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    Really I've never seen anything like a spirit coming out of a animal or a human being and I've got 20 20 vision.

    A/the spirit being is not something you can see, dear TrueOne (peace to you!)... with eyes of flesh (however, one spirit can "discern" another). The spirit resides IN the long garment of skin that is the "vessel" or "cup" of the physical body. Unmanifested spirit beings (i.e., angels, etc.) must either put on flesh... or reflect God's glory (light) to be seen by humans. They can be seen by animals (and even heard by animals much more than humans - we tend to get in our own way).

    Do you have proof to back up that stament?

    To back up that both animals and humans are spirits? I wouldn't think that you would need "proof." I understand the skeptism (religion has actually had a very large part in creating such, through all of its hocus-pocus "ooh, the demons" lies - but that really has been it's "job": to create environments that can't do much more THAN ridicule things that are true so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones)...

    Bbut, well, let me ask you: say you were to have...ummm... your heart, a lung, a kidney, and both corneas transplanted... all from different donors... as well as both legs and an arm amputed (you were in a terrible accident)? "Who" are you afterward? Ted, whose heart you now have? Fred, whose lung you have? How about Bob, whose kidney is now in your body? Or Harriet, whose eyes "you" now use to see? Would you be, perhaps, all of them? Or would you still be you, the TrueOne... the same "person" you were INSIDE that body... before parts were replaced/removed? Would changing/altering your physical body change/alter "you"?

    Of course, it wouldn't. Because you're not your body.

    How about transgendered people who claim to be "trapped" in the wrong body? WHO is/was "trapped"?

    You... and every living being... is the lifeforce IN the body. Even if part of your brain were removed, so that perhaps your speech become impaired, or your memory reduced, your motor skills no longer able to function as you wish... YOU... are still YOU.

    And it is the same with animals. You can amputate a leg, transplant an organ... but Fifi will still be Fifi... and Leghorn will still be leghorn... and Rudolph will still be Rudolph. Sure, as with humans there may be some personality change (i.e., angrier, more passive, etc.)... but the "person" is still the person. Some think that when things like senility or Alzheimer's sets in, the person "changes." That's not accurate. True, the person's MEMORY might change, but they don't. Even if they no longer recognize you as the "person" THEY knew.

    One of the BEST and greatest example of what I'm referring to is Dr. Steven Hawkings. From all appearances (meaning, his physical body), he shouldn't be "able" to do the things he does... think and opine as he does... to the level he does. He CAN, however, because "he"... is NOT HIS BODY. "He"... is the "man" INSIDE his body... a particular vessel that has betrayed him, to some degree. (Note, I don't say that to say he should have regrets as to his body - it could well be that its limitations are what has caused him to deign to think as he does. He CHOSE not to LET is "enslave" him... but to move on IN SPITE of it).

    We majorily think of "spirituality" in the context of either religion... or things like superstition, emotion, intuition, etc. But that really isn't what the spirit is. Unfortunately, it has the misleading of men... particularly theologians and their ilk, who had/have NO idea themselves... that has caused most of us to have a very inaccurate understanding of what the spirit TRULY is.

    Anyway, I hope this clarifies.

    Oh, and yes, there is a verse or two in the Bible that lends some agreement to what I've shared, but I did not receive this truth from the Bible, nor did I "get it" by/when reading it. I received it directly from a spirit, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, who is the Holy One of Israel and HOLY Spirit...and Son and Christ of the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies... when I asked him what it meant to "worship" God "in spirit."

    That One said to me, in essence (and my quote is not verbatim, as it has been some time since he said it), that "It means to live... and approach the Most Holy One of Israel... with and as the "man" you are on the INSIDE, the TRUE "man" that you are... and not as you wish others to think you are. As the SPIRIT being that you are. For He already knows you... what is IN your vessel... as do I. So, there's really no point in trying to hide who... and what... you are... from Him... or from me."

    It was from that point on that I have tried to be as honest with him (them) as I possibly can... no matter what the issue/question. Even if it's "bad" or "ugly." Or "sinful". It's IN me. And since he already knows... well, wisdom says there's no point in trying to say/make it something else.

    Again, I hope this helps and again, I wish you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


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    'the spirit resides in the long garment of skin that is the vessel of the physical body'

    You know when I saw Tina Turner dance to Proud Mary the first time I thought the same thing......

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    Aguest you really didn't think I would read all that nonsensical retort on my question.

    Talking like an ancient spiritual seer from the land of Judah, really get into the real world its 2011.

    You just should have been truthfully concise and said there's no providing proof of spirits and one must believe in them alone.

    A more honest and direct answer.

    The recognizable spirits were derived from human ignorance of the past just as they are still today.

    Fear + ignorance + superstition = spirits

    Lets move humanity forward shall we !

    There is a generation behind us that are in need of are wisdom and truth.

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    Aguest you really didn't think I would read all that nonsensical retort on my question.

    Well, yeah, dear TrueOne (peace to you!), I did. I mean, I took your comment seriously. I realize that if I had also included a statement like "NASA says"... or something like that... you might be a bit more inclined to do so, but I had no reason to believe you wouldn't give my response some regard. Not much, okay, but some. And you would have to read it to do that, so...

    BTW - There is nothing nonsensical about it; again, however, you would have to read it to "see" that.

    Talking like an ancient spiritual seer from the land of Judah, really get into the real world its 2011.

    Okay, now you're assuming and, unfortunately, you assume incorrectly...

    You just should have been truthfully concise and said there's no providing proof of spirits and one must believe in them alone.

    Truthfully concise, okay: the man you are on the inside [of your body] is a spirit.

    A more honest and direct answer.

    Yes, I understand. Unfortunately, brevity is not one of my gifts, I must confess. My answer was, however truly honest... and as direct as I, SA, can be on the subject. I sincerely apologize for the length; however, that I am verbose (I am) does not make me dishonest.

    The recognizable spirits were derived from human ignorance of the past just as they are still today.

    I don't know what you mean by "recognizable"...

    Fear + ignorance + superstition = spirits

    Ummm... not quite. Fear + ignorance + superstition = lies and misleadings about spirits... to those who fear and are ignorant and superstitious. Which is what those who "taught" about them counted on: the fear, ignorance, and superstition of others... which they wickedly and immorally played upon.

    Lets move humanity forward shall we !

    By ALL means! Let's move out of the DARK ages where spirits are "demons" or "devils" or "haints" and "ghosts"... into the reality that we are ALL spirits... and, therefore, spiritUAL... regardless of whether we ascribe to religion... or a religion... or not. The reality that religion has absolutely NOTHING to do with spirituality, AT ALL (although "they" have spent millenia trying to "own/control" that reality).

    There is a generation behind us that are in need of are wisdom and truth.

    I absolutely agree! And that generation... and the ones behind IT, should be told the TRUTH: that their spirituality has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion, that, in fact, religion is the primary means for DENYING that all are spiritual (i.e., unless THEY say so, which is another LIE!). If our children... and their children... were allowed to KNOW that spirituality isn't something that another person can say one has... or doesn't have... they would be well on their way to freedom from such lies, as well.

    Spirituality isn't something we demonstrate. We cannot "be" spiritual through things like reading the Bible, going out in field service, even proclaiming Christ. We ARE spirits... and therefore, spiritUAL... which is why Paul, et al., was concerned with the RELEASING. Of the "man" we are INSIDE... from the vessel of flesh that enslaves us ALL. That vessel is the long garment of skin inherited from Adham: the physical body.

    You don't have to believe me, dear TrueOne. But I made a vow to speak the truth about such things so long as there was breath in MY vessel. So, I have. I don't do it so that you will believe... or like... me. I do it because it is the only way I can show my love for my Lord... AND that I can try and undo SOME of the lies I also told about such things... as they were taught to ME... by men. I realize that speaking such truths will cause others to pause, even ridicule; however, that doesn't concern me. I would much rather you take issue with me for speaking the truth... than for telling more lies.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    No, I don't think so.

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    If that is not trolling, foodalls has to be a schizophrenic on metamphetamines.

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    Why are aliens never portrayed as hot busty redheads?


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    Well someone is getting paranoid here.

    First, I don't have any authority to remove posts on this site. Second, I do not belong to any religion and do not get any sort of money from any religion. Third, if a conspiracy theory can be backed up by actual facts, then I can see why people might believe it. But the ones that you have put forth are beyond ridiculous. My statements about them have not been religious in any way.

    I think it might be time to get on some medication. Just a thought.

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