, then the org is where to turn for sure.

    Didn't turn out so well for most of us here, I think.

  • AGuest
    and then ask your wife if it would be okay to make films out of some of the stuff.

    No point, dear trailfitter (peace to you!), as the answer would be "Not US! WE have our DC Bible 'dramas'!"

    'Cause you do know, don't you, that the DC dramas are the ONLY WTBTS-sanctioned form of "entertainment"?

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • AGuest

    Don't waste your time, RoosterMan (peace to you!). It'll most likely tick you off... while leaving you $10+ poorer... with nothing more than ire to show for it.


    SA, on her own...

  • trailerfitter

    Gary, I have a quite minute without the" moral patrol" watching. I do feel exactly what you are going through and being in the same position as you with a wife who is "possessed" you probabally know by now there is very little you can do about it. I have to keep trying to find the woman I married and not the moralistic policeman who she is turning into. I have noticed since my wife has been studying the bible, she has made more mistakes with worldly issues and is actually looking to me more with some issues... a bit odd actually.

    Anyway, back to the film. I study media, TV and Film at college. The charicters in films always are architypical of steriotypes. Nothing damaging there, My son who is 6 years old watches some dodgy movies and he knows who the bad guys are... Christians are also guilty of this with their images of christ...he is always show wearing a beard and oddly enough portrayed as white..... How many Americans would shout that the film was racialist but would kick up if Jesus was shown as a black man??.

    I haven't seen the film yet but just the impression I get from this dicussion , black people do practice voodoo magic,...check out some history books.

    I do feel that if you have a conflict of opinion in a family between the parents, the children will feel it. Discuss some sort of censorship programme with your wife. I cannot offer any advice on this but I usually do things behind my wifes back. She goes to church we watch "Terminator Salvation" and it will finish before she gets back. Perhaps you will need to censor your wife, keep her away from the news.....I had a headache over the damned riots this last week... work of Satan or not I bet this subject will come up in church on Sunday!!!

  • garyneal

    Peace Lilly, if you are wondering about the pyramidology stuff she just dismisses them now as old light.

  • AGuest
    How many Americans would shout that the film was racialist but would kick up if Jesus was shown as a black man??.

    Depends on where you showed such. In the Bible Belt... it would be considered blasphemy, dear TF (again, peace to you!).

    black people do practice voodoo magic,

    Perhaps you should correct that to accurately state that SOME black people practice voodoo (did you know a whole lot of FRENCH-American people in the area do, too?). But certainly not all, which is what your statement implies. Not even MOST, actually. In turn, I'll say SOME white people believe "Jesus" had blonde hair and blue eyes... and wasn't a Jew. Not all, white people, of course; not even most.

    Your comment, however, gives the impression that it not only is most... but all [of us]. And so is misleading beyond words...

    BUT... it's not surprising that someone would make BOTH of the above statements.

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who thinks... hopes... that dear TF may not have actually MEANT/believes... what it he seems to have stated...

  • ohiocowboy

    Hi Shelby! I hope you are finding Peace! Just a few of my feelings in regards to some of your statements about the movie. Cinderella-(An indenture servant) did not become a Princess either until the end of the movie, as is the case with several Disney movies. Instead of Frogs, the White carriage drivers were Rats. (Being given a chance, I think I would rather be a frog than a rat-lol) In past Disney movies, the wicked witches are predominantly White. In regards to the New Orleans setting, I wonder how the World would be without such Jazz greats as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holliday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. If not for New Orleans, where would they be in regards to their music? New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz. New Orleans is full of tradition, both good and bad. Even Voodoo had/has its place in NO to this day among people of all skin tones, and cultures and lives have been molded through what New Orleans stood for. Unfortunately, the grandeur of NO has been replaced in large by criminal elements (Of all skin tones), but the fact remains that NO always has been, and always will be a city known for greatness, and many, many African Americans have been blessed by having been associated with the city. If I recall correctly, the movie was even based on the time period of the early Jazz era of the late teens/early 20's-(not in the New Orleans we see today).

    The movie shows Tiana as a hard worker, and aspires to open her own business. As a human, she was portrayed as a very beautiful young lady. (Had I been a Straight White Male cartoon character, I would have dated her-lol). In regards to the frog character, she did have mighty fine frog's legs-again lol, just trying to be funny, Disney has always mixed humans with animals due to either a curse or creative license whether they be Black, White, Brown, or purple with pink polka dots. It wasn't just a Black thing.

    Some earlier Disney movies I agree have had a degree of racism, but this movie, I just don't know. I don't think that Oprah would have been in the movie if she even had an inkling that it might be racist. It doesn't mean though that I am discounting what you are saying though, as I appreciate we all have our own opinions.

    Have a wonderful day!!!


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