Biggest Harm Caused by Watchtower in AllTimeJeff Eyes.

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  • undercover
    I was entraped within the Jehovah's Witnesses religion and was literary afraid to leave it...

    If you had not been afraid to read, you might could have found your way out sooner...

  • dinah

    Good one, Undercover.


    It's the fact we all as witnesses are poor and give in "blood and treasure" from the anointed to the publishers.....Debator/Reniaa


    A Jehovah`s Witness is supposed to be a Publisher..

    You give to yourselves,from the Anointed?..LOL!!

    Not even the Anointed question the WBT$ without Consequenses..

    The Annointed do as they are told by the WBT$..


    You have`nt got any smarter since you arrived with your new name..

    Same old Reniaa..

    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Here's the thing with debator - and I apologize if we're getting too far OT. Debator knows that coming here is a violation of direction given by the Governing Body and those taking the lead in whom the Bible specifically states that he must be obedient to. So already in his mind he has admitted that the direction given by his religion is not correct. At least not all of it - or else he wouldn't be here, period. However - he takes the liberty of deciding just exactly which parts of his religion are not ok, and which parts are ok.

    His selected username actually flies in the face of recent direction about not getting into debates with those of varying religious views. So in essence, this is someone who has rebelled from official direction given by the leaders who currently claim to be God's channel of communication to humanity. So for breaking away from the strings, even if only partially, Debator is on a path that will lead him to see that everything is no longer black and white like his world view.

    However for the record, he should be willing to acknowledge that this view of 'helping the deaf' as some kind of official charitable act sanctioned through the WT org - it is just not true. He is somewhat respectful in his tone, but I think he will earn the most respect from posters and from his own very self, if he admits what he said was incorrect and offers to retract it. One thing for sure - his view of the org's charitable acts is not what the watchtower would even claim themself. Paulapollos has made that very clear. If he wanted to talk about a very small actual charity that is associated with the Watchtower he should have mentioned the WT's charitable entity AideAfrique in France. However once one investigates that charity, which is a good one - albeit unknown to most Witnesses outside of Europe - it leads down another interesting path of information which I'll save for another post.

    For now, though, I'll conclude that the very fact that debator is even here, anonymously of course - as he should be, means that he knows it's ok to disagree with major and specific direction given to him via means of God's supposed channel. While he still holds to other direction given by God's supposed channel before long he'll be open to the idea that even those things that he holds as true now, may not be absolute - just as it isn't absolute for him not to get caught up in debates - specifically on known aposate internet sites. And for that, Debator, we thank you.

  • serenitynow!

    "I will try and defend witnesses against clearly biased and wildly exagerated statements of untruths about them especially like on this one where many tried and say they do not do charitable works."

    Do they have a track record of charitable works? I don't mean preaching, or helping the neighbors of JWs rebuild after a disaster. I mean actually giving a crap about the community- soup kitchens, homeless shelters, something? How about sponsoring some sort of program for addiction? That is a problem even with JWs. Given the amount of money the WT has, and the free labour they benefit from, they can do someting to help those in need. You can't feed your family on WT & Awake magazines.

  • Paulapollos


    I'm sorry you felt ridiculed by what I said, and reading my post, I can see how you might have felt that - but rest assured, that was not my deliberate intention. I simply felt it was important to set the record straight, since we are discussing the idea of JW's and charitable acts. Let me apologise for any offence I may have caused you.

    For the record, I happen to admire the fact that you do post and respond to people regarding these and many other matters. To use the famous quote from the Friends of Voltaire - "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.".

    Good health to you, my friend


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hi Billy
    Do you except the limitations of 3 score years and ten with this new future of yours? and the limitation of men doing both good and bad around you that you cannot stop?


    Q) How can someone fit so much fallacy in such a short post?
    A) By reading Watchtower Corporation publications.

    The red herring you present is easy to point out. Rather than addressing the false prophecies of Watchtower that have mislead JWs, you divert with the suggestion that I'll be destroyed forever... very soon now, and that I'm helpless to fix the world's problems. Actually, every believing JW has a "3 score and ten" lifespan, maybe an extra score if they're lucky. Brooklyn isn't sending out any magic pills that stop death amongst dubs. Come on, the Governing Body can't even cure male pattern baldness or aging, just look at their group picture. And as far as men doing both good and bad that I can't stop, I was an elder, I've lived with that already. There are plenty of out of control men right in the congregations that Jehovah just can't seem to stop.

    I would have completely ignored your post, but I found it to be an interesting example of "appeal to consequences". The idea that I will die forever at 70 and be surrounded by evil that I cannot stop if I leave Watchtower, is exactly like telling a child that they won't get presents or enjoy Christmas if they don't believe in Santa. Fallacy. Plenty of kids that don't believe in Santa get presents, and plenty of kids that do believe in Santa get crappy presents or none at all because that's what their family can or can't afford. The gifts or lack of gifts don't prove the existance of Santa either way. Sorry debator, the fact is that Santa doesn't exist and Watchtower isn't teaching truth.

    In a direct answer to your post, I have accepted by limitations and am working to make the most of my potential. I've moved on from the make-believe world of Watchtower where I wasted too many years of my youth.

    Debator, have you accepted the limitations of those men in New York that regularly redefine "generation" to contradict their previous teachings? Do you realize that these men say that you will be punished with destruction at Armageddon for associating with "apostates"?

  • StAnn

    Debator/Reniaa, how is your son doing? He's developmentally disabled, isn't he? I hope he's doing okay.

    St. Ann

  • BANE

    Debator, Sorry these slobs are ganging up on you. But that is really what apostates do. I have whipped them for weeks now. You are holding your own and doing great. Keep up the good work. Apostates promise all this freedom but do not deliver. Hmm...Everlasting life vs. apostafests. See? There is nothing to compare.

    They are slowly losing. The end is very near now. It doesn´t matter if I am 90 in this system of things, I don´t serve Jehovah for a date as others do. I made a comfortable life and still find time to pioneer.

  • Paulapollos


    no, you are correct. It seems you do not serve Jehovah for a date - rather you serve Jehovah for everlasting life.

    "Hmm...Everlasting life vs. apostafests. See? There is nothing to compare. "


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