Disrespect of the Bible

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  • JustHuman14

    I understand why some become agnostic. Personally I'm a Christian but hold a lot of doubts in several stories of the Old Testament. But I take in my life the Teachings of Jesus that do have a universal message for all: Love...

    Regarding disrespect of the Bible I would say that no matter how we feel for religion we should respect what others believe as "Holy", either is Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Budhism, since for another person what we considered as stupid he might consider it as logic.

    You can't just sit and argue with everyone on this plannet regarding faith and religion and if the religion that someone might believe is true or false. Just accept what they believe, and as indivituals we have our own mind regarding faith.

    Personally I wouldnt' waste a minute trying to pesruade someone for religion...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Well i certainly didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    I left when i realized i no longer wanted to obey the bible, to be a christian, that i was ''too weak'' to be a christian.

    I defended the bible and the JWs for the next 12 years anyway.

    My respect for the bible began to fail when i started using my so called ''god given brain'' to do what it was intended to do: THINK.

    Over those 12 years i learned that in fact, there was nothing wrong with me at all! That the problem was that christianity tried to force me into a box. When i abandoned the notion that i was a 'sinner' in need of salvation, WOW! what contentment settled on me. The bible to me, is simply another so called 'holy book' designed to keep the masses down.

    There is no true hope contained in the bible, only fairy tales that grown men and women want to believe.

    And if it was all 100% true AND the JWs were right, I still would NOT be with them or follow IT.

    Thats my opinion anyway!

  • wobble

    I would not argue with anyone's beliefs, but for two reasons:

    1) If that person tries to convince me theirs is correct, and I should join.

    2) If the belief held is harmful to the person or others, for example I will argue with a radicalised Muslim who believes that terrorism is the way to go.

    I will argue with the Jehovah's Witness who is willing to cause the death of himself or family members by not accepting a blood based therapy.

    I agree that we should show due respect for what people hold dear, even if what they believe is very very silly.

    But due respect is not the same as saying that their particular holy book, or their particular belief, should affect me, even in the area of free speech.

    The respect due to others beliefs and holy books is not large.

  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    BrotherDan, you have a PM.

  • tec

    I believe the bible is made up of histories, genealogies, parables, poetry and inspired scripture. The pages within the bible teach about God, and from the point of view of the Israelites. Whether or not a story is literal or symbolic, the lesson/message is the same, so arguing about literal/symbolic derails us from the actual point.

    I love the bible, and the passages within it give me comfort and peace. But I look at the bible through the eyes Jesus gave me. I examine every scripture and every story from the example that he set and gave us to follow.

    Brotherdan, I understand and sometimes feel your frustration. Why can't they see what I see? is a question I often ask myself. Well, I don't have an answer for that. I can only share my perspective. What people do with it -if they do anything at all - is up to them.


  • free2beme

    As part of an exit, you need to look at everything and question it. I have been out for over a decade, and I have looked in to many faiths. Now, perhaps it can be said, I corrupted my mind. As I researched the Bible and looked at the history and how it really was put together and written. Also, I came to many personal conclusions about how faith comes about. In that, we have most of our faith from fear, what our parents taught us and personal need and weakness. As I looked at both, I soon realized I was looking at a book that had a lot of obvious wrongs, problems and not what people said. Yes, it gives some good advice, but most are good advice concepts found in many religions and cultures. Things that simple made sense to say and thus, with Christianity or without, many cultures came to the same conclusion.

    So, what about the rest, what about the problems with the comments of violence, hatred, and jealously of the god mentioned? What about the idea that the Old Testiment God, it not the same as the New Testiment God. What about the complete and utter nonesense of the orginal sin and allowing thousands of years of pain to exist for a simple act of a man and woman in a garden of Eden. When I looked at all this, I realized that the value of this book dropped to some where at the level of a history book. Yes, it has some good sentences in there, but more then anything it had some history of a part of the world.

    Now, it does show a believe in a spirit realm, which I think is real. It does have concepts of Karma, which I do agree with. As for dying for it, quoting it like law, or making it out to be the most important book of man. Um, just not there. Although, I would never agree with destroying it, or ignoring its place in history. As it deserves to be studied and remembered. I just hope in time, that the human race moves beyond it's mentally binding concepts of closed minded behavior and people come out of this age of ignorance. Mankind needs to grow to another level of thinking and existence. Which, if read, has a link to what I think 2012 might bring.

  • undercover
    However, guys...there is truth out there. Everything is not a strange mystery that no one will understand. It takes more faith to believe in something like evolution than it does to have faith in the Bible.

    I was going to ask for some verification of this 'truth' that you speak of, but then the lyrics of a song popped in my head:

    Don’t ever buy nothing from a man named Truth.
    Don’t ever buy nothing from a man named Truth.
    I’ll tell you right now that it ain’t no use.
    Don’t ever buy nothing from a man named Truth.

    I know...the song is about drugs. But then again, for many religion is drug that keeps them focused on an imaginary existance instead of focusing on real life... you know, kinda like drug addicts

  • brotherdan

    I understand what both sides are saying on the issue. But I want to clarify one thing.

    What is holy? What should be respected? One of the commenters stated that something "holy" is something that is set apart for a special purpose. I agree with that. I believe that there are many things that people think are holy. I don't trample on any of these. I would not spit on a Qur'an just as I would not spit on a bible. Do I believe that the Qur'an is inspired? No. But others view it as holy and I respect other people. For years as a Witness I never believed that Jesus died on a cross (which by the way, I now do). But even so, it was viewed as "holy" by others, so I would not disrespect it.

    But it seems to be a theme of some that when they leave the organization, the gloves come off. Anything and everything is fair game. They are so blinded by their anger that some go beyond what they did as JWs and become even more judgemental of others. Please don't think I'm generalizing all atheists, agnostics, or other faiths. I'm just noticing a trend.

    In fact, I can turn this on Christians as well. Sometimes the emerging church, or even mainstream Christianity tend to humanize things that should be or are viewed as "holy". I gave the example of the "Jesus Rocks" or "Got Christ" or "His pain our gain" signs or shirts. Another example is the use of the cross in secular or humerous settings. This is the post modernist use of things that are viewed by others as "holy".

    Can't we all have respect for each other. Leave the JW attitude behind. Both sides think the other side is ignorant. It's a problem with both creationists and evolutionists. It's time we stop trying to convert each other. It's not working. If we are chosen we are chosen. If someone wants to hear about Christ, we tell them. If someone wants to learn about evolution, we tell them. That's it.

    I'm tired of all the back and forth disrespect that goes on. Anyone reading through this post would be able to recognize it. Maybe I'm guilty of it too. It's something I can work on as well.

  • leavingwt

    Do you eat beef and pork?

  • brotherdan

    Nope. I'm a vegetarian.

    ...actually thats a lie. But I would not do so in front of someone that viewed these things as holy. In your own home say whatever you want about God and anything else viewed by others as holy. But we need to respect each other.

    Do I have the right to eat beef or pork in front of a Muslim or Jew? Yes. But should I? Does it make it right? Of course not. This is a basic bible teaching to respect the consciences of others.

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