July 15th WT- Don't Research " False Stories " - Inspired by Satan !

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  • flipper

    I know the poster LOST GENERATION made a fantastic thread on this July 15th Apostate article, however - I noticed some very powerful points on pg. 17 paragraphs 9 - 11 which weren't brought out that I feel needed to be touched on.

    As was brought out in his thread this article told JW's to avoid apostates because they are " mentally diseased " allegedly and to avoid their Web sites, not read their literature, watch T.V. programs, or comment on their blogs.

    But notice how this article refers to " false stories " and who is behind them. It states in paragraph 9 & 10, " The apostle Paul warns us about one of Satan's insidious strategies - " false stories " . What are false stories, and how can we avoid paying attention to them ? " It continues in paragraph 10, " Paul uses a Greek word that can refer to fiction, myth, or falsehood. According to The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, this word refers to " a religious story that has no connection with reality " . Perhaps Paul had in mind religious lies promoting by sensational tales or fanciful legends. Such stories only " furnish questions for research " - that is, RAISE FRIVOLOUS QUESTIONS THAT LEAD TO POINTLESS RESEARCH. False stories are a ploy of the archdeceiver, Satan, who uses religious lies and godless myths to sidetrack unsuspecting ones. Paul's counsel is clear : Do NOT pay attention to false stories ! " First of all we see clear tactics used here by the WT society to instill FEAR into JW's to prevent them from doing alleged " frivolous research ". The formula is : False stories = Satan = frivolous questions & pointless research . So Witnesses are just supposed to accept it on face value that ANY research they do OUTSIDE of the WT society's publications is considered frivolous or inspired of Satan ! So THAT is the way they are able to prevent JW's from doing ANY outside research ! Just put it down as " false stories " , " frivolous " or " pointless " and that Satan is behind it - then superstitious Witnesses will NOT check it out on the Internet ! Typical fear and control tactics used by the WT society. When in actuality if Witnesses DID research many things on the Internet exposing the WT society- they'd find it to be true !

    Paragraph 11 states, " The expression " false stories " can apply to any religious lie or myth that could turn us " away from the truth ". Satan, who pretends to be " an angel of light ", has made clever use of false religion in misleading people. " Well, who knows ? If there WAS a Satan ( which I disbelieve ) perhaps he's using the WT society to turn people " away from the truth " ! LOL !

    Anyway, I find it amazing how the WT society continues to amp up their fear and control tactics on it's JW members in order to prevent them from researching what might not be " false stories " but absolute truths on the Internet exposing the WT society for what it is- a dangerous mind control cult ! As always - I look forward to your input, comments, observations, and takes on this article. Take care, hope you all are doing well, and Peace out to all of you . Mr. Flipper

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    That's a new angle huh Flip, so not only are the apostates sick and mentally diseased, not to mention spiritually contaminated..........their stories may lead the unsuspecting to frivilous pursuits that will ultimately lead to pointless research? Wow, that's an entirely new angle, so instead of just focusing on potentially shipwreck, considering that time=money and money=time, its economically unfeasible to waste one's time investigating apostate claims.

    Imagine that for a moment, don't investigate apostate claims because its a grand waste of your time!! Ok, but, what about all the time I wasted studying and preparing for the Book Study and the Watchtower Study, so I could give a good comment, and keep up on current doctrine, only for there to be new light a year later, nullifying everything I believed to be accurate the year before? Did I waste my time on the previous Generation teaching? Affirmative. Did I unreasonably feel guilty when I brushed off the Tuesday night bookstudy after so much emphasis was placed upon it as the most important of the meetings, only to see it done away with a year later and included in the midweek meeting along with the Service Meeting and Theocratic Ministry School? Affirmative.

    The WT is full of crap.

  • Chariklo
    Well, who knows ? If there WAS a Satan ( which I disbelieve ) perhaps he's using the WT society to turn people " away from the truth "

    The thought has occurred to me, and no doubt to countless others, too.

    After all, the WT are basically saying to its sheep, "Read the Bible, study and research, but only what we tell you the Bible says, don't for one minute read the Bible without us pointing you every step of the way, and most especially, when you study and research, only read what we write and publish. IN other words, don't even think about doing any of what Satan's world tells you is study and research, because that's what Satan wants you to do, and he will lead you astray. We'll tell you what the truth is, and we'll keep you safe."

    I think that's pretty well it. And the sheep love it. Baaaa.

  • skeeter1

    Information Control - part of many cults. Control followers from reading anything negative or critical of the cult.

    The Watch Tower is nothing more then a cult - and becoming more & more of one each & every day.

  • flipper

    NO ROOM FOR GEORGE- The WT society tries telling JW's that it's a " waste of time " to research any apostate claims due to being freaked out that JW's will REALLY find the truth about the alleged " truth " - if you get my drift. And yes, I agree, all of us DID waste an incredible amount of time being Jehovah's Witnesses - part of the tactics OF mind control cults is that they waste all of their members time keeping them busy so they have no time for life or anything else. WT society is full of excrement like you say.

    CHARIKLO- Exactly. The WT society DOES NOT want it's members to trust anybody else but the WT society. So it disses other sources of information - even IF that information may be helpful and true ! And then to promote fear into JW rank and file members they throw SATAN into the mix fostering even MORE fear into them. Really insidious tactics.

    SKEETER 1- Very true. As Steve Hassan says in his books - Information Control is one of the main tactics mind control cults use to control their members. And yes, as you mentioned - WT society is becoming even MORE of a mind control cult with each passing year ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cult classic
    cult classic
    Such stories only " furnish questions for research " - that is, RAISE FRIVOLOUS QUESTIONS THAT LEAD TO POINTLESS RESEARCH.

    Really? Wow.

    Those bastards have got a bunch of nerve tellling others what is and is not worthy of questioning and researching.

    I really despise the WTBTS.

    Thanks for the heads up on this article Flipper.

  • flipper

    CULT CLASSIC- I agree. The WT society has the audacity to tell it's members WHAT they can and cannot research and what is WORTH researching. Like they really know ! Ridiculous. All the earmarks of a mind control cult controlling it's followers

  • smiddy

    The WTB&TS claims to be a bible based society,and Jehovah`s Witnesses are bible students.

    I beg to differ

    Just a casual look at the WTB&TSocietys explanations of bible verses since their inception,shows their interpretations of any scripture changes within a few years.If you look at explanations of scripture in Russells time,Rutherfords time,knorrs time,Franz`s time,they all have different interpretations for the same scriptures,true some are only subtle changes ,but changes they still are,and of course some are major changes.

    The rank and file Jehovah`s Witnesses are not" Bible Students" ,they are" WATCHTOWER PUBLICATION STUDENTS" easily proved by statements such as, when a question or query does come up, an elder would say....,to put the onus on the "student"....,NOT, what does the bible say ,but what does the CURRENT Watchtower say on the matter in dispute,as their interpretations keep changing over the years.


  • Chariklo


    And then to promote fear into JW rank and file members they throw SATAN into the mix fostering even MORE fear into them. Really insidious tactics.

    I'm getting to know first hand their use of Satan. After all, as the elders and "kind" JW's keep telling me, Satan's the one who is trying to stop me becoming a JW! He got so worried that I was nearly there, especially when I was "doing so well".

  • sizemik

    It seems to fly hard in the face of "bringing things out into the open" . . . "shining a light on truth" . . . "carefully checking what your being taught" . . . "making sure of all things" . . . all of which is quite reasonable.

    Rather than exposing WT "truth" to the light of scrutiny (which would strengthen truth) . . . it is more like receding into a darkness. This is more like the actions of one "fomenting a deception" . . . "hiding away from the light". They will be too afraid to even quote "worldly" experts out of context soon.

    I really feel this will be too much for some . . . the current GB seem way too extreme . . . and just a little rudderless.

    I will not be surprised (delighted in fact), if the intake of "newbies" to JWN increases over coming months.

    All this sensationalist rhetoric surely won't stick with a good many. Drawing so much attention to it may well backfire bigtime.

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