What say you Christians ???

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  • wobble

    It seems to me that most, if not all Christians are really hung up on SIN and redemption from SIN and how naturally EVIL we all are.

    My question, and observation is this : I had nothing to do with whatever you say Adam and Eve did wrong, I have always, throughout my life, treated whoever I came into contact with compassion, respect and love.

    I have lived by the Golden Rule.

    Not many people, hand on heart, can say that, I can.

    So, is your God going to judge me for the "sin" of some mythical forebears of mine ? Is he going to say that , because I did not believe in him, I willl be judged adversely, even though I lived by the precepts He is supposed to support ?

    All I can say is, if your God is like that, I REFUSE to worship or acknowledge Him.

    And I certainly do not want to get to know him. even if you call Him Jesus.

    He does not come up to my standards.

  • ziddina

    Hi, Wobble!!

    I'm not a Christian; I just popped by to say "Hi" and bump the thread...

    Zid - who's not able to reply to this thread, since she doesn't fit into the category...

  • watersprout

    I like you Wobble and i really don't wanna be 'pimp slapped' again tonight. Maybe tomorrow.....

    Love ya


  • bob1999

    "I have lived by the Golden Rule."

    "So, is your God going to judge me for the "sin" of some mythical forebears of mine ?"

    The bible makes it clear that we will be judged by our own actions, not the actions of others.

    If you have really lived by the "Golden Rule" all your life, every time, then you are not in need of grace.

    The rest of us are.


  • cantleave

    Wobble, you know the answer. You shall be banished in hell, where you will be exposed to the worst punishment imaginable.......

    .....an eternity with NO beer!

  • wobble

    So, "Adamic Sin" does not have any relevance to me according to the Bible Bob 1999 ?

    That blows a lot of WT writings and theology out of the water ! and it is Good News as far as I am concerned !

  • wobble

    Oh Cantleave ! I would rather have the red hot pocker treatment than NO BEER !

  • bob1999

    "So, "Adamic Sin" does not have any relevance to me according to the Bible Bob 1999 ?"

    The only relevance Adamic Sin has for you and me is this, because Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we know right from wrong so we will be held acountable for our shortcomings.


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    “My name is Jehovah, I have a secret plan to end injustice and suffering, but due to heavenly security reasons I can’t tell you the workings of my plan. I see the big picture and you don’t, and you know I’m good because I told you so. So put your faith in me and obey me without question. If you don’t obey, that means you’re evil, so I’ll put you on my enemies list and throw you in a pit where the Infernal Revenue Service will audit your taxes every year for all eternity.” - Richard Stallman

  • mdb

    Actually, Adam's sin was imputed to all so we are all guilty. Yes, it does matter. We are born sinners and I have a son to proove it and my parents have me to proove it. Right from the start we deceive, manipulate, disobey, rob, etc.. Because of one man's sin, death entered the world and by the man Jesus Christ there is life through Him. Regardless of Adam's sin, you're not perfect and therefore, YOU need a Savior just as Adam needed a Savior. I'm sure your lifetime of sins has piled high enough that you don't need Adam's to condemn you. I've got enough of my own too. I'm sure glad God provided a way for my unrighteous soul to be saved. It sound like you're trying to "gain your way" by counting your good deeds. They're like filthy rags because if you've sinned only once, you've broken the commandment of the righteous Judge and you are blemished. Live by the law and I'll enter into His rest and live by faith through Jesus Christ.

    Is beer really that important to you? Really wobble?

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