Jan. 15th WT- Go to Meetings to Fight the Blues- Eliminate other Activities

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  • flipper

    Our JW contact sent us the " Witness only " WT's again and I just had to make a thread on this mind numbing article. Starting on pg.22 in the Jan.15th it deals with " Coping with Discouragement ". It seems lots of JW's are under intense stress these days ( can you blame them ? ) So WT society allegedly has all the answers ( they think ) for witnesses stresses. In paragraph 11 it states , " As Armageddon approaches ( uh-huh ) , economic, emotional, and other pressures are mounting. It should not come as a surprise, then, that some find it increasingly hard to fulfill their responsibility to look after and provide for their families. They feel tired, burdened down, worn-out, and even burned-out. " Now most normal reasoning people would see the need to balance ALL activities out to ease stresses. Not the WT society.

    Notice who they use as an example of dealing with stress and WHAT they do to deal with it . In paragraph 13 it continues, " Consider the example of Stephanie, a 19 year old regular pioneer. At age 12, she suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then, she has undergone surgery twice, received radiation treatment, and suffered TWO MORE STROKES, which left her with limited movement on her left side and limited vision. Stephanie has to save her energy for the things she considers MORE IMPORTANT , such as CHRISTIAN MEETINGS and FIELD SERVICE. " Translation : If you are young or old and suffered life threatening strokes, heart attacks, or other physical ailments - it's MORE important to use your energy for meetings and field service - NOT say physical rehabilitation, therapy , medical attention for healing. If the experience of Stephanie doesn't show how uncaring, unfeeling and self serving the WT society and JW cult is towards it's members - then I don't know what else does.

    Notice in paragraph 14 how pressure is put on ALL JW's to attend meetings no matter what. It states , " When we are tired and under pressure, we must NEVER reason that the way to deal with stress is to cut back on spiritual activities. That is the WORST thing we could possibly do. Why ? Because such activities as personal and family Bible study, field service, and meeting attendance are the means by which we receive revitalizing HOLY SPIRIT. Christian activities are ALWAYS refreshing. " Translation : The stresses you go through in life are NEVER enough to cause you to miss meetings. Your stresses just aren't that important. Meetings and field service are. Speaks for itself.

    Notice in paragraph 16 what things the WT society says Witnesses need to cut out of their life to minimize stress . It states, " His ( Apostle Paul's ) point was that we must avoid NEEDLESS PURSUITS , needless weights , that will tire us out. It may be that some of us are simply trying to squeeze too much into already busy lives . ( Meetings perhaps ? ) So, if you often feel tired and under pressure, you might benefit from reviewing how you meet the demands of secular work , the FREQUENCY with which you travel for PLEASURE, and the INTENSITY with which you pursue SPORTS or other LEISURE activities. Reasonableness and modesty should move all of us to recognize our limitations and keep UNNECESSARY commitments to a minimum . " Translation : The things that are causing you JW's stress are sports and pleasureable, fun, leisurely mostly unecessary and needless activities ! Says who ? How does the WT society feel it has the right to tell it's members what constitutes " needless pursuits " or " unnecessary commitments " ?

    Then comes the finale. In paragraph 17 it blames JW's false expectations of Armageddon for stressing them out. It states, " It may also be that some among us feel a measure of discouragement because the end of this system of things has not come as soon AS WE EXPECTED. " Translation : You brothers and sisters are running ahead of Jehovah's timetable again , tisk, tisk. Causing your own stress. Of course, nothing is mentioned about the WT society's OWN failed " generation " teaching or that they've had to re-vamp it now ( how many times ? ) 4 or 5 ?

    Bottom line is the WT society NEVER EVER takes or assumes blame or responsibility for their own members stresses or alleged failures. It's always the INDIVIDUAL who doesn't have enough faith, or enough this or that to be worthy ! It's typical of how ALL mind control cults treat their members. And the WT society and Jehovah's Witnesses are no different than other mind control cults.

    Thanks for reading and I wait with baited breath and anticipation of your comments, thoughts on what you felt about this mind control information ! As always- I look forward to your thoughts ! Peace out to all of you- hope you are doing well tonight. Mr. Flipper

  • OnTheWayOut
    Christian activities are ALWAYS refreshing.

    Then what Jehovah's Witnesses are doing is NOT "Christian activities."

    His ( Apostle Paul's ) point was that we must avoid NEEDLESS PURSUITS , needless weights , that will tire us out.

    Since the end is so so so so close, that's everything except JW activities. But don't run ahead of Jehovah's timetable.

  • flipper

    OTWO- Indeed. Since JW meetings are NOT refreshing it therefore can't be Christian ! LOL ! Exactly about the " needless activities ". Everything NOT JW related the WT society considers " Needless activities ". Hope you aren't turning into a snowman with these winter storms my friend

  • palmtree67
    In paragraph 11 it states , " As Armageddon approaches ( uh-huh ) , economic, emotional, and other pressures are mounting.

    I had forgotten how stressed out I would get reading the magazines. I mean, "pressures are mounting!!!" And even though everything seemed okay to me, I would still think, "OMG!!! Pressures are mounting!!" PANIC!!!

    I'm not blind to what's going on in the world, nor am I immune to occasional stresses.....but it seems like they highlight the bad ALL THE TIME.

    All it does is create panic, where all we really need is a little bit of fellow feeling and common sense.

  • wasblind

    ( Wuz shakes her head )

    Hey Palm, I was on two different blood pressure meds

    while I was attending the Hall, six months after I quit

    I'm back down to one

    what a relief

  • TotallyADD

    Hi Flipper, I remember a CA many years ago they had a demo. by a elder my wife and I knew. He told everybody he worked full time, pioneer, went on special assignments to other countrys did this and did that. My wife and I just looked at each other and wonder when did he have time for his family. How could we do anymore than what we were doing since we had two kids to take care of. That imformation was as valueable to us as the example of 19 year old Stephaine. Instead of encouraging us it only made us more discouraged and stress out that we were not doing more. I just love the unrealistic example they give to people, not having a clue what it's like to live in the world and raise a family. According to what I was taught the end was suppose to come before I started school ( that happen in 1959) then I was not suppose to graduate from schoo (that happen in 1972) then was not going to get married (1974) When our first child was born (1977) he would not start school. Well you all know what happen. Now he is a father of 2 children who are in school. So yes we are discouraged by the WT lies that the end is so close. It is them not us who is responsible for stressing us out on failed expectations. Reason number 1059 on why we are not part on this anymore. Totally ADD


    Good evening Flipper..

    If your in a Coma..

    The WBT$ has a little card,Advertising the WBT$..

    Someone can put on the Table,beside your Hospital Bed..

    When I first saw it..

    I thought it was So Demented,I burst out laughing..

    It`s one of the Funniest Sick things,I`ve ever seen the WBT$ do..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • MrFreeze

    Isn't it funny how they'll say continually say things like "Armageddon is close at hand" and "The end of the system is fast approaching" but then they blame JW's by saying things like JW's are "discourages because the end hasn't come when they expected it".

    So you are telling them to expect Armageddon to occur any minute now but at the same time they are at fault because they are expecting Armageddon to occur any minute now. ASHT0HAQE40HAW40HT0HQET50HQ30HT6Q30H0HAW0HU03HT0H3W0HTQ3WH0TW40OUT08PUQ4A0PHQ03AT

  • palmtree67


    Hey Palm, I was on two different blood pressure meds
    while I was attending the Hall, six months after I quit
    I'm back down to one

    I know what you mean, sistah! I had all kinds of stomach problems, I was popping Tums like they were Tic Tacs.

    Since I left - no more stomach problems.

  • wasblind

    " I was popping Tums like they were Tic Tacs."

    Dang Girl !!!!

    that religion was bad on us , when our physical health

    breaks down, the body is trying to tell us somethin'

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