What's the most dumbest/petty thing you've heard of someone being "stumbled" over?

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  • tracylee

    I was counseled for my hair being too dark, that it was stumbling to others because I looked 'goth' and like a 'satan worshipper'.

    It's not like I dyed my hair black. I'M ASIAN.

    (After that lovely talking-to, I dyed my hair Ronald McDonald red. )

  • Snoozy

    I was never counseled..

    But when I was a young mother of three I did a sister's ironing to pay for the gas she used picking me up and taking me to meetings and taking me out in service..a brother found out and counseled her for letting me do that. That he said was like charging me to do somthing that should be coming from the heart. Paying for gas was a option, not a requirement. Letting me iron to pay for it was wrong. I found out later that it was another sister that told on her..she told the brothers this sister was taking advantage of me. It just so happened this sister that told on me, I also did her ironing but she was paying me for it. A lot more than the cost of a tank of gas..so she was right!.

    Don't even ask about being uninvited to the anniversary party.


  • Snoozy

    My teen kids at the time were told to NOT hang around the black witnesses kids in public or have them over to our house because others (JW's included in that others) may not understand and get stumbled into not wanting to be a witness . It was OK to do at the hall and assemblies tho..

    Pissed me off royally. I thought ,"What a bunch of hypocrties hiding behind religion . Using that for an excuse for their own prejudice.." I never thought for a moment that it was because they were afraid we would stumble someone.


  • outlawwilly

    What ultimetly made me leave the cult was what I was counselled on. I used to sell beer,liquor, and wine. To make an long (but) interesting story short: One of the elders wives was at one of the pubs I was selling booze to. She saw me and I saw her. She was completely tanked @ 2pm. Next meeting, -I- get counselled on my choice of employment, due to her drunk ass yapping at her husband. Wtf? Well that incident started a domino effect, that eventually led to my leaving the cult in a rather dramatic fashion. Another story for another time.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    At a congregation picnic, a sister took offense to the fact that my brother was wearing his baseball cap backwards, and told pretty much everyone in attendance. According to her, such a thing is associated with gangs.

  • Reality79

    keyser soze I remember when one of the society's tracts had a family picture with a little boy with his cap backwards. Apparently they thought it looked too 'worldy' then they printed subsequ0ent copies with the cap the other way around.Some on here may know the tract I'm referring to.

    When I was younger we were playing football (what Americans call soccer) and I had my cap backwards since I was a goalkeeper and this stupid fool who was on my team told me I either had to turn it around to the front or not wear it all since wearing it backwards looked wordly and we had to "stand out" from everyone else in the park!!!

    Is there anything more insane than this crackpot organisation?!?

  • DagothUr

    I was mildly "counciled" once for wearing a baseball cap backwards while walking through the city. Someone stumbled and told the elders. Also, some brothers were stumbled by my habit of wearing jeans but the elders considered this to be trivial and said nothing.

  • Reality79

    Also, some brothers were stumbled by my habit of wearing jeans but the elders considered this to be trivial and said nothing.

    So what were you supposed to wear, a kilt??

  • watersprout
    So what were you supposed to wear,

    CHINO'S...... As recommeded by Bethel. Lol


  • skeeter1

    A young, pretty sister supplemented her income by being a newspaper model (JC Penney, etc) in our Kingdom Hall. She was over 18, but I don't remember her exact age. She was stumbling others by modeling old lady bras & granny panties! Her "best friend" sister had a two door, convertable Dodge car. She was stumbling others by her flashiness.

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