What's the most dumbest/petty thing you've heard of someone being "stumbled" over?

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  • Reality79

    - Some loser once took offense that I hugged a sister goodbye at a leaving do and ran back to the elders like a little child telling on me. I was 15, this sister was in her 40s at the time.

    - This elder said someone told him they saw me with a copy of The Sun newspaper. Yes, this paper is known for its 'page 3' topless girls but far from pornagraphic and I wasn't even thinking along those lines.

    - One brother who had a good job was 'counselled' because he was actually able to buy himself nice things including a new car (shock, horror!! )

    - Someone I knew went and told the elders they overheard someone saying they were looking forward to some new publication at the book study group because the Revelation book was too hard. Apparently it was seen as not respecting the 'spiritual food' from the FDS.

    - I've heard people complain when someone doesn't stay behind after the meetings for too long (not that I blame them) when they never even acknowledge the person anyway.

    Those are probably not even half as bad as some of the stories I've read on here, add yours......

  • stillstuckcruz

    My goodness. Love the topic. A few wks ago, a MS brother gave a talk. It was audience discussion. When he got down and went towards the back, an elders wife stopped him at the back door and said she was upset because he didn't call on her. He laughed assuming she was joking. She just ducked her head and went and sat in her car.

  • carla

    Awhile back someone was talking about being counseled about 'toe cleavage', too sexy I guess.

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    I used to work at a store that would sell holiday themed candy. After the holiday, the manager would reduce the prices and as employees we would be able to get giant boxes of candy for super cheap. I always reasoned that after the holiday was over, its JUST chocolate. So I would buy tons of candy as treats for the kids in the hall. But apparently, some people had a problem with chocolate snowmen, pumpkins and eggs.

  • wasblind

    I had a part time job that interfered with the meetin's

    I was told that I need to trust in Jehovah more,

    the thing about it, the bills are in my name not Jehovah's,

    the bill collectors were callin' on me not Jehovah,

    what am I supposed to do, tell the bill

    collectors to wait on Jehovah ????

    Jehovah knew what my needs were, not them

  • Reality79


    You know what grates me?

    1) The people who tell you what YOU should be doing for employment are the same ones who never ever lift a finger to assist youand living comfortably themselves (like the GB)

    2) Say you find new employment where you have to work shifts and it conflicts with your meetings, you decide to attend a different congregation with a different time schedule so you can start the new job. People will STILL bitch about at that!! Never mind that you're supposedly serving the same god wherever you go, they want to exercise so much control over you that you can't even decide to do what's right for your own personal situation without their input.

  • wasblind

    Amen to that Reality79

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    When I became a study and begin to attend the hall, I was told to put plasters on my ankles to cover up my 2 tattoos, in case I enticed the brothers into looking at my tattoos and legs, and cause them to stumble. I was also cautioned in a joking way not to wear "V" line tops as it emphasised my 42DDs......but it was a sister that cautioned me that time. God made me that way!! ?


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I live in the mid -west and our winters get alot of snow and freezing temps in the winter . For service I wore a long coat and high boots ,so under neath I sometimes wore pants out in service instead of a dress . How would anyone know ? But a sister complained .... The Brother used the reasoning "what if you go in a householder's house and took off your coat " ( oh I don't know ??? pants would cause them to have a heart attack ? ) Good grief !!!!

  • Kudra

    Ha! I like threads like this. Love the ridiculous stories.

    My best friend and I were counseled for stumbling a young unbaptized brother by hugging on each other too much. Apparently the young brother (a red-neck conservative dickwad) thought we were lesbians. WTF, seriously. My friend and I would sit with our arms on each other's shoulders every once in a while at the Kingdom Hall. My friend got the worst of it -they didn't let her pioneer because of this aggregious case of stumbling that pervert "brother".

    Another time in a separate hall, I had drawn the symbols for the planets in chalk on my bedroom floor, in a circle pattern representing the solar system. It was a super cool drawing and had NOTHING to do with astrology, duh... Well, one brother in my hall ratted me out to his elder dad over it, saying it stumbled him (again, WTF?). I am sure I was censured somehow that I was not even aware of, but anyway. It turns out that that brother who ratted me out was jealous because I had started hanging out with these other guys that were originally *his* friends and we never invited him along anymore. Sheesh.

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