Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • Curtains

    brotherdan, please ignore this thread from now on .... please ...please

    rehashing things from months ago regarding brother dan is insane so stop it. People change ...especially here on JWN. I have lost count of the number of times brotherdan has apologised to Zid.


    But I have a question...

    If the books are still in the original packaging, why can't you use the return address on the mailing label???


    probably because they are still in the original packaging and brotherdan has not even looked at the stupid package yet. Remember he is dealing with an attempted suicide. Plus he is looking after his children.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Me: The Inquisitions were brought by lovers of Christ.
    BD: False. Lovers of Christ do not take physical judgement upon themselves.

    I was, of course, talking about in their opinion BD, not yours, or mine.

    But Jesus is the only way, truth, and the life. And that claim is bigger than any other claim in history.

    Most religious writings contain humanitarian principles that are valuable and can be cherry picked without going along with all the fundy/control asperations of the authors. Do yourself a favour and stop looking down on people who don't fall for the control stuff in your chosen book. Most of the people you see as attacking you, would be your friends if you would let them.



  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    the Bible shows Christianity to be EXTREMELY exclusive. It says that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. So if you don't accept Jesus, you don't have life. And that includes Ghandi. Is that my own opinion? I don't think so. If someone can point me to a part of the Bible that says that you can believe anything, but still show love and be saved, then I'd LOVE to see it.

    PSac posted one quote from Jesus himeself right in this very thread. Matthew 8:10-12 shows that non-Christians will have a place in the kingdom of the heavens according to Jesus Christ. His brother James also wrote in chapter 1, verse 27 that the form of worship that is acceptable to the Father is to look after orphans and widows and avoid corruption. Matthew 25:31-46 shows clearly that it isn't what you believe but how you treat others that is important. Feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, clothing to those in need, encouraging visits to those imprisoned, etc. are what makes one a true follower of Christ. In fact, I can't find anything Jesus said in the Bible that has anything to do with exclusivity or doctrine trumping good behavior. It just isn't there.

  • bohm

    MS: obviously those versus must be read in their context, because otherwise God would not seem like a pity fool with an attitude problem, and that kind of God is hard to believe in.

    Sometimes i feel like atheists invented religion to make fun of the bible...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Knew I forgot one. Romans 2:14-16.

    Brought up in another thread. Thanks for that one!

  • james_woods
    Like I said, she never contacted me about payment for the books. I have had a lot going on in my life. The books are still in the original box that they came in. They have not been used.
    But I have a question...
    If the books are still in the original packaging, why can't you use the return address on the mailing label???

    Nine pages of and four days of this. Isn't it about time to send the damn books back?

  • tec

    He IS sending the books back. He has said it more than once since he responded to this thread... just yesterday.

  • james_woods

    Then I am sure Zid will tell us when she gets them.

  • ziddina

    Well, oddly enough, Bro Dan has not yet RESPONDED to my question!!!

    Well, Brother DAn????

    DO you still have the original shipping label???? I taped my return address ONTO the SHIPPING LABEL... For that matter, I PM'd you my HOME PHONE NUMBER [face/palm slap] - are you unable to do a REVERSE NUMBER/ADDRESS LOOKUP?????????????

    As to his alleged "wife's suicide attempt"....

    If my hubby had attempted suicide, I certainly WOULDN'T waste my time on a few names that I might have been called on a board that I had previously - and very publicly - disowned and left....

    But instead, Bro Dan came ROARING in here on a "Crusade" to guard his "good name"... Wasting time here, when he SHOULD be focusing on his wife's "recovery".... And his continued employment... Supposedly he posts on here "during work hours" because he's afraid that his wife will snoop around and find out what he's been posting to, while at home...

    What, does he lack the ability to create a password-protected account on his home computer????

    fishy, fishy, fishy.....

  • zoiks

    This thread sucks.

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