July 15th WT- Don't Research " False Stories " - Inspired by Satan !

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  • moshe

    JWs who fail to research these so-called false stories about WT doctrine/history, are doomed to be losers.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And again, no mention of just what a false story actualy IS.

    No example of a 'false story'...

    Of course, that conspicuous by its absence serves to scare the bejesus out of good JWs who proceed to think that unless a story is in the bible Watchtower, it must automatically be a false one...


  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. I didn't know I was mentally diseased. Maybe it is because of all the abuse I went through with the JW cult. It is getting to the point when the WT speaks anyone with a ounce of brains gets sick to their stomach. Is it me or are they getting even more paranoid lately. I just don't remember this kind of talk by them years ago. It could of been because I was mentally diseased back then. LOL. Totally ADD

  • betterdaze

    "False stories" are streaming in from the few studies they can obtain in a field with 24/7 Internet access. Pretty much anything in the publications is quickly debunked by a simple Google search. Conductors can't keep up with the deluge of damning evidence against their organization and are encouraged to lazily, hastily, blame "false stories" (SATAN) rather than sincerely research what the Berean-like studies discover online.


  • Robert7

    The great thing about articles like this is that it brings to attention things, these stories, that many would never have thought about. It's like saying "Don't think about elephants", well after saying that everyone is thinking about elephants.

    On that note, it will arouse the curiosity of some. I always felt that way. "If it's false, then what are you worried about? What are you covering up?" That's exactly how I felt. Now, I was brought up with parents who immigrated from Eastern Europe and my non-JW dad instilled in me a certain distrust of authority, to think freely and not believe what you are told at face value, and to call out propaganda when you see it. In my case it helped!

    For the GB, by desperately trying to convince people to avoid these false stories, they may do the opposite and make people actually read them instead.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Information Control is THE PRIMARY control exercised by the Borg, IMO. By controlling information, the thoughts and emotions of JWs are brought into line and the all-important behaviors (recruiting and donating) follow. With the Watchtower Society it all starts with Information Control.

  • undercover
    Paul uses a Greek word that can refer to fiction, myth, or falsehood. According to The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, this word refers to " a religious story that has no connection with reality " . Perhaps Paul had in mind religious lies promoting by sensational tales or fanciful legends.

    uh, you mean like, a talking snake? A worldwide flood? A boat with two of every animal on board? A talking donkey?(I started to say ass but I see talking asses everday) A virgin birth? Walking on water? Raising the dead?

    or maybe a modern day application would be, like Jesus inspecting the WTS in 1919 and choosing them over all other religions? Armageddon in 1914? 1918? 1925? 1975? The generation of 1914 not dying before Armageddon? A paradise earth? Massive genocide that results in the death of 99% of the earth's population?

    Naw... nothing sensational or fanciful about any of those tales...

  • RagingBull

    And here lies the PROBLEM. (and I hope many JWs will begin to question WHY? the SOCIETY is so occupied with what could be said of them, or their shady past) The Problem is that the WTBTS is "DESPERATE" to keep its members. It acts in a manner that a stalker gf/bf would. Saying anything...nonsensical things...to keep them/us under their control. THIS crap is insanity. The older I get, day by day I find it sickening that they think they can tell me what to do, think, feel etc. No way. Not anymore. The buck stops here. I was speaking of the July 15th issue...i mentioned some things that my wife had not heard yet and she goes "Where are you getting that?" (nervous about me visiting "apostate" sites) I said "The Watchtower July 15th issue" She goes "Why are you 'going ahead' of the brothers???!"

    I'm like "HUH!!! It's on their dayum website woman. Are you serious?" They're all nuts. Critical Thinking is just that. CRITICAL! (as in VITAL!)

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    She goes "Why are you 'going ahead' of the brothers???!"

    I hated when people would say that. I felt like answering, "What am I, a sister? I AM one of the brothers."

  • Tuesday

    Hmmm, methinks that I've got a fan on the writing department.

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