How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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  • garyneal

    How many Christians?

    How many Jehovah's Witnesses?

    What do you all think of it?

  • ohiocowboy

    After hearing all of the outrage about how racist the movie was, I decided not to see it. It has been on the movie channels recently, so maybe one day I will check it out. Personally, I thought it was a really good idea and long overdue of Disney to make the movie due to their past movies being predominantly White, but many others found it offensive. I guess that some people can't be pleased.

    Did you see it? What are your thoughts?

  • garyneal

    I liked it, my daughter loves it. We tried to watch it tonight. My wife objected.

    Here's why...

    Shadow Man (Voo doo)

  • agonus

    It was cute, and I mean that in a good way. Not their best by a long shot but I agree the intentions were probably honorable. If nothing else, it was nice to see some actual decent "traditional" 2-D animation from Disney in who knows how many years.

    Sort of a Beauty and The Beast "Lite", if you will.

  • agonus

    The voice of Dr. Facillier was Keith David, who was also the cat in "Coraline."

    How much ass does THAT guy kick?

  • garyneal
  • WontLeave

    Racist? Obviously, some people don't know the definition of the word "racist".

  • agonus

    The characterization of guys with green skin was a little stereotypical, I have to admit.


  • AGuest

    I saw it (peace to you all!). I thought it absolutely was racist. Sorry, but I did. Some reasons why? No princess (everyone else can have one, though...). Nope, just some black chick dreamin' of opening a juke joint. "Prince" wasn't a prince; nope, he was a "loser." Worse, he wasn't even an African American. He was... what, Brazilian? Brazilian?? A Brazilian loser! Seriously?

    Yet, they're in N'awlins. What, no worthy black guys in N'awlins during that time? (Well... okay, I might have to give 'em that one... possibly no worthy black guys in N'awlins at any time. Oh wait, there was that mayor dude...). But seriously, don't our little boys dream of being princes, too, like everyone else's little boys? If I was a black man... I would have been absolutely insulted.

    And then, why N'awlins? N'awlins??? Because the only thing "we" got going for us is swampfolk, juke joints, shukkin' and jivin'... and voodoo?

    Then you had the black pimp/gambler/slick con man "dude." Seriously??

    Yeah, I know... some 'o ya'll didn't SEE all that. Perhaps it was your shoes (i.e., they weren't moccasins...).

    From my point of view, "they" took the worse of "us"... and [finally] gave us li'l chilluns a "Diznie" movie... along with a pat on our little pickaninnie heads. ("Now, bug off and quit whining that you don't have a "princess" movie of your own...")

    Uh-uh. Seriously. I absolutely HATED it.

    Just my $0.02...

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who was insulted by that mockery... and so says "we" STILL don't have a "princess" movie applicable to US. And why does everyone else's "princess" get to go live in the castle or ginormous house... with servants and ladies in waiting and all... and ours had to GET A JOB? Your view is all about the moccasins you're wearing, dear ones... the moccasins...

    And for those who believe we DON'T do anything but shuck 'n jive... I would wager that those of "us" who do... don't go see Disney movies. Wrong audience. Entirely...

  • talesin

    Not the first,,, let's not forget Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby, official title "Song of the South" (of course, they have discontinued it, but really!) ...

    Disney has never been known for being 'colour blind'.


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