What say you Christians ???

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  • Chalam

    All is well thanks :) Just dropping by to say hello and rattle off a few posts ;)

    Forgive the "universalism" reference. That was actually more in response to godrulz who brought the whole issue up.

    That said, for sure I don't believe that all will be saved or indeed that all roads lead to God. There is one truth, one way, one life and His name is Jesus.

    John 14:6 (English Standard Version)

    6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    Blesssing in His name,


  • godrulz

    I do believe in consequences of sin affecting other generations, but this is not the same as moral, personal culpability for our specific sins. A fetal alcohol child is not morally culpable for mother's drunkenness, but is affected physically by it.

  • FlyingHighNow

    An excerpt from this site:


    "Christian Universalists believe that the correct interpretation of Christianity and the Bible is not the exclusive fundamentalist view ("convert or burn"), but an inclusive view of salvation in which all people -- even the sinful and unbelieving dead -- will eventually find reconciliation with God by repenting of their sins and going through a transformation process, so that nobody will spend eternity in hell. God's judgments work for the purpose of correction and reform; they are not the expression of vindictive rage.

    This view is based on the New Testament declaration that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, not accusing it for its sins, and that God sent His Son to save (heal and restore) the world, not to condemn it. The Bible teaches that Christ is the "Express Image" of the Heavenly Father in character. He conquered sin and death by laying down his life for us and rising from the dead, so sin and death cannot be permanent. In Christ's resurrection, the life of God has "swallowed up" death, according to St. Paul's writings. Hence, as God's cherished human offspring, our destiny is to become conformed to the image (that is, the character) of Christ, "the Second Adam," and be as he was and is -- the manifestation and fulfillment of our creation in the divine image, according to Genesis, from which we have only temporarily fallen away into sin. God has promised to transform and restore all people: "For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive." (1 Cor. 15:22)."

    The scriptures that support universalism are fascinating. You owe it to yourself to read up on them. The most repulsive thing about the fundamentalist approach to scripture and God is the exclusive club it insists on building. Maybe equal to that is the use of fear as a motivate rather than God's perfect, unfailing love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

  • FlyingHighNow
    I don't like labels.... They make me sad....I'm not a Universalist, I'm not anything. Well I am a believer in God and Christ. I don't know who or how many souls God will save... Not my place, nor do i want to know. Thanks for quoting those scriptures, I did read them. Thanks.--Peace Sprout

    You say that like it's a bad thing. Check out the scripture in pink above in my last post.

  • watersprout
    There is one truth, one way, one life and His name is Jesus.

    Yes i agree that only through Christ you can receive life... He is the ''tree of life''.

    That said, for sure I don't believe that all will be saved or indeed that all roads lead to God.

    Isn't that judgement call best left to the almighty?? Just saying.


  • godrulz

    Universalism is a heretical view, always has been, always will be (Jn. 3:16 vs Jn. 3:36). There is no second chance after death (WT and universalism is wrong Heb. 9:27).

  • FlyingHighNow
    Universalism is a heretical view, always has been, always will be

    To whom? It would behoove you to do deeper research. Going around trying to scare people with God is a sinful thing. God doesn't appreciate that approach.

  • PSacramento

    Christ died for ALL mankind to have the chance to KNOW Him and His Gospel.

    Christ did NOT die to save all mankind.

    Salvation is based on the grace of God.

    God and Christ love US all and their grace is for US all and some of us are pre-selected for certain things, just as the apsotles were pre-selected by Christ.

    Only God and Chirst can and will decide the fate of Us all, NO ONE else.

    Why wooble believes or disbelieves is between Wobble and Christ, no one else and for ANYONE to have the afront to say that wobble is NOT saved or is not under God's grace or to say anything about his salvation is not only wrong, but it is them playing the role of Christ.

  • Carrot the GREAT
  • Carrot the GREAT
    Carrot the GREAT

    Why can`t people let others believe in what they want too?

    Why do you feel the need to argue over everything?

    Are you not 100% convinced what you believe is correct and the only way to make yourself feel confident is to drum it into others. You make me laugh!

    Carrot the GREAT

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