KM (Elder School) Brief Highlights

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  • Bangalore

    Thanks for sharing.


  • ziddina

    From "Stuck in a Movement's" notes:

    "Ask yourself the question, "am I secretly hoping to prove wrong the warnings that have been given regarding Higher education?" .... "...Manna...was a lesson that God will take care of any need that we have. Higher education such as a college or university education has no value, it's expensive, and a sign of a lack of faith in Jehovah if you encourage your children to pursue. .....

    "College is a snake pit."

    WTF???? Talk about still mentally being in the 1940's... "Snake Pit" - expression from a VERY old Olivia de Havilland movie...


    "Keep your life simple" - "spiritual men enjoy a simple life" we have had good counsel to sell homes, limit expensive recreation, cut off television. ..."

    In other words, "simplify your life and send all the money to us, the Watchtower Society...."


  • moshe

    All elders, imo, are a bunch of low-life turds for enforcing the WT no-blood transfusion dogma.-

  • pontoon

    Back some years ago in a elders meeting we were discussing all that new crap about transfusions, what was allowable and what was a conscience matter. Who was going to give that part on the service meeting. They wanted me to do it, maybe in part because I went through my own life-threating need a transfusion ordel, stayed faithful and survived. One brother made the comment that just because it was a conscience matter, it didn't mean whatever way you decided was OK. That would have to be stressed to the congregation. So I said if a fraction of blood is wrong, why doesn't the slave just say it is, just like they say whole blood or one of its major components is wrong? No real answers of course. I wouldn't do the talk, was already fading anyway. Even when I face the issue personally, I didn't quite get it, but I thought it must be me. Anyway I know better now.

  • DanaBug

    Dozy quoted

    w92 11/1pp.19-20 pars.16-17 Education With a Purpose So when parents and young Christians today, after carefully and prayerfully weighing the pros and cons, decide for or against postsecondary studies, others in the congregation should not criticize them. If Christian parents responsibly decide to provide their children with further education after high school, that is their prerogative.
    Policy 2011 So when parents and young Christians today , after carefully and prayerfully weighing the pros and cons , decide for or against postsecondary studies , others in the congregation should criticize them. If the father is an appointed man , the rest of the body will automatically have an elders meeting and after discussing ten questions from the Society will decide whether or not to delete the brother. If Christian parents irresponsibly decide to provide their children with further education after high school , that is not their prerogative and is against the societies instruction.

    What's interesting to me is if a r&f is considering this by researching publications, comes across this and thinks it's okay. But this other information, that their not privy to, says otherwise. But I don't know, have more recent mags said otherwise too?

  • Pistoff
    One interesting comment was- parents if possible should choose good health insurance for their families. Some bloodless treatments are not covered by some policies. (is this contradictory or what? Simplify your life, don't get educated, but somehow make sure you get the most expensive health insurance?)

    Wow. Of course, the GB doesn't need to worry about providing health insurance, the RANK AND FILE buy it for them.

    Buy good insurance; HOW? Don't have college, can't afford it.

    The WT is now thinking that FB is contributing to people 'communicating' with their df'd family. First, do they think that they aren't talking to them?

    Or are they afraid of others seeing proof of this igoring of the policy?

    It astounds me that the WB attacks FB for causing adultery and wild parties; we had lots of wild parties growning up as witnesses, no facebook to help us.

    They MISS the point over and over and over.

  • BluesBrother

    A thank you again to Ynot for the document.....You are a

  • sir82
    Married bro's and sisters have also committed adultery through facebook.

    Still trying to figure out the logisitics of that one.

    J/K I know what you mean.

    I know it shouldn't but it still amazes me just how clueless these guys are.

    Adultery has been committed by billions of people across multiple milenniums. If someone wants to cheat they are going to cheat, facebook or no facebook.

  • Hoping4Change

    (from the s-55-e)

    "This setting may not be the best time for parents to mention their strong faith in the resurrection, as this may convince the judge that they are unreasonable"

  • VM44

    "Higher education such as a college or university education has no value"

    The statement is wrong as many jobs REQUIRE a college degree.

    Statements against college are being made more and more often in talks given at conventions, assemblies, and KM schools, but...

    Has The Watchtower ever stated in print that a college education "has no value" at all?

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