KM (Elder School) Brief Highlights

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  • sir82
    Even without going to college, students today are exposed to the types of classes that are eye-opening for those reared with a very closed world-view.

    Next step: "Quit school after 8th grade and pioneer! Jehovah will provide!"

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I see a LOT of JW kids home schooling now. Thus, they avoid any possible worldly influences that might show them that they don't already know everything they need to know.

  • Fistandantilus

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    Same one, is your co black?

  • free @ last
    free @ last

    Great thread. bump bump

    The proof is in the pudding.... I went to college and then made a break for it.

    Those who don't go to college likely cannot support themselves so the have to stay behind stay dependant and swallow more 'spriritual' ba-ba baby food (at the right time of course).

  • average joe
    average joe

    Really wish someone had additional notes to share.

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