Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • sabastious

    He was an interesting presence on this board. He had integral knowledge about Bethel and the like. I am an emotional guy too so I can kind of relate to why he left.

    But, you gotta get thick skin on the forum. It can be hardcore at times, which I like.

    Humans sure can be cantankerous people. I know I have my "freak out" moments as much as the rest.


  • leavingwt

    Same as with the WT, when decided to leave, he really did leave. I hope he'll return one day. I hope he can rescue his family, too.

  • sabastious
    Same as with the WT, when decided to leave, he really did leave. I hope he'll return one day. I hope he can rescue his family, too.

    I think about him sometimes, wonder how he is doing. Crazy how attached you can get to people on here.


  • Soldier77

    Yup, sure do miss Brotherdan. Wish he would come around and drop every now and then.

    Here's to you BroDan:

  • Chalam

    Yep, raise my glass to brotherdan

    What's in a name, ehy? A true brother in Christ :)

    Blessings for you and your family,


  • laverite

    I still think about Bro. Dan every day. I wonder about how things are going. I miss him a lot and wish so much he'd say hi or something. I hope he's happy and things are ok with his family. They are everything to him. Love and miss you Bro. Dan!

  • shamus100

    I'll light a candle, and say a prayer... :*(


  • tec

    I think about BD a lot too. He had a very strong 'voice', and love for God. I hope he is doing okay, and that his family are as well.


  • ziddina

    I'm glad that all of you have such pleasant memories of Brother Dan...

    Personally, he double-crossed me and lied to me...

    I sent him my full library of JW books - some of them around a hundred years old - with a shipping cost alone of $25...

    He said he'd send me payment... He said he'd send me a Subway card of equivalent value - and I've received ZIP - nada - nothing...

    His subsequent fanatical posts indicated that he was a bit two-faced, to say the least...

    He promised me that I could have my little library back whenever I asked for it... But he'll NEVER give it back... I wouldn't be surprised if he's destroyed my books... I can just kiss my poor little library goodbye...

    His behavior towards me was EXTREMELY DISHONEST - it was as if he felt he could get away with nasty behavior towards me, because I am an atheist and a "heathen"....

    In short, his behavior was EXTREMELY un-Christian.... and so typically Christian.... All at once...


  • shamus100


    What did we all learn today? And thank you for being so honest too.

    Send me money - I'll send you Miracle Wheat! (Copywright Watchtower Bible and Tract Society)

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