Biggest Harm Caused by Watchtower in AllTimeJeff Eyes.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Really? "Slobs"? "Name-calling" is another fallacy.

    I was never called a "slob" in the decade+ that I served in Bethel. My manners, dress, and grooming were exemplary. Although my work area was usually cluttered because of the volume of work I handled, my residence room was always clean and orderly. My car was always clean. I always helped with Hall cleaning and lawn care. My housekeepers, table-head, home overseer, and work overseer never, ever called me a "slob".

  • huxley2.0

    "Hmm...Everlasting life vs. apostafests. See? There is nothing to compare. "

    Good point, they do not compare... apostafests have actually happened.

  • TD


    It is hard to see so many people on here holding witnesses to an extroadinarily unrealistic degree of perfection they do not require from any other religion or organisation or even themselves and their family.

    I was at a meeting once with my JW wife where the speaker was railing against marrying an "unbeliever." He declared that "Kissing an unbeliever is the same as kissing a dead corpse --And who would want to do that? (shudder)."

    I agree that the level of scrutiny aimed at JW's on the internet is intense to the point of being unfair at times, but that is a direct result of the judgementalism and smug superiority inherent in JW teacings.

  • elderelite

    I was never called a "slob" in the decade+ that I served in Bethel

    I wish I could say that...

  • exwhyzee

    The biggest harm in my life was when my unbelieving father listened to the JW advice about Blood transfusions and died a few months short of his retirement. 3 years later blood fractions were allowed which might have saved him. He had studied for years and the only thing he knew about blood transfusions was from the Witnesses so he signed the paperwork after being reassured that his surgery in no way would need blood. It was a routine surgery but during recovery they discovered he was still bleeding. His blood count was too low to go back in and correct the problem with out bringing his blood count up first. He wasn't alert enough to authorize blood so he layed there and bled to death. All the Witnesses I knew said he'd be in the resurrection because he died doing Jehovah's will. This was a switch...because since childhood, we were told that our father would probably die at Armegeddon because he had come to an accurate knowledge but didn't get baptized. (as if they are the last word on what God will or will not do !) I wish I had insisted...demanded that they give him blood, straight out of my arm if necessary. One of his nurses turned out to be a Witness...she was puzzled why a non Witness would take this risk when he didn't have to. He was brainwashed....that's why !

    Thanks for Everything Watchtower !

    There are real people,living their lives around,and dying by, the information you are purveying. Come down out of your Institution and it's altered state of reality and see what damage your errors have caused the ordinary people who were simply trying to learn about God but got caught up in your delusion. Instead you turn a deaf ear toward anyone who dares to complain. You continually look for new recruits while you've got scores of your own members dying on the vine for want of a forum to voice their concerns without fear of punishment. All that's left for them if they survive, is to stick with it because they have nothing else or leave and pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and go on as best they can.

  • agonus


    The Organization cannot offer everlasting life. You know it, I know it, and they know it. Time to dust off your WTLIB CD.

  • Scott77
    If you had not been afraid to read, you might could have found your way out sooner...

    That is correct. But then, I was tought to believe that all non-JW publications were under satan. Like here at JWN, the WTS views these very helpful infomation as apostate ones which we should not have anything to do with. I only got the courage to read them after being so much mistreated and viewed as an outsider,someone not to be loved. Members were warned to be careful of me. Yet, ironically, I would be given previleges in the congregation, eg, giving talks, preaching in field services, leading prayer, volunteering at Assemblies and even attending MS meeings. The level of hypocrisy was appealing. My experiences tells me there is a picking order within the JW religion system. Its not written but you cannot fail to discern it. Some folks apparently are more important than others.

  • ziddina

    "While acknowledging the results, often the illustration used is akin to "but why polish the brass on a sinking ship?" It often seems that JW's try to ease their own conscience by stating that proclaiming the Kingdom to others is the ultimate good. But to use Debator's point - the starving child in Africa cannot eat a tract, or drink a WT..."

    EXCELLENT point, Paulapolios!!! Very well-stated; I've often thought the same thing but could not state it as concisely as you have...


  • ziddina

    "Leaving the cleanup work to God is a copout and I have little respect for groups like the WT who endorse such social laziness..." [!!!]

    DAMN straight, Mad Sweeney!!!

    (I am picking up SO many good responses to that blasted, idiotic "sit on yer hands and do nothing, 'cause "gawd" is gonna take care of it all" attitude of the JWs... That attitude irked me SO MUCH when I was a JW!)


  • Paulapollos

    Thanks Zid

    You know, according to the WT logic, it might be considered "pointless" to resurrect people who will only die again, to heal sick people who will only get sick again. It seems "pointless" to feed the hungry, to provide clean water for the thirsty, and clothe the naked, when they will only need food again, want a drink again, and need fresh clothes again. It seems a waste of vital energy if we spend time on improving social and educational conditions for the poor and the disadvantaged, if not proclaiming the kingdom.

    So if, according to a twisted kind of logic, strictly humanitarian drives are "pointless", then there was an abnornal man, 2000 years ago, who seemed to do all that "pointless" stuff, AND proclaimed the "good news." For JW's, there is a little question there - why not do what this strange carpenter in Judea did, about 2000 years ago - don't just promise "jam tomorrow". Do something about delivering some jam today.


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