Brotherdan seems like he really DID leave

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  • brotherdan

    Yes, your subway card will be included, Zid. Would you like me to send you a cookie too? How bout some brownies and a nice looking pen for your desk?

    You never contacted me about payment. You admited as much yourself. Bad things have happened and you were not even in my thoughts. I apologize.

    Your books will be in the mail as soon as I get your address. I do not have that anymore.

    In the future, just for your information, most people will "overreact" when you call them a sociopath and insult them and their families. You are really too old not to realize that by now.

  • ele_lux

    I didn't realize what was going on here after the first few posts... I'll run away now!

  • brotherdan

    You are right, Zid. Reading back over things you didn't say that you tried to contact me. I just assumed that is what you meant since you said I "double crossed" and "lied" to you.

  • laverite

    I know people are all over the place on this thread. It's a bit like a family argument where things blow up and get out of control. There seem to be some misunderstandings, and like in a family argument that gets out of control where feelings are hurt, we're not getting anywhere in clearing the air.

    But I really want to say something: I do not doubt for one single split second that Brother Dan has ever had any bad intentions whatsoever. Brother Dan is one of the most caring, honest and sincere people there are. His posts on this site have been very important to me and even when he left I reread many of them. I am interested in his perspective in his posts, and since he's not been here I have missed his thoughts on many topics. The way Brother Dan loves his wife and family is extremely admirable. If there's anyone on this planet with a good heart, it's Brother Dan.

  • Scott77

    Br. Dan,

    Iam surprised, unlike before, you have a lot of energy right now to respond to posts as many times as possible. Iam wondering, where did you got all that energy in the midst of your wife's trouble? Please,post back here again to confirm that Sister Zidi has got her books. All set.

    Thank you.


  • ziddina

    I'm pretty sure that you have my address in one of the earlier PMs I sent. I will double-check and PM it to you, if not.

    I still stand by my "sociopath" comment. This business with your wife - need I point out that YOUR behavior may have had something to do with this near-tragedy???

    Do I also need to point out that you are repeating the same pattern you displayed when you first came on-board?? A "crisis" arising nearly every day??? Something guaranteed to generate sympathy for you???

    I no longer take your words at face value. Your life has WAAAY too much "drama" in it... Either you're generating some of it, or exaggerating it.

    I no longer trust you. I no longer believe that all these 'rotten' things are happening to you - or that you are such an 'innocent little lamb' in the generation of such situations...

    You've displayed a thoroughly UN-CHRISTIAN behavior pattern. That is one thing that I CANNOT stand - HYPOCRISY!!

    If you really ARE a "Christian", then start ACTING LIKE ONE!!!


  • brotherdan

    Ah, my temper got the best of me today. Between Outlaw, Wasblind, and Zid, this hasn't been a good day. All of you know that I speak from the heart, and that's not a good thing sometimes. I'm just floating in a pool of confusion and heartache. Zid will get all of her books back and any other compensation that she wants as soon as I have an address to send them to. I apologize to her for the delay.

    Sociopaths forget things like that sometimes, apparently.


    (((Oh Mouthy)))..

    If BrotherDan would just be Truthfull..

    We wouldn`t have to make him be Truthfull..

    Satan is going to get him!..


    Make him Clean Toilets in Hell..

    Where everything is Baked on..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • poopsiecakes
  • laverite

    Zid, you wrote: "I still stand by my "sociopath" comment. This business with your wife - need I point out that YOUR behavior may have had something to do with this near-tragedy???" <---------- That is one of the meanest things I have ever read. I am speechless.

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