What's the most dumbest/petty thing you've heard of someone being "stumbled" over?

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  • tenyearsafter

    I ended a letter to someone (a JW) with, "Best Wishes,"...I was later asked why I used occultish phrases and whether this was a "habit" of mine!

  • Reality79


    Amazing, isn't it? That "sister" was "stumbled" at you saying the letter F so much she went to the elders like a crybaby, yet she wasn't even righteous enough to reveal herself as a "sister" to you even though she knew you were a dub. I think she didn't reveal herself to you because she thought that doing so would make you be on your best behaviour and she just wanted to catch you doing something wrong so she can blab it off to the elders. Such a typical stupid mindset only a witness could have.


    Since when is "best wishes" an occultish phrase???? That's news to me.

  • rebel8

    I will preface this by saying that ridiculous "stumbling" claims are usually done for 2 reasons--

    1. To get someone in trouble or make them look inferior to the other dubs.

    2. As an excuse to stop being involved in the cult.


    Someone played a popular pop love song at her wedding reception. It was harmless even by jw standards. But part of the song had a bass part, and some sista claimed it was demonic. It was just a few notes. She warned the couple ahead of time it was demonic and they better not play it. They did, and she claimed she was stumbled. Excuse #1.

    Also once a sista left a drink bottle in my car with the lid not on tight, and half of it spilled. I was a teenager and really had no sense. I thought the right thing to do was to give her drink back to her, so I did, and I mentioned it spilled and I couldn't get the stain out. She refused to go in fs anymore b/c I was going and I had stumbled her by my materialism. Worrying about having a giant stain in a new car in a very obvious spot was materialistic. lol Excuse #2.

    ETA: I had to go in the back room once because I wore business clothes with black pumps and black hose in fs--a plain skirt in a muted red color. A guy my age (~18) who I had known my whole life was staring at my in fs an entire day & making excuses to talk to me. I thought he was crushing on me or something. Next thing I know the elders are telling me he thinks I look like a prostitute!! Excuse #1

  • rebel8

    I was counseled for my hair being too dark, that it was stumbling to others because I looked 'goth' and like a 'satan worshipper'.

    It's not like I dyed my hair black. I'M ASIAN.

    (After that lovely talking-to, I dyed my hair Ronald McDonald red. )

    Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have no words.

  • nugget

    we once bought a chocolate advent calandar for 1p in Sainsburys after xmas and after the group we let members take the chocolate out and share it. The book study conductor gave us a shepherding call about not showing respect and being worldly. He had left prior to chocolate being distributed and his best bud dobbed us in. We had jokingly said we didn't think he would approve and we were right.

    My daughter took a toy from macdonalds to a meeting it was the white witch from "The lion the witch and the wardrobe." This same elder was horrified that our daughter had brought a witch to the meeting. She didn't think it was a witch she thought it was a princess. He made an almighty fuss. My question was how did he know it was a witch?

    We have been reproved for laughing too much at a meeting and hubby for various hairstyles. It was part of life everything you did was scrutinised by someone.

  • watersprout

    We have been reproved for laughing too much at a meeting

    There was an elder in my old cong who said something really funny off the platform. This was before Carrot and I were married.. No one else thought it was funny just me and one off Carrots friends. Anyway we couldn't stop laughing. This elder saw us and from the platform pointed his finger at us and told us off in front of the whole congregation. Instead of making us stop it made us worse. We were in a heap. My superfine apostle BIL kept turning round and was smiling cause he thought it was funny we had been humiliated by the whole cong.

    Peace Sprout

  • juci32
  • juci32

    this is a great thread. i would say holding hands while praying is the dumbest way to stumble someone

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was counseled twice when I was about 20 years old for smoking. I never did but the elders made sure everyone around knew they were taking me into the back room. I was scarred half to death because they seemed so pissed off at me. When they questioned me about smoking I was dumbfounded. I had not a clue what in the world they were talking about.

    The second time the leader of the three elders pointed his finger at me in peer anger and said this time we have proof as you have the cigarettes in your purse right now, the sister who saw you told us.

    I did now own a purse and just carried a small wallet and my car keys. I was still so scarred but I just said I do not own a purse. The elder did not know what to say at that point and said he would have to think about this.

    I did not even know the sister who reported me as she went to the other hall that met in the same building. I had never even spoken to her but she hated me I then realized. She still does to this day 20 some years latter for what I still do not have a que.

    I was counseled once by an older sister for not giving her gas money for her taking me to the meetings. I had just moved out on my own from my abusive parents and I was 18 years old and really struggling just to pay my bills. So I walked for a couple of weeks three miles one way to the meetings until I had money to give her. She lived two houses away from me and did not have to go out of her way to pick me up. She drove with an empty car while I walked. I guess the extra weight of me really burned up the gas.

    I was counseled when I was pioneering because I fell asleep in field service when we were driving for hours in country territory. It was my car my husband was driving and I was exhausted because I was working 35 hours a week and trying to get in 90 hours of field service a month, but apparently it ticked off many in the hall from what the elders told me.

    OH how I wish I had woken up sooner to the fact that this religion is just a cult.


  • Reality79


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