The Christian Onslaught

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  • godrulz

    Pika, your issue is with the message more than the messenger. The question is how I can be more effective sharing the message without creating unnecessary barriers.

  • designs


    The issue may be that its impossible to not create barriers when discussing religion because Christianity like Islam claims to be a singular way to eternal life allowing for no other paths. Jesus wasn't interested in discussing beliefs he only allowed his view point.......sort of like sitting in Fundamentalist Churches today or sitting through a Watchtower Study, pretty much all the same 'my way or the highway'.

  • Pika_Chu

    Pika, your issue is with the message more than the messenger. The question is how I can be more effective sharing the message without creating unnecessary barriers.

    You can be more effective if you understand and know how to handle your competition, thus making your message more convincing. A good discussion anticipates possible refutations. It doesn't appear that you do that much. If you can't prove your points of discussion, you will get no where with people who need that proof. If you are so convinced that you are right, then are you ready to debate non-believers? Can you prove anything to us?

  • godrulz

    It depends what you consider proof. I don't think I can prove the existence of God, the veracity of Scripture, the Deity/resurrection of Christ apart from Scripture, etc. in a few posts. There is a faith component, but it must be based on evidence. My interest on this forum (vs other forums) is more with cultic theists that atheists who tend to dismiss evidence.

    Designs: I do believe that there is absolute, revealed truth. It would be impotent and unwise if God exists not to clearly communicate Himself. I believe false religion is refutable in light of Christianity.

  • jgnat

    I note that you did not include the veracity of the bible in your list, godrulz. There may be a few who would be interested in your defence of that.

  • godrulz

    veracity of Scripture=veracity of the is on my list.

    A scholarly book on the inspiration, transmission, canonicity of Scripture: Introduction (click look inside for contents) I have done my homework for decades to my satisfaction. Far be it from me to force my views on thinking people.

  • jgnat

    I've done my homework for decades to my satisfaction, too, scholar godrulz. If there is one scholarly work for, there will be another against. Who has the best evidence?

  • ziddina
    "I recall a Science Fiction novel where future worshippers followed the Church of Elvis. Preposterous, I thought. ..."

    I'll say...

    Jim MORRISON is the true ONE, not elvis!!!

  • godrulz

    I think we can agree that the WT has shoddy scholarship. They cannot even properly quote recognized authorities.

  • godrulz

    Walter Martin, as curt and caustic as he could be, gave these principles in dealing with JWs (commentary paraphrased). I am trying to be kinder, gentler, without compromising truth. Fair enough (speak truth in love has always been my goal)?

    1) Do identify with the JW.

    - each is a person in their own right, usually sincere, have families, hopes, goals, etc.; we are part of the human family, even if not all part of the family of God; people before cultist.

    2) Do labor persistently with the JW.

    - Never give up unless they decisively refuse contact. The Word of God is powerful and effective.

    3) Do exhaust every effort to answer the questions of JWs.

    - we cannot separate evangelism and apologetics; know what we believe and why.

    4) Do allow the JW to save face.

    - one can win the argument, but lose the soul, more heat than light; Forget that you are a JW and I am a x, y, z. We are two people who want the truth (disarms situation); empathy.

    5) Don't approach JWs with a spiritual chip on your shoulder (I have had this at times because of their ignorance, arrogance, and the evil of the WT that is ruining lives and families).

    - humility vs spiritual pride/looking down on people.

    6) Don't lose your patience, regardless of how dense you may think the JW is.

    - We were all dense before we came to Christ. They are bound in the slavery of sin and deception, so we need to be patient. Multiple exposures to the gospel may be necessary.

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