What's the most dumbest/petty thing you've heard of someone being "stumbled" over?

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I posted on this and can't find it? It wan't a mean post? confused NO I am stumbled! NOT!

  • WhatWasIThinking

    @Found, I see your post on page 3 about halfway down.

  • DarioKehl

    I am the proud recipient of "passive counsel" from a member of the Governing Body (holy chior music)

    Without revealing too much about my identity, I will say that I was in a vacation home a while ago. I drove a buddy down to propose to his GF. His GF's uncle is on the GB and his initials are SL.

    ANYWAY... a few of her relatives (cousins, younger brother, etc), her BF and I were in the sunroom watching TV before we left for dinner. I had the remote in my hand and was channel surfing. I stopped on the Learning Channel because "Worlds Scariest Police Chases" was on. You know, that show where they take 5 minutes of traffic helicopter footage and make a 60 minute program out of it? OK, well, SL walked in (wearing dress pants and a dress shirt buttoned up). He stopped dead in the doorway and looked aghast. Speaking with a bellowing voice (amplified by holy spirit from heaven), he exclaimed, "My MY MY!!! That sure is some VIOLENT PROGRAMMING!" and immediately removed himself from the room. Did I change the channel? HAAAAIL NO.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    For some reason page 3 ends with 21centurywoman and no post.........I see many have posted after that ...I can't see them....

    now I feel stumbled......wait foundsheep was stumbled by this....well I'm stumbled that she was stumbled!!!

  • caliber

    don't be a lost sheep be a Found sheep !! ha ha ha ha !!

    @Found, I see your post on page 3 about halfway down.
  • DarioKehl

    One time, a CO gave one of the best talks I've ever heard about "stumbling." Using scripture, he proved that the only people who can be "stumbled" are those who are just learning the trooof. No one else can claim "stumbling," they can only claim "taking offense." And we all know what 1Thess. 4:11 says about that, don't we! STUPID! If you take offense, you are a STUPID ONE. I almost cart-wheeled down the aisle during that talk!!! He gave a great illustration about a person walking into a KH and slipping on ice in the parking lot. "Brothers...if you slip and fall on ice, will you continue sitting there until summer time, long after the ice has melted? That would be STUPID, wouldn't it." BRA-VO!!!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    still blocked for me? anyway the "you may stumble" card gave the local elders room to make ANY rule up that they wanted!!!

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    reading alot of these stories and having time to reflect.......LOL

    My ex was counseled for wearing an Ankle Braclet.......it was Unchristian and could Stumble some...

    An Ankle Braclet.... Are you KIDDING!!!!

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I remember like around 2005-2006 my brother and a couple of friends went to my friend's parents 30th wedding anniersary at local mexican resturant ( I'm from Los Angeles ). Anyway that day it was very windy and cold we wore our hats, but when we walked inside; apparently we didn't know about the "rule" where you don't wear hats inside a building . Keep in mind in past coments I always said that my old Los Angeles congregation is very "old school"; so the people there threw a fit and started making comments ( keep in mind were in our early twentys and not children ) . As soon as we finished our meal we left ! My brother and I said a few kind words to my friends parents and left pissed off !.

    Now the only reason we didn't blow up at these people is because my parents were there ( and they sided with the congregation ! And even the Elders said we were wrong ! ) I kind of glad Im not at that congregation anymore.

  • jam

    Won A large sum of money on A TV game show. The brothers

    felt there was no need for us to talk about it to the friends.

    Keep A low profile, drawing too much attention to oursleves.

    You nut case, it was on national TV, what the hell we suppose

    to do. And yes, some was stumble, but I didn,t care. The friends

    in California go to those game shows all the time.

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