Has a very poorly dog.........

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  • factfinder

    @watersprout-I feel so sad about your poor doggy. I hope she will recover soon. It is even more suspicious now as your parents dogs got sick too after being at your house. I hope you can find out what is really happenning to your dog and if it is your psycho neighbor you will be able to obtain the evidence needed to have her arrested. I hope you will continue trying to get the proof you need.

    @AGuest- peace to you too Shelby! Thank you for your diplomatic and wise post! I overeacted in my post and admit it is wrong to commit someone without evidence of their guilt. I hope WS can find the evidence she needs. We have had many dogs over the decades and have loved each one dearly as a child of ours. (And kitties too!) It is very upsetting what is happening to WS's puppy and her crazy neighbor could be poisoning the doggy. I hope proof can be found and the puppy will be safe from now on. And peace to you too Shelby!

    @EP- I never wished to be involved in an argument with you (or anyone else ) on jwn. If you knew me you would know:

    1) WHY I reacted as I did with what I posted,

    2) That I am very peaceful person who does my best to get along with anyone I have dealings with.

    You are right- someone should not be convicted without evidence. You may feel I should change my username to Internet Bully but I still feal factfinder is more fitting in view of some of my hobbies. Actually I think it is funny that anyone would refer to me as any kind of a bully. It is a first! LOL!

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith
    @Low-Key Lysmith- Ff is a guy!

    Whoops! My apologies!

  • factfinder

    @Low-Key Lysmith- apology accepted!

  • watersprout

    First full night sleep since she was ill! Yey!

    When she woke up this morning she lay there staring mournfully at me. I starved her yesterday and she was in a foul mood this morning lol. I warmed up some pureed babyfood and she really enjoyed it. Hasn't bought it back up yet so fingers crossed.

    I got a sick dog to eat again starting with actually spoon feeding her the baby food. And then,in a couple of days I added her dog food in the baby food,and then,she was back to eating normal.

    I held the dish so she only had to lick the food out. She was really weak. I went downstairs and she came down about 15 minutes later wagging her tail with that stupid lopsided grin she does. lol. I will be slowing adding her normal food back in, just going to keep her on babyfood for a few days, as her tum is raw.

    Violia we don't have any programs like that. The most exciring is when a badger wanders into someones back garden lol. We do have your programs on sky, but I never fancied watching them. I will now they sound entertaining lol.

    SHELBY! The greatest love and peace to you! How is your shoulder?? I was thinking about you on Monday and kept ''asking'' about you. Thank you for your kind words.

    you are keeping a level head... and heart.

    Not by my own doing I can tell you.... On Sunday I wanted to wield my broom at the old woman but I most definately had angels holding me down. I just want the dog better now.... There is damage done to her stomach, esophagus and bronchial tubes and it may never fully repair. I just hope that this hasn't shortened her life span. The vet said for her age (minus this illness) she was a strong healthy dog. Her heart and lungs were very good for her age.

    may your poochie recovery quickly and return to her lively self. If (JAH forbid) not... then please know that we're all here for you. I know what it would do to ME for "something to happen" to one of my puppies... and so your peace of mind is on MY mind... and in my prayers.

    Thank you Shel.


  • watersprout

    Thank you FF I hope we do to.


  • the-illuminator81

    Watersprout, I must admit I haven't read the entire thread, but the following might help you..

    Rat poison, Snail poison and arsenic are all substances that are easy to obtain and will get your dog killed. Look for pellets on the ground in your garden. The poison pellets are brightly colored.

    Dog's can't handle chocolate. You probably already knew that, but just in case you didn't, don't feed her any chocolate. Your neighbor might be throwing chocolate over the fence. Chocolate can build up over time so the dog can be slowly poisoned over an extended period of time before any symptoms appear.

    If I were you, I would not let my dog out in the garden again for many months. Your neighbor might spray fluid pesticides into your garden, which you can't see. Some pesticides are absorbed through the skin. Snail poison can stick to the paws of your dog, and your dog will get it in by licking her paws. And maybe even keep the windows closed when I wasn't in the same room as the dog.

    Many poisons such as arsenic can build up in the body over time and are only slowly degraded. The more often your dog gets poisoned, the more serious it will get. Maybe you need to send her over to your parents for a longer time. Poison like arsenic is also very hard to trace when administered in small doses, so the vet has probably no way of detecting it unless it was given in a single big dose.

    Arsenic is sometimes used in heart-worm drugs for dogs. Antiflea products (shampoo, collar, etc.) can also sometimes have adverse effect on dogs because of the pyrethroids they contain.

    Unfortunately the symptoms for all these poison are all very much alike but here is a list. Maybe you can find out which is being used by your neighbor. Of course she might even use more than one poison.

    These are the symptoms for snail poison in dogs:

    • Twitching
    • apprehension and an increased excited mood
    • excessive drooling
    • muscle tremors
    • panting
    • fever
    • seizures
    • fast heart rate
    • respiratory failure
    • rigidity
    • vomiting
    These are the symptoms for rat poison in dogs:

    • dull
    • reject food
    • saliva is mixed with blood
    • internal bleeding from gums, lung
    • external bleeding from nose (epistaxis), rectum (hematochezia)
    • bright green stool which is caused by eating rat bait pellets
    • bloody urine (hematuria) or stool (melena)
    • blood coagulation
    • fatigue
    • excitation
    • drooling
    • slobbering
    • uncoordinated gait
    • muscle tremors
    • weakness
    • cold
    • inability to stand
    • mild cough
    • lung problems
    • breathing difficulty
    • mental depression
    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
    • coma
    • extensive bruising
    • hair loss

    Symptoms of arsenic poisoning in dogs:

    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal pain
    • Lethargy
    • Staggering
    • Fresh bright red blood in feces
    • Lying down with extreme exhaustion
    • Body may feel unusually cold especially at extremities including ear, and limb extremities
    • Loss of consciousness
    • In chronic (long-term) exposure symptoms may be subtle like poor appetite and weight loss

    Chocolate symptoms:

    You can recognize that your dog has eaten a toxic dose of chocolate from the symptoms. Within the first few hours, the evidence includes vomiting, diarrhea or hyperactivity. As time passes and there's increased absorption of the toxic substance, you'll see an increase in the dog's heart rate, which can cause arrhythmia, restlessness, hyperactivity, muscle twitching, increased urination or excessive panting.

    This can lead to hyperthermia, muscle tremors, seizures, coma and even death.

  • AGuest

    Shoulder is "fine", dear WS luv (greatest of love and peace, etc. LOLOL!). Less pain than yesterday/Monday (which was off the CHAIN - even the oxycontin didn't help and actually made me very nauseated!)... but (1) I got through it (praise JAH!) and (2) they apparently "fixed" it (right bicep tendon completely detached (ouch!), so they removed it... and a huge bone spur digging into the cartilege, which they shaved. Yeah... ouch, before AND after!). Still in pain and typing with one hand, but... "I wil survive"!!

    Thank you, dear one, for asking... and thank you for keeping us update on the puppy. Glad to hear she's doing a bit better!

    Thank you both dear EP and FF (peace to you both!)... for "hearing" me, this one time (smile)!

    Peace to you all!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, hugging her puppies in gratitude that whatever the origin of that stoopid arrow... it missed!

  • watersprout

    Illuminator thanks for the info. I already knew about chocolate and dogs. Still have no idea what she could have eaten... When Carrot took the dog outside she was looking for ''something''... Carrot said she was sniffing and looking for something to eat. This is what happened the last time and then she stopped it after a few weeks. It's not proof but just strange behaviour for a dog that is NEVER fed outside.

    Shel OUCH! (The greatest love and peace to you) So glad to hear you are recovering... It would have been nice if they had given you painkillers that worked! Minus the nausea!


  • ziddina

    Re-Illuminator, that is a fantastic post!! I'll have to print that out, just in case my fourteen-year-old brat ever gets into anything...

    Tho we were having a problem with her over the last year and a half - she was having chronic diarrhea - but none of the other symptoms...

    Turned out she'd developed a food allergy to her dog food which she'd eaten without incident for about 10 years... I suspect that the dog food companies have begun using more Chinese additives...

    AGuest, I've heard of an old folk remedy for bone spurs - drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, every day. While we're on the subject, I've heard more than one nutritionist state that bone spurs are actually a symptom of INSUFFICIENT calcium in the diet, OR insufficient additional vitamins and minerals to allow the body to properly utilize the calcium. Which involves Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D... But I'd go for the whole spectrum of vitamins and a really good multi-mineral, if I were you....

    If you're already taking such supplements, you might want to see if you're taking the ones which are most easily absorbed, or whether, like my doggie, you might have an allergic reaction to certain forms of these vitamins - or perhaps need a much higher level than the average person...

    Hope you have some improvements soon!


  • Violia

    Re-Illuminator, great post


    I have cats and mine cannot use any of the flea products as all are neuro-toxic to them- especially permethrin..I did a lot of research on-line about this and indeed most cats cannot filter it through their liver but it will kill some cats .

    there are also some breeds of dogs who are sensitive to flea products .


    as I mentioned in previous post have you considered an indoor toilet for dogie ? It might be helpful in determining where the problem is coming from.

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