KM (Elder School) Brief Highlights

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  • undercover

    baltar, you've got a good point...

    If you're an elder and looking to step down without raising the disgrunted flag or Jah forbid - the apostate thinking flag, just talk up the plans of sending your kids to college. Even if they're only 10 or so, you gotta start planning now if you wanna send them to a good school. Next thing you know, you're being asked a series of questions and amazingly enough, deemed unworthy of being a spiritual man in the congregation.

    Step one complete...

  • sir82
    Apparently there have been a number of kids that have received transfusions.

    Wasn't there a sort of unspoken "understanding" with the HLCs regarding kids & blood transfusions? Or am I hallucinating again?

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that the process of

    1) Doctors want to give blood transfusion to a kid

    2) HLC jumps in and says no

    3) Doctors get a court order

    4) HLC says "well it's out of our hands now"

    5) Doctors administer blood transfusion

    ....was sort of a charade - like the HLCs knew that this was going to happen all the time anyway, so they just kind of "postured" briefly on "no blood" then stepped out of the way so the kid would get the life-saving transfusion without delay.

    Does anybody else remember something like that?

    If that's the way it was, it sounds like maybe the GB is changing things?

    Now that 2 of the old guard of the GB have died in recent months, the number of votes needed for a 2/3 majority has changed.

    Will we see "new light", maybe even a reversal, on the blood fraction position?

  • miseryloveselders

    It makes sense though. I mentioned in another thread, if there was any question which way this org is going, the circuit assembly cleared that up for me. Now reading this, it all makes sense. Craziness. The only question I have regarding both the tones and themes of the Assembly and this KM School, is how much involvement did Jaracz and Splane have in the both. I don't know anybody on the GB, but I get the feeling Jaracz and Splane's spirit was really the influencing factors in both cases. This anti college thing is both fascinating and unnerving. There's some real serious self esteem issues going on in the WT.

  • snakeface

    I guess that means that if an elder's ADULT child goes to college, the elder has to kick him out of the house if he wants to remain an elder.

  • miseryloveselders

    Will we see "new light", maybe even a reversal, on the blood fraction position?

    I don't think its possible to do that. To do that would be legal suicide considering all who've died unnecesarrily in the past, and doctrinal suicide. The blood issue is too big of a doctrine to rescind. The floodgates would be on Noah status if that happens. The 2/3 shift is interesting though.

  • undercover
    Now that 2 of the old guard of the GB have died in recent months, the number of votes needed for a 2/3 majority has changed.

    So are all the young whipper-snappers that are now in all their glory moderates or hard-liners?

    Will they need to prove that they are righteous and unweilding in their authority or have they been biding their time till the old fucks died off so they can moderate things and rebuild the fanbase?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    SIAM - That's interesting regarding the trust in the fds talk. The tone of the WT study articles especially recently have been to "trust the slave" almost to the point that it's a weekly happening. Obviously, they are frustrated with the average JW and realize that they don't have the influence they once did.

    So, who should they blame? Themselves? Nah, it must be that those stupid local yokels low level managers are screwing up!! They obviously are materalistic and more concerned about their kids getting decent jobs than they are with following the "loving" counsel. What to do, what to do??? I know, let's berate them for half an hour towards the end of their special program.

    wow - I am glad I don't have to sit through that any longer! SIAM and xbehere you guys have my sympathy.

  • leavingwt

    Does anyone think the primary function of the HLC is make sure JWs take (whatever) blood is needed to keep them alive, as a legal precaution?

  • sherah

    OT - Are inserts now being used in place of handwritten notes in the margin?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    sir82 - your description is what I understood the HLC stance to be.

    MLE - I think sir82 was saying to reverse the fraction stance back to a complete ban.

    If that's the case, the younger guys are way more hardcore than the older ones.

    I still think we won't really know how much hardline the GB 2.0 will be until they appoint new members which I gotta believe is already in the works with them losing 2 this year.

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