KM (Elder School) Brief Highlights

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Adding to Soldier77's comment- Crisis management, damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    They started seriously pushing elders to cease any even slight promotion of college around 2004-2005. The average elder probably did not prevent his child from getting college anyway. They just learned to never mention it in some way that could be viewed as promotion.

    They started seriously demonizing college and some may have felt that it was a double standard on the elders' parts. You had some elders fully supporting their kids in college and others not supporting but not stopping it, and even others who blocked their kids from going.

    Most of those elders are able to figure out how to tell their kids they can go to college but cannot say Mom and Dad are "putting them through college." They will protect their position. A few will use the "no college" rule as an excuse to step away from elder assignments, but here's where the "damned if you don't" comes into play.

    Better to lose a few men who don't know how to play the game or be good yes-men than to lose all the kids to college.

    It's a cult.

  • respectful_observer

    XBEHERE, SIAM, or anyone else that can clarify by their attendance at the KM School, my questions below?

    It was stated that:

    "...even to the point of listing for a series of questions that the other elders would ask if a child of an appointed man were to have children go to college. They did a total 180 on their "policy" and are 100% against higher education in any form"; and

    "There are 10 questions that elders were asked to write down to review an appointed man's qualifications. If your kid goes to college there is a likelihood that you will be removed."

    1. Could you post the 10 questions that the elders were asked to write down? I'm eager to see how they differ from the set of questions printed in the Elder book that are required to be asked of those who are newly appointed. I'm curious to know why they didn't want those particular questions put into print as being officially from the WTS.

    2. Was the message of being "100% against higher education in any form" more severe (or more specific) than the direction provided through the COs to elders via the letter about a year ago? My recollection was that the appointed man's qualifications may be called into question if his child attended a 4-year program away from home, or if the student's chosen 4-year major didn't have a direct connection to a specific job skill/trade. I would be interested to see if they've either:

    a.) added firm rules to these parameters, or

    b.) if they've issued further/new direction regarding ANY higher education, including 2-year programs, or attending a 4-year program while remaining at home.



  • stuckinamovement

    RO -

    " Pursue Divine Education"was the talk. Some key points are:

    Ask yourself the question, "am I secretly hoping to prove wrong the warnings that have been given regarding Higher education?"

    Am I trusting in Jesus words at Matt. 6:33? Manna was a not just a gift of food to the Israelites it was a lesson that God will take care of any need that we have. Higher education such as a college or university education has no value, it's expensive, and a sign of a lack of faith in Jehovah if you encourage your children to pursue. Look at Baruch's example and how he was seeking great things for himself. Printed Experience from a "brother" who went to college. He said, "I am incredibly sad that I wasted those years in college" College is a snake pit.

    If an appointed man's children attend college, or if he encourages higher education his qualifications would automatically be reviewed by the entire BOE using the following questions. It is likely that he would no longer qualify for the privilege of service.

    1. Does he show by his example that he is putting the Kingdom 1st?

    2. Does he teach his family to put the Kingdom 1st?

    3. Does he respect and obey what has been published by the FDS?

    4. Do his speech and conduct reveal that he is a spiritual person?

    5. How is this decision or attitude viewed by the congregation?

    6. Why is his child pursuing higher learning?

    7. Does his Family have theocratic goals?

    8. Does this pursuit of learning push out meetings and service?

    I am missing the last two questions.... does anyone else have them?

    One point that was made was that once a child goes to college that many of them if not most, stop being active witnesses. This has got the branch on the defensive. I couldn't believe how negatively higher education was portrayed.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    of course they stop being active! They start to think

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    For elders attending this year’s KM School, I have uploaded some images at my blog that should resonate in the minds of elders during the 1-hour session devoted to Watchtower’s blood taboo.

    My article is titled: Blood Processed Beyond “Those Primary Components”

    It is available online at:

    My blog has several articles that address aspects of Watchtower’s blood doctrine. I hope readers can make use of the information.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • stuckinamovement

    Other quotes notes from the school:

    "No time in history have we had so many problems in the congregations"

    "Keep your life simple" - "spiritual men enjoy a simple life" we have had good counsel to sell homes, limit expensive recreation, cut off television.

    "meeting attendance is an issue even within the body of appointed men"

    "How parents safeguard children from misuse of blood"- The printout was reviewed. One interesting comment was- parents if possible should choose good health insurance for their families. Some bloodless treatments are not covered by some policies. (is this contradictory or what? Simplify your life, don't get educated, but somehow make sure you get the most expensive health insurance?)

    Pornography is a plague even within the organization

    Strong counsel not to allow DF family members back into the home. Facebook association is the same as regular association and should not be used to circumvent the direction from the FDS.

    "The governing body knows that you as appointed men are under a lot of pressure"

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    SIAM - thanks for posting those questions. You know, they are really pretty subjective. When I think about the elders in my congo that currently have kids in college, I could see the BOE saying yes to pretty much everything. One in particular is very conservative with the exception of sending his kids to college. His son graduated a couple of years ago and is a MS. He has 2 daughters in school now.

    It sounds like they are going to be reviewing his "qualifications". Now, he may decide to step down as a result of this part. He's tried before for reasons that show him to be very conservative (tearful confessions over things that weren't that big of a deal). But, if he doesn't, I can tell you that this BOE will not remove him based on this. What happens when the CO comes may be a different thing but the current CO is an adult convert who I believe has a college education.

    I'll bet the application of this rule will be inconsistant.

  • stuckinamovement

    Doubting Bro,

    I agree that they are subjective questions. Generally after the KM schools there is a letter of review that comes to the BOE. The policy letter will give direction on how to consistently apply the direction given. It is not an automatic that you will be removed as an elder if your kid goes to college, but the review of qualifications will lean that direction. For example a review of an elders qualifications only happens when there has been wrongdoing, weakness, or a lapse in judgment as defined by the GB. The review is motivated by a negative event or action.

    Hope this helps


  • BluesBrother

    I wonder how they will translate the education rules this side of The Atlantic?

    Education here is compulsory to age 16 and if you want to Pioneer and clean windows or do any non skilled job, you can leave .....Many do.

    If you want to do anything better, then a voluntary State funded "6th Form College" provides an education to what is called "A Level" standard, for I believe two years ....Higher education to degree level is at Universities.

    So.....Do all the Witness youth have to leave and find work at 16? Is an A level viewed as Higher Education? - I bet loads of dub teenagers want to know.

    Something is wrong when the futures of all these people is being decided by a handful of men.

  • hamsterbait

    Stuck -

    An elders qualifications will only be reviewed in the case of wrongdoing if he has not managed to keep it quiet for at least three years.

    As for "lapses of judgment" doesnt just going along with all the policies count as a lapse in judgement.

    Any fool can see that if you take the advice of the Gibbering Buddies and your life goes tits up, they will say it is YOUR fault. "We didnt MAKE you take our advice."


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