Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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    And how do you know? I have contacted Zid. You like to say, "Provide proof" on many of your posts. Please do so for me.....BrotherDan

    I was responding to Wasblind in his/her question about why I kept in contact with Ding and not Zid.
    Ding emailed me after I left. Zid did not. Ding and I have much in common.

    I don't have anything in common with Zid. So why would I naturally stay in contact with Zid?.....BrotherDan


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  • brotherdan

    As I said, unintelligent and unfunny.

  • wasblind

    " And yes, Wasblind, Zid is an immature sad old woman."

    I seen right through you Bro. Dan , you came here first to clear

    your own name not caring how it would have made Zid look

    if you really cared you would have PM'ed her and straightened

    this out and she would have cleared up what she stated.

    selfish, selfish ,selfish

    Wasblind: While it was very nice and generous and extremely giving of Zid to give me her books, she was not someone that I connected to emotionally.
    I don't know why I have to tell you this, but that is the fact. Zid and I are 2 very different people with 2 very different viewpoints. She is a polytheist,
    and that is fine by me. But it's not my world view. We don't have much in common. She didn't reach out to me after I left.....Brotherdan

    So how was any of that wrong? How am I full of shit for saying this.....BrotherDan

    You Claim thats a Cut and Paste from 2 different posts..

    That makes you Full of Poo-Poo!..


    There is when you cut and paste from 2 different responses from 2 different posts... Nice job, Brother Splane.....BrotherDan

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  • brotherdan

    Got it all figured out, do you? Have access to the PMs that I sent her, do you? Think that I would read all the insults that Zid threw my way and not say a word otherwise? That's not me, StillBlind.

  • ziddina
    "Zid, I will send you your books back. I had no intention of "stealing" them. And we never set up a formal way for me to pay for the books..."

    Your memory - and reading ability - are faulty, again...

    What I was told, is that you were sending me a "Subway" card [a sandwich shop chain...] for the cost of the SHIPPING....

    I never said that you "STOLE" the books. I feel that you may have misrepresented your reasons for wanting them, however.

    And yes, I would like the books back - hopefully in the same condition that they were in, when I shipped them to you....

    Perhaps it would be best for you to build up your own library of old Watchtower literature.... That way, you can do whatever you want with the books. I notice that you made one blog about one of the old books, then it appears that you moved on to issues raised in current literature, instead...

    As to my comments on this thread...

    If you had not left so abruptly - and with such a flurry of negative emotion and declarations of your discomfort because you percieved that "any sort of Christian discussion would come up, the thread would be hijacked by atheists" - I would have not been concerned about your promise to return my books when I asked for them.

    As an atheist who DOESN'T waste very much of my time trying to change others' opinions upon the authenticity of their particular deities - unless it is an OPEN discussion with an INVITATION to express my opinion on the subject - your comments appeared to be an over-reaction, at the least...

    That, and the fact that you'd apparently reneged on your promise of repaying the shipping costs, made me feel VERY UNSURE whether I would EVER be able to get my books back again....

    For my part, I will repay the $25 it will take to ship them back to me, AFTER I've received all of them in good condition...


  • mouthy

    I will not read this topic anymore it is upsetting me no end
    So the WT wins all over their bloody books

  • ziddina
    "I understand Zids reaction. However, she claimed to try and contact me many times...."

    Really, Brother Dan??? What part of,

    "Excellent advice!!! I'll try contacting him; first I'll post a comment on his blog. ..."

    Did you FAIL to read in my post on the lower part of page [?]4?????

  • Listener

    Brotherdan it is something that you've come back on to try to make things right with Zids, just follow up on it. Once the right thing is done and it is all settled it will seem trivial in comparison.

    I am so sorry to hear about your wife, it can't be easy for you and in cases like this there is no book written that tells you what to do in your situation. In my situation I felt a great deal of helplessness and alarm that things could go so far. The possibility of another attempt is always there and very much changes the way you treat that person. The medication that the patient takes is an added problem as it sometimes alters their mind also. It is very painful and like dealing with a long term illness. The fact that you want to be there for her and support her should surely help and is the best thing that you can do. Unfortunately you have the added responsibility of being the head of the household.

    It can't be easy to support her by attending the meetings, which goes much further than just being in attendance.

  • wasblind

    If she insulted you that bad why didn't you just tell her not to send the books

    why didn't you just return them right back to her ?

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