Has a very poorly dog.........

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  • watersprout

    Thank you BP I hope she is better soon aswel.


  • maisha

    It is easy to jump to conclusions about the neighbour, but you have not seen it occur.

    First thing to do is when your dog is sick get a full blood screen done, and also take immediatley hair clippings to have tested in any lab for heavy metals or substances..

    dependant upon the results,,, is to where you look next.

    my initial tests would be for dogs contact with substances in the back yard, including the soil. yes test your soil. water, and watch a video to see if the dog does in fact head for any plants.

    You may also be surprised what your dog does eat as to plants, stick a camera out and go inside, see where your dog goes.

    try the camera for the quick answers but the hair samples are needed to establish what chemical is in question.

    let us know.


  • watersprout

    We haven't any plants in our back garden, no other animal can get in it's very secure. Like I have posted she doesn't eat plants not does she dig or mess in soil. She is a very lazy dog. Perfers to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. She has never chewed anything up. Unless it's food she won't eat it. I don't use any chemicals. I am a vegan so everything I use is earth/animal/human friendly.

    Even if it was a plant she was eating surely she would be ill all the time. Not just randomly. I'm not going to go next door and beat the old woman with my broom although yesterday took a lot of restraint. She has been vocal about us having a dog and likes to go running to the agents about her. In April just gone we had a threatening letter off the agents telling us if we didn't sort out the ''dog'' issue then they would be forced to serve us our notice with an ''anti social behaviour'' order. When I phoned in tears and asked what on earrth they meant I was told that next door, yet again, had phoned and had gotten several people in the street to phone and complain about the dog. I asked what had the dog done? I was told that the dog was non stop barking. I told her I was a house wife and that our dog was deaf and partially blind and she didn't make any noise. I have got back from shopping, been calling her, found her alseep upstairs and only when I touched her did she wake up. She doesn't make a sound. The agents are soo sick of her now and to be honest when we give our notice in they will be relieved. Until the new tenants move in and it starts all over again.

    When I explained this the agents just told us to sort it. I asked well how am supposed to sort something that doesn't exist... I was told it wasn't there problem, it was ours. The woman is a nutter, I would put nothing past her... She has told me how she kills slugs/bugs anything that gets into her garden and enjoys watching these creatures suffer. She is not right in the noggin!

    So yes I have no definate proof and I will certainly not go shouting my mouth off to the street. But it's funny how everything points to her. Only a camera will tell.


  • Violia

    What an awful situation to be in. Everything just sounds so pitted against you. No support from any other neighbors and all that. I hope the camera reveals something and you and your family ( including dogie) will be safe.

    Is moving an option? Praying for a peaceful environment in your home ( the only one you can control) and hoping that camera catches something.

    I'm so sorry there is this much angst in your life.


  • watersprout

    Yes we are planning to move very soon. Can't wait!

    The dog is much better this afternoon. She was excited to see me when I walked in and had dutifully emptied the bin lol.

    Hopefully the coughing has stopped and she will be ok now. Thank for your kind words and advice, I really appreciated them.


  • zoiks

    Just came upon this thread now...I'm glad to hear that she's doing better today, WS. Here's hoping she has a full recovery.

  • watersprout

    Thanks Zoiks. Carrot gave her some food and she was soo hungry she swallowed without chewing. She followed us upstairs then vomited the lot on the carpet.

    It was too heavy on her tum... I'm going to give her a little bit of tuna when her tum settles as she has been begging while we were eating dinner. She was under my feet while I was cooking and kept staring at me with mournful eyes lol.


  • ziddina

    Just out of curiosity, did the vet check her for "twisted bowel" syndrome??

  • factfinder

    watersprout- I am so sorry to hear what has been happenning to your doggie. I hope she gets better real soon and is feeling better now.

    Thinking about your nasty neighbor poisoning your dog (Yes-I believe it is her) makes me want to go over there and break her damn neck. I have to admit if we had a neighbor poisoning our dogs that neighbor would dead.

    I wish you well with your move and am glad your little doggie is hanging on and feeling better.

  • watersprout

    did the vet check her for "twisted bowel" syndrome??

    She was all clear.

    Factfinder she seems a little brighter today. She was coughing all last night but she wasn't sick. As long as she is not sick that's a good thing. Her stomach lining, esophagus and bronchial tubes are burnt, so it's causing her pain. She has just had a little bit of tuna so fingers crossed that doesn't make her cough or she brings it back up. We are having to wean her with super soft foods because of the damage done.

    If I think it about it to much I start to get really angry... I don't need to take revenge, karma will do it all.

    Thank you for your kind thought.


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