KM (Elder School) Brief Highlights

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  • Hoffnung

    No education = higher unemployment rate = more time to preach = more pioneers +

    less educated people = easier to indoctrinate +

    unemployed or poorly paid people = less hope of improving their own circumstances = more desire for the paradise to come (you will wait forever, by the way)

    Got the picture?

    If you are into controlling people: Higher education = a big nono

    the GB got it all right, but of course it is not in the rank & Files interest.

    If you don't want to become poor, hopeless and indoctrinated, it is time to start your fading program 2.0


  • Hairyhegoat

    Get me a bucket I'm going to throw up.! What a bunch of self serving pigs the BETHEL are. Self oppinionated asholes who speak for nobodby.

    If you are still in and a elder or miserable serpent then you are dummer than dum to go along with this latest goat shit ! Get a backbone and a voice of your own and speak up at these meetings !!! Tell them this is all false and you want a time to investigate what they are saying and you will decide what's best for your own congregations on a local level, and also keep all donations from your own hall to use as you see fit for the congregation that donated it in the first place !! No more money sent to Crooklyn, this will piss them off. Better still go on strike till you find out the next step as you go forward without central control....


  • yknot

    You know it sure sounds like a lot of CO outline and assembly rehashing......but served up with revved up intensity!

    I hear that blood was an hour long talk and this 'handout' the s-55-e was given to all elders.

    A kind ""Conscious Class JW"" has apparently swiped and scanned a copy of this handout for public knowledge.....and email a copy and sendspace link!

    Thanks guys for sharing!

    By not allowing 'mother' to hide things yall really do a great service in helping active JWs and 'interested ones' deeper discern the Org!

  • wannabefree

    Thats interesting, but isn't that also considered copyrighted, I only ask for the sake of this website not getting in trouble.

  • bobld

    It that not what brutal dictators do is get rid of the educated & elite.


  • bobld

    Those clowns running the show and the jokers that follow.How can an elder get on the platform who has a big house good education and job.Goes an vacations say to the people sell your house quit your job go pioneer.The end is so close the end is near.They said this same shit for 100 years.Why should I listen to such nonsense.What quit my job and work when Iam 70 years old with a bad back poor heath just to put food on the table.They want todays kids doing the same thing.Look the end is not here or near never was and will not be here.So what if it comes tomorrow I will not slave for some peanut heads in NY.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you Yknot and the 'kind Conscious Class JW' for the 'HOW PARENTS CAN PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN FROM MISUSE OF BLOOD' handout. It apparently is not intended the the R & F. Made a copy for my files.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    undercover - I was at the MS training. They said that some friends think that they can have fb friends who are disfellowshipped (family and otherwise) That makes it a danger. They also mentioned that some parties have gottten "out of control" there was fornication and worldly people, including children of servants. "An investigation" (creepy now that I am conscious) revealed that everyone who attended the party found out about it through the fb network. Married bro's and sisters have also committed adultery through facebook.

    These are the examples I heard as to why fb is the devil's device.

  • Balsam

    It is that same concentration on corrupting the children that lead to my husband allowing our son to died at 15 when he needed a blood transfusion. Dak at the accident told the parametics no blood transfusions. What complete idiots we were to believe the WTS about blood being wrong to take in if it meant saving a life. I hope the GB suffer violent deaths they so deserve it as far as I'm concerned. It's been 9 years and still they are targeting the JW children.


  • dozy

    Regarding the WTBTS crackdown on higher education , the crackdown started a couple of years ago:

    We have a couple of elders / ms who have children at university - I think that the elders have given them a degree of slack but maybe this will be the final straw & they will be removed. It is a shame as they are decent guys.

    Quite astonishing how things have turned around since the early 90's

    w92 11/1pp.19-20 pars.16-17 Education With a Purpose So when parents and young Christians today, after carefully and prayerfully weighing the pros and cons, decide for or against postsecondary studies, others in the congregation should not criticize them. If Christian parents responsibly decide to provide their children with further education after high school, that is their prerogative.

    Policy 2011 So when parents and young Christians today , after carefully and prayerfully weighing the pros and cons , decide for or against postsecondary studies , others in the congregation should criticize them. If the father is an appointed man , the rest of the body will automatically have an elders meeting and after discussing ten questions from the Society will decide whether or not to delete the brother. If Christian parents irresponsibly decide to provide their children with further education after high school , that is not their prerogative and is against the societies instruction.

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