July 15th WT- Don't Research " False Stories " - Inspired by Satan !

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  • LostGeneration

    "Why are you 'going ahead' of the brothers???!"

    Now that is some crazy mind control. Ok to talk about the WT at the study, but not three months before when it comes out! You should tell her you are "keeping up with Jah's chariot" and that she is three months behind!

  • sir82
    And again, no mention of just what a false story actualy IS.

    You just have to have the WT decoder ring!

    You know the one that translates "Jehovah" into "the governing body", "debasing music" into "anything produced after 1962", "loving disciplne" into "strictly enforced shunning of even the closest relatives", etc.

    Let me just dial up the decoder ring here....ah, here we go....

    "False story" is "any account that is critical, no matter how remotely, of anything related to the Watchtower organization".

  • LongHairGal


    It is so pathetic how they have to try to scare the remaining people into not investigating anything negative they are bound to hear about in this day and age. Maybe this scare stuff might work on the elderly JWs there who do not have internet access and don't really want it and/or those JWs who pursued poverty following the dictates of the ridiculous religion and cannot afford internet access even if they wanted it.

    For anybody else there who has internet access and half a brain, these scare tactics will not work. I am sure the religion knows it has lost the battle against the internet and few will heed them. They simply cannot stuff the genie back into the bottle.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the good comments ! Appreciate it. I'll respond to all of pg. 1 first.

    SMIDDY- I agree with you. JW's ARE WT society students, not Bible students at all ! They change their interpretations based on whoever is running the organization at the moment. Good point.

    CHARIKLO- Exactly. Witnesses will try to blame your not joining the organization on " Satan " when in actuality it's yOU who have done research to inform yourself of the false doctrines and teachings. It is the WT society's way of MINIMIZING you. I'm glad you see through that tactic .

    SIZEMIK- Good point you make. It IS a hiding away from the exposure of real facts that the WT society doesn't want revealed ! They were always telling us as you mentioned to " prove it to yourself " or " make the truth your own " - but if the rEAL truth is being hidden, then what JW's are experiencing is a polluted version of " truth. "

    MOSHE- very true. JW's have NO idea what a generation really is.

    AUSSIE OZ- Very true. This article gives NO example of what a " false story " really is ! LOL ! It's just a scare tactic to make JW's not do ANY research on their own !

    TOTALLY ADD- True, very true. They ARE getting more paranoid. And it does make us sick to our stomachs indeed.

    BETTERDAZE- Good point you make. Anything the WT society teaches CAN be debunked on the Internet with research. THAT is what's making the GB and WT leaders so nervous. They can't stop the flow of free information exposing them . It's awesome !

    ROBERT 7- It's great you had a dad who taught you how to think critically and analyze things so as to have a built in BS meter inside so you could tell if organizations are lying to you. Good for you. And you are right- just mentioning this info in this article WILL get lots of JW's doing outside research on their own to see just WHAT that " elephant in the living room is " !

    MAD SWEENEY- Ah yes, Information control- one of the main tactics used by all cults, including Jehovah's Witnesses. But they can't stop the waterfall of information now coming from the Internet can they ? Awesome.

    UNDERCOVER- I agree- If you look at all the wild stories we grew up on in the Bible, it's astounding how crazy they seem once we got out of the WT organization ! You are right, there is nothing sane or normal about much of whats written in the Bible or WT publications interpretations of it.

    RAGING BULL- Good examples you give. WT society IS like a stalking ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend ! Never thought of it that way- but very accurate description ! They will desperately do ANYTHING to retain members. Lie through their teeth if they have to ! Good point.

    TUESDAY- You may very well be right- there MAY be someone in the Writing department who is on purpose printing this insane info to get people to exit ! Good point. And yes, I'm a big fan of your you-tubes too ! Keep it up bro ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    LOST GENERATION- Many times when people are accused of " going ahead of the brothers " - the WT society ends up changing to that persons views anyway ! Teaching the same stuff that got people kicked out months or years before ! It's insane.

    SIR 82- " Decoder ring " - I like that ! LOL ! Yeah, anything not in the WT society's publications is looked at as " false stories " - essentially.

    LONG HAIR GAL- I agree with you that the scare tactics may work on older JW's but it will NOT work on younger or middle aged JW's who have and USE the Internet for research. It's disgusting the scare tactics and fear mongering the WT society uses to keep people controlled

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Flipper what you said here is so true.

    (Well, who knows ? If there WAS a Satan ( which I disbelieve ) perhaps he's using the WT society to turn people " away from the truth " ! LOL !)

    After what I have been through being raised in this cult I am no longer sure there is a God and the same with Satan but I do believe that if there is truly a God, for some reason he is allowing Satan to be in control of the JW's. All this religion does is make me believe less and less that there is a God who cares. Funny because that is one of the titles of one of there books when I was a teenager.


  • Chariklo

    O often ask myslef just what there is about the tribes that became Israel that would lead us to think that God would reveal himself exclusivly to them.

    Might he not have revealed himself equally clearly to people in India, South America, Australia etc?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Good post, Flipper. And I loved Moshe's "Millionaire" picture.

    The more I read about WTS, the more I realize they are just a large-scale typical dangerous mind-control cult. They have different doctrines but are just the same as the Moonies or the Mormons. They are asking their members to drink the Kool-aid here, but in little sips that kill their independence instead of ending their actual lives.
    "Just read our stuff. DO NOT look at anything critical of us, as it is from Satan. Ignore the man behind the curtain."

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The entire purpose of the "kool-aid" edition of the Watchtower is hard-core indoctrination and crowd control, away from the prying eyes of the uninitiated.

  • carla

    Sorry if this has been brought up already but how the hell do you know if a story is false until you reasearch it? duh

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