Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • BabaYaga

    I cannot believe I am posting on this thread. This thread has become unbelievably UGLY!!! Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    I can see both sides, and I can see error with both sides. It does seem to me that if someone has a problem with another person, one might endeavor to CONTACT that person and COMMUNICATE before posting the grievance on an open and international internet forum.

    Brother Dan, I am so very, very sorry to hear about your wife. Love, strength, and HEALING to BOTH OF YOU.

    And I really feel that Amazing Grace's post needs to be re-stated!

    What do you say to ending the topic??? Hurt feeling, raised blood pressures,
    No good will come if we keep hashing it over & over again Dan is going to return the books
    those who pray will pray for his wife & family, Zidd will get them back & will not give them out
    again. & I will be happy to have my family all getting on in LOVE no matter what you believe.
    Other wise ALL go to your ruddy rooms
    YES!!!!!! MOUTHY!!!!!!

    I second the motion!

  • Scott77

    Zid, you wrote: "I still stand by my "sociopath" comment. This business with your wife - need I point out that YOUR behavior may have had something to do with this near-tragedy???" <---------- That is one of the meanest things I have ever read. I am speechless

    I sincerely believe Sister Zid is completely justified to say it [sociopath] based on her feelings. Its something that came up not from nowhere, but from her heart as she saw thing the way they happened.


  • ziddina

    Yes, Laverite, that was harsh...

    Under normal circumstances, I would NEVER have made a comment like that...

    But you may want to go back and review all of Bro Dan's previous posts...

    I like to spot "patterns".... Patterns in the way things happen...

    There is a distinctive "pattern" to Bro Dan's life, at this point in time. No sensible person would deny that their actions have some effect on others. [Yes, my mean comment to Bro Dan - I grasp the irony of this post...]

    However, the "pattern" of events in his life - over the last 6 months to a year - have a certain 'flavor' to them...

    He seems to have some difficulty distinguishing the finer points of - hmm. I guess I'd better stop here.

    Let's just say, I don't quite trust his version of "reality"...

  • tec

    Dan insulted and dismissed people in the way that he left here the first time. I do not believe that this was his intention and he has apologized for the harm he caused. Maybe he doesn't get that fully, but so what? Give him time. Its no reason to lynch the guy, which is basically what this thread has turned into... a lynch mob with a few people trying to stop it.

    Zid is one of those people so insulted and feeling betrayed for the concern she showed. So if she wishes to say something or call him to task for that, she's within her right, but she has already done so on the other goodbye thread. In THIS thread she accused Dan of being a sociopath and a liar, and worried that he intended to cheat her, steal from her... all without calling him first to try and reconcile the matter or find out what was happening. The subway card could have gotten lost in the mail, even though that is not the case, it does not change the accusation without the confirmation at first... and the message on his blog came after the accusations.

    That was also a mistake.

    He has also been accused on this thread that he was a fake from the start and got those books just to burn them, for the WTS. Since they are on their way back to Zid, obviously that was a false accusation. He also only knew about this thread from DING, so he wasn't continuing to spy and so jumped in with some sob story. Ding could confirm this for those who want to continue to doubt.

    All Dan needed to do regarding the books is apologize for the misunderstanding and delay, ask for understanding in the matter concerning his wife (which I would think would be given) and rectify the matter - and he is doing so. All Zid needed to do was phone him first, before accusing what she thought he was doing.

    Apologies are deserved all the way around, and owed, imo, from many who posted here today and yesterday.


  • whereami
    Ah, my temper got the best of me today. Between Outlaw, Wasblind, and Zid, this hasn't been a good day. All of you know that I speak from the heart, and that's not a good thing sometimes. I'm just floating in a pool of confusion and heartache. Zid will get all of her books back and any other compensation that she wants as soon as I have an address to send them to. I apologize to her for the delay.
    Sociopaths forget things like that sometimes, apparently.

    Great!!!! Ok folks, we can all leave now. Nothing more to see here. BD best wishes for you and your family, especially your wife. She needs you now more than ever. Good luck. From your heathen Atheist friend, Whereami

  • Retrovirus

    This site has helped me so much; i really could have been in danger of drawing too close to the JWs.

    Ziddina, thank you for your kindness and insight.

    BrotherDan, your posts were the first things I read on this site, and I admired your openness and trust.

    Outlaw, your pics and comments worried me bit made me think.

    Please, friends, don't give those that say people are bitter and angry after leaving jws any more ammo.


  • ziddina


    More gasoline on the fire here...

    His comments about atheists - he blew the actions of atheists on this board somewhat out of proportion...

    And since I'm an atheist...

    I wasn't sure that he would respond, at all... So my cowardice caused a problem to begin with.

    As for my original complaint posted on this thread.... I felt something - "squishy" - some falsehood - in his actions as opposed to his words. My intent was to alert people that Bro Dan's word didn't quite mean what he said...

    Didn't mean for it to turn into a flame war... Just wanted people to be aware that he didn't do what he said he would do - send me reimbursement for the shipping costs...

    Also, as I mentioned above, there is a distinctive pattern to his posts... Another poster on this thread pointed it out on another "Bro Dan" thread, and I looked back at Bro Dan's earlier posts/threads and realized that there WAS a certain behavior pattern displayed... That poster had spotted it, and I'd missed it...

    Had I seen that pattern earlier, I would NEVER have sent Bro Dan my books...



    Your a Good guy..

    You have been since you got here..

    Re-read the Thread from where BD enters the thread..

    He refuses to take responsibility for anything he says..I`ve provided proof of that..So have others..

    Like it or not..That sort of behaviour will affect everything in your life..

    If BD does have a Mrs..He`s probably driven her nuts..LOL!!..

    That being said..

    Don`t get too emotionally invested in what happens on the Board..It`s not the real world..

    I`ve seen people drive themselves Crazy pretending it is..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • ziddina

    So, let's lay the hatchet to rest, here...

    I'm going to check my PMs to you, Bro Dan. If I find that I didn't send you my address, I will PM it again...

    But I have a question...

    If the books are still in the original packaging, why can't you use the return address on the mailing label???


  • garyneal

    Um, nevermind. I am late on this thread.

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