Has a very poorly dog.........

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  • watersprout

    Bit of background info....

    We have a neighbour who is a complete psychopath, she has tried to get us evicted, turned neighbours against us, bad mouthed us to OUR visitors.

    Last year our dog who is a jack/staff and is very healthy started to go downhill.... Lethergy, depression, vomiting bile, coughing. We took her to the vets who ran loads of tests on organ failure, cancer etc and they all came back clear. He repeatedly asked us if she could have eaten anything. We said no, she never ran off and when taken for walks we watched her with eagle eyes. (She liked to poo right next to the younge family who were having a picnic).

    My parents were worried and said to us that they would look after her for a week. My mom phoned to say theat in 48 hours she was better. By the end of the week she was her normal self. Within 24 hours of being home she was ill again.

    She stopped eating and then stopped drinking. We took her to the vets who said yet again ''is there any chance she could have eaten anything as she is showing signs of poisoning''... When we mentioned our neighbour the vet looked at us and nodded his head. He booked her in to have her put down three days later. He said that was the longest he could give her as she was not eating or drinking. We sat up with her trying desperately to get her to eat or have some water. On the sunday night she took a small chunk of tuna out of my hand. Just by her eating that the vet was really happy. He told us to watch her in the garden as something was being thrown over.

    We would only allow her to go out into the garden when one of us was out there and she was let out onto the front garden on a night so we could see her. She improved very quickly and went back to being her normal self..... Until Friday...........

    She was very weak and lethargic and last night we were up with her all night... She was hacking/coughing and being very sick (bile).... She was soo weak this morning and very sleepy. She is still hacking but no where as severe as last night. She is still bringing up bile but very very small amounts. It poisoning again!!!!

    She has had food and plenty of water today and is already improving. This has happened as we started letting her out and not monitoring her again. I am soo angry I want to go next door and smack the evil old witch with my broom!

    I was outside last night watering my lavender plants and the neighbour was walking up her drive. She stopped dead in her tracks and stood staring at me. I held her gaze and then looked away. We had done everything to help this woman. Her husband is ill and Carrot and I would go round to make sure she was ok and Babysprout would give her plants. Carrot would even mow her front lawn. To repay us she poisons our dog!!!

    Who in there right mind thinks it's ok to poison a dog????


  • Violia

    keep your dog in or let her live with family. File a police report and call animal control. if you have a neighborhood watch group let them know what she is doing, if not just go knock on all the neighborers doors and warn them. what she is doing is against the law.

  • watersprout

    The dog stays in the house anyway. It's when she's in the back garden I would shut the kitchen door and she would lie in the sun or try to eat the cats on the fence. Lol

    When we discussed with the vet what to do he said that we need evidence like a video of her throwing food over. The police aren't bothered, just tell us there is nothing they can do. Looking to move within the next few months. That seems to be the only way.

    A lot on this street are old and they congregate in the street gossiping.... I might go round the younge familys and let them know what has been going on. It seems to be just us she is attacking and she has been getting the neighbours on her side to phone up the landlord to complain. We are really quiet. the dog makes no noise, occasionaly she will see the post come through the letter box and lets outs a couple of barks but that is rare. We don't have wild parties or loud music/drinking going on. She just has a vendetta against us. I pity the people who move in after us. :(


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I will be over on my broomstick toot sweet to sort that evil slack knackered cow out! Havent you got KIDS? What the HELL is that woman thinking???????? GGGRRRRRR. Poor doggy.x Is there anyway you could put up some wire fencing etc?

  • El Nunya
    El Nunya

    So sorry. What an evil thing to do!

  • bohm

    this sucks... that old hag need a reality check...

    Write down very carefully what is going on day by day. Take samples of the dogs feces and vomit when you suspect it is ill and freeze it in labelled bags. Try to look up symptoms on the internet, for instance: http://www.dogsymptomscure.com/dog-rat-poison-symptoms.php and see if you can find something.

    There is a wide range of natural things (plants, etc.) the dog may eat which could cause poisoning. For instance: http://www.doctordog.com/dogbook/dogpoison.html, but just google "dog poison symptoms bile" and go from there. This need to be ruled out, and i would properly bite the bitter apple and pay to have a sample of feces tested for toxins.

    The most effective (and easiest) thing to do would properly be to tell her flat out that your vet is saying someone is poisoning your dog and you know it is her. Also inform her (if it is in any way true) that children sometimes play in the yard and it is a very serious offence to expose them to poison. Record whatever she says.

  • skeeter1

    Talk to your vet about Vitamin K to alleviate poisioning. I don't know if it will work or not, but I knew one dog who was helped by it after being poisoned.

    Ask the vet to run whatever tests they can, and call the police/animal control to make a report. Have your neighbor's background checked. If she is doing this to you, it is most likley likely not be the first time she's done it. The county court systems in America usually have open records and Internet searches where you can check to see if she's had other run-ins with the law in the places she's lived. You can then order the court records for a buck or so a page. Police are more likely to listen to you if you can prove that she's had run-ins with other dogs/people. You've got to do the police's work for them (remember, they are too busy) of building a the history file. You can also hire a private detective for about $50-$100 to run a background/criminal report on her. Make copies of anything you in her background to help the police out.

    If she is suspected of hurting your animal (and especially if she has any history), the police can likely arrest her either for jail/criminal conviction and/or mental health evaluation. Don't feel guilty about doing this, as she'll likely do this to more dogs/neighbors in the future. The mental health laws usually require an evaluation if the person is a threat to herself or society (including a dog). Having her past criminal background will help you convince the police to arrest her or take her for a mental health evaluation.

    Based on the evidence you find, you might be able to file a small claim's court case for your dog's medical bills, etc. I'm sure this is costing you a small bundle.

    I feel so bad for your dog. Please rub his ears for me.


  • Violia

    Whether you can prove it or not you can still file a police report. You have the vet to back you up and other evidence. I'd still let folks know as she is a menace and might hurt someone else's pet. Miserable old bat. Animal control takes complaints very seriously here. You need a paper trail , as they call it to show the times you took the dog to the vet etc. Think of it as saving another pet's life. Also , if she is so out of her mind to attempt to posion a dog, what might she do to a small child who wanders into her yard?

    if you own the house and sell, be sure and tell the Realtor about this. Or whoever owns the home you are living in, tell them. It might help the next person who lives there to know they have a dog killer next door.

    so sorry about your doggie.

  • watersprout
  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Sounds like what a wife did to her husband on one of those medical mystery shows.

    Symptoms were the same for the guy and they are for your dog.

    In the guy's case it was arsenic.

    I'd just keep the dog in all the time and keep a camera ready to catch the neighbor.

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