The Christian Onslaught

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  • lovelylil

    LOL Waterspout, I am in the same boat with you. Peace, Lilly

  • zoiks

    This is why I dislike all of you equally, religious and non-religious.

    Except you, dear reader!

  • watersprout
    LOL Waterspout, I am in the same boat with you. Peace, Lilly

    It's been a crazy evening... Hellfire... God hates me... God is Jesus..... It's all too much! Lol

    Ha! I will give you a reason to dislike me Zoiks! *Throws dish of ice cream at Zoiks, and runs away as ice cream runs down his face*


  • zoiks

    Edited to add: Seriously, I have noticed a number of newish posters who seem to be here solely to push their religious agenda, and have no connection to JWs except through this forum. Whatever. It's easy for me to ignore, but I could see how some could be victimized.

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    What Keyser said...

    [Are we havin' a food fight?????? Count me in!!! This needs its own thread!!]

    (Throws cake at Pirata...) (A beer at PSacramento...) (A slice'a pizza at Watersprout...) (And flowers at Satinka...) (Eyes Jgnat's fruit bouquet enviously and wonders just how far I can 'launch' it... )

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    (A slice'a pizza at Watersprout...)

    *Jumps up and catches pizza in mouth* Yummy thanks Zid, just what i needed!


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    (((jgnat))) Thanks for the lovely fruit bouquet. Just what a gal needed who is feelin' vulnerable. *nibbles on a blueberry*

    *Offers food to others on the thread*

    *ducks the flyin' food*

    (((ziddina)))Thanks for the beautiful flowers. How'd you know?

    *ducks the flyin' food --- again*

    Ahhhh...Laughter...the best medicine!


  • satinka

    keyser soze wrote:

    there are some that have no connection with JWs, but come here looking to convert prey on people they perceive as vulnerable. Frankly, I find it a little insulting to be viewed as a lost soul, in need of saving.

    zoiks wrote:

    Seriously, I have noticed a number of newish posters who seem to be here solely to push their religious agenda, and have no connection to JWs except through this forum.

    Thank you both for the validation. I appreciate knowing others have noticed this phenomenon as well. I NOW know how people in the neighbourhood felt when I went door-to-door now week after week...and would not go away. Very annoying. ...counterproductive...ick ... it feels just creepy thinking about it now...


  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    *Sigh* I have been noticing lately there are a number of groups of "Christians" signing up as members of this forum, with the obvious agenda of gaining converts for their own cult-like religions. I have been wondering things like:

    Is this karmic? After years of us knocking on doors --- year --- after --- year --- is it now OUR TURN to keep saying "no thanks" --- year --- after --- year --- ?

    Perhaps for some, but what about those of us who hated Field Service?

    Seriously though; I think in Socio-biological terms and it's my belief that most proselytizing, religious or otherwise, is a form of territorial expansion. It is rooted in the same portion of our psyche that imperialism is.

    Upon leaving the jws, many of us are "sensitised" to the "mind-control" that goes on in religion. Sure, they say they love Christ...doesn't everyone? In some shape or form? Why is THEIR Christ the best "ONE" to love?

    Why do these "Christians" think we are easy prey to their propaganda? Is it because they know we have a spiritual essence? Some of us by choice --- some of us by force --- find ourselves without a religion? Is it so bad to be without religion? I don't think so. It feels healthy to me.

    Many ex-jws are the walking wounded and religion is the cause. Why would these "Christians" think we could be sucked in to religion YET AGAIN?

    They don't necessarily think we're all "easy prey" but they must think that some of us are more predisposed to their religion than the general public because of our experiences.

    From what I've heard them say, they seem to know that many ex-JWs are turned off by religion and often times Christianity. They know better than to think that all or most of ex-JWs are going to be "saved". However, since they don't know who will be "saved", they will like canvass everyone in sight like salesmen do.

    Why do all "Christians" think they are the ONLY AUTHENTIC ones?

    Why does anyone think he is more special than others? That's a neuropsychological question. Sorry for the big word.

    Like I have stated on other threads, when these super-fine apostle "Christians" pop up on the radar it feels like my ex has popped into my group therapy session. It feels invasive. It feels disrespectful of our healing space. Don't they have any respect? Any boundaries? Apparently not!

    That's a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. If they believe that only they have authenticity, as in your last question, then it's obvious that we are inauthentic. Would you respect someone whom you believe is inauthentic?

    Personally, I am NOT at all "receptive" to their propaganda. It sounds unbelievably and eerily similar to the JW spiel, which I find repulsive --- rather than attractive. I'm thinking of signing off of the forum forever. I hate being inundated with their propaganda. Maybe it is an over-reaction. Especially in view of the suggestion we are given on dealing with Trolls...the simple step of ignoring them. Yet, it is hard to ignore, because of the buttons that get pushed...

    Hmmm...maybe I'll try ignoring them.

    You can ignore them, although I realize that just reading the thread title on the topics page can push your buttons. Whatever you do, don't let them push off this thread. As for me, I can't ignore them on certain issues. Also, I like to fight back.

    When I fight back it is for moralistic reasons, not for ideological or religious/anti-religious one. You see, as an atheist, I really don't care what you believe in. Go ahead and believe in Fairies for all I care. However, if those "Fairies" start whispering in your ear: "Pssst. You see that guy over there? He's inferior because he doesn't believe in us. He might even die a brutal death if he doesn't start believing", that's when I get pissed. And it gets me in trouble.

    Not everyone has the type of personality that will stand up firmly and persistently to these kinds of people. This is the pattern of response that I invariably go through with certain arrogant people.

    • First I make a neutral statement in rebuttal to theirs. I often times get responded to. Then, if I phrase my answer precisely and thoroughly with answers to their counterarguments before they make the response. Then the discussion goes like this . . .
    • Sometimes they don't answer on the second round but often time they do. When they do they go off topic or focus on the most trivial point of my argument and ignore the rest.
    • When I give my second response I clarify, repeat, and highlight what they ignored; in essence telling them that they failed to answer my question. I have seen that a poster, by the name of Perry, is like that with posters who respond to him. Of course, a lot of posters are that way but Perry is like that to a major degree in the religious field.
    • When it's time for them to give their second rebuttal they either fail to respond or engage in more of the usual dodging.
    • If it were a purely academic topic I would not care; I would simply quit and do something else.
    • But often times it's a moral issue of significance to me and their avoiding the implications and consequences of their topic gets me pissed. I interpret their obtuseness and evasiveness as a form of moral turpitude. For example, let's say a poster defends Biblical slavery or child rape and fails to acknowledge the factual and easy to understand points that I made, I interpret that to mean that he is the type of person who would go along with those abominations if it were convenient.
    • I become savage at that point, blasting them with my sarcasm blended with both moral indignation as well as the points they were ignoring.
    • They then freak out and accuse me of being inflammatory, insulting and deranged. But then, after giving them a chance to reveal their thoughts (by what they say and what they don't say), I see them as the insulting and deranged ones. They may not have made their morally offensive remarks with sarcasm but to me that merely indicates that evil people can utter their abominations in a very mild and polite manner. Such a blasé attitude is as revolting to me as having someone nicely and politely advocating the death penalty for 5 year olds who pluck flowers growing out of sidewalk cracks. (If you think that's an absurd comparison, please read this brief scripture .)
    • Finally, it becomes a pissing contest.
    • Then Simon gets angry.
  • Satanus

    It's like waves: a bunch of atheist/evolutionist threads swamp the place. Then, they recede and a bunch of christian threads flood in. Kinda funny, really. The funnest though, is when christians start ripping eachother;)


    Ps, it's almost time for the perry wave, again;)

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