Biggest Harm Caused by Watchtower in AllTimeJeff Eyes.

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  • ziddina

    MMMM!!! "Just N From Bethel"... I LIKE you!!! W ELCOME to the board, and please don't be a stranger...

    Huxley 2.0 ...: " "Hmm...Everlasting life vs. apostafests. See? There is nothing to compare. " Good point, they do not compare... apostafests have actually happened..."

    GOOD ONE!!!

  • ziddina

    Excellent points, Mad Sweeney...!!!

    And something you said set me to thinking about that period of time that supposedly will happen 'after' the "Thousand-Year-Reign" of Christ...

    "You know, according to the WT logic, it might be considered "pointless" to resurrect people who will only die again, to heal sick people who will only get sick again. It seems "pointless" to feed the hungry, to provide clean water for the thirsty, and clothe the naked, when they will only need food again, want a drink again, and need fresh clothes again..."

    I'm not sure if this is the point you were making, but - again, using the WT logic as the Gov.Bod applies it to the world today...

    Why bother resurrecting all those non-believing people after "Armageddon", since so many of them will only be killed again?

    Sure, 'some' will - maybe - supposedly 'convert'... But if they weren't interested the first time, then they probably won't be interested the second time, either...

    I guess the WTBTS expects many to convert based upon the "paradisaic conditions"...

    But - isn't that the same thing as a BRIBE?? Generating "rice Christians"...??

  • exwhyzee

    Debator, Paulapallous, Bane, and Alice,

    Do any JW's you know, or your family members know that you are a regular on this Board ?

    If you are unable to admit to them, that you visit this site, it must be because you know it is dissaproved by them and the orgainization you are trying to defend. If you were to tell them about visiting this site, you would be advised to stop. If you continued anyway, you would be disiplined and would be considered "one of us" in their eyes. No matter how delued you are about your reasons for visiting here, surely you must know that to them, being here is hugely disloyal to Jehovah your fellow Witnesses. Either you missed all the articles and talks everyone else read and heard on this subject....or on some level you are trying to break free in your own passive agressive manner. Your comments truly help reinforce my reasons for leaving the Org. I shudder to think that I too used to think like you and actually used to believe it.

    Have you ever had a huge crush on someone when you were younger, and then years see that person and wondered to yourself "what did I ever see in him/her...what was I thinking ??" To me thats how I feel about the Org. and your comments make me realize how deluded I was .

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    XYZ - I don't think Paulapollos is in the same category as the others. For that matter I don't even think debator is in the same category as Alice and Bane. While I don't care about Bane or Alice since their posts come straight form the loony bin, debator on the other hand seems to have a certain sincerity in his posts. Thus a few posts up, I mentioned something similar to your concern - pointing out that debator's very posts here fly in the face of JW counsel. Interestingly, he has not come back here since I pointed this out. Hope he does though, cause I'm interested in his response.

  • Scott77

    I think, Paulapollos is a bird our kind that fly with us in the same flock. Debator has lived up to her screen name to the best of my understanding. However, there is some concern as to his/ her identity because we have almost similar poster before in the name of Ranniaa. whichever the case, this poster has the unsual ability to stir up issues that are almost pro-Watchtower in every respect. In doing so, many of us question her sincerity in the face of watchtower total ban of its members from visiting the likes of this site. Anyway, that is a strange and intriqueing part of humanity.


  • debator

    Hi just in from bethel

    Is this an offical apostate site then? My understanding is that it is a site for witnesses to debate. As witnessese are warned about internet usage as we are warned on Television and other easily abused entertainment and social outlets but it is more of a self-regulating issue, personal conscience in fact.

    I post on here mainly for people who are witnesses rather than ones who have left the witnesses and have a lot of bitterness for what they once formerly loved.

    I give out no personal details and seek no personal details or contact. I just answer with clear points on any given topic in support of the witnesses which I find the most biblically sound religion at this time.

    Hi Billy

    I do not accept your judgement that my question was a fallacy. Your read it as just an appeal to consequences but it covers a lot more.

    Do you accept that in rejecting God you are limiting your situation to one where God cannot be seen as a option for belief or answers?

    Without God we are limited to a lifetime of existence within the limitation of a current society and limited knowledge that that culture can find.

    Limited lifespan and ultimately death without answers for more than this, is something all atheists have to accept.

    Believing in God offers not just hope for more but hope for answers that reach beyond this finality. Good and bad is a concept only humans deal with. Animals living instinctively, living for survival do what they are programmed to do.

    You are the one using fallacies now. Santa's evident lack of existence proves nothing beyond it's own researcheable fictional context. But Jehovah's witnesses use of the Bible can be measured against the bible as any Christian faith is.

    Do you think the bible is fictional now as well as the existence of a God with answers?

    Billy I accept that Bible prophecy understanding/decerment is a fluid medium that awaits fulfillment for full disclosure and so is a dubious area to fault-find witnesses on since the alternative is to deny Jesus's command and ignore these prophecies and not "look" for them.

    Hi TD

    The Bible itself warns against being unevenly yoked with unbelievers. This guy was being unusually vitriolic in your experience and not something I have ever heard at meetings where the talks tend to be very concerned for the consequences if people do this for their own protection. IT is a general principle not just covering marriage to unbelievers.

    2 Corinthians 6:14
    Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.

    Do you think ther bible is wrong in this stated principle?

    Judgementalism works many ways. We are told to "Test the spirit" of the Gospel we are taught. Jehovah witnesses have the confidence that any people who think they are God's people following his word correctly have. this is not a sin but a reality of belief in Jehovah. I find them sincere and earnest in this, not smug or superior. In fact quite the contrary I find witnesses very humble in faith and works thatprogress to salvation as apposed to the assumption of salvation taught by others.

    Hi madsweeney

    I totally disagree with you. I think witnesses teach a level of personal awareness of accountability that go beyond Rich nation charities offering handouts to poorer people and nations. These do great good in the immediate needs of the poor but do little to answer their longterm needs as a people to become less poor and get out of the poverty trap. Man can't offer answers for this only Jehovah can. Hense why Apostles helped the poor and sick but preached the kingdom for peoples actual salvation.

  • Paulapollos


    Actually, I'm not a Witness any longer. So...I'm not sure whether my friends and family are particularly concerned about whether I post. The obvious answer

    Erm, not sure what you feel I have written is a "defence" of the WT. But feel free to enlighten me.

    Warm love to you and yours


  • exwhyzee

    My apologies paulapollos, I included you by mistake.

  • Paulapollos

    No problem my friend

    the point you make is a good one, and I have yet to see a reply from those you addressed


  • Gayle

    from debator: I post on here mainly for people who are witnesses

    since I am not a JW for a long time, I will no longer read posts from 'debator' and other JWs that make comments here for JWs. Debator and a couple others are just arguers here, with hijacker's spirit, antagonizers and are hypocrites even to their own religion that they are coming here at all and are insincere and I have no use for such kind of people. If one is a JW or not, to argue, one loses their point. If anyone wants to listen to a JW, they know where the KH is.

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