Biggest Harm Caused by Watchtower in AllTimeJeff Eyes.

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  • debator

    Hi JnfB

    My motivations are my own as clearly are yours (as someone who say they area current witness and elder on here). I use the bible in line with our teachers of the bible for my answers and if I do it badly I apologise. I would hope that many on here especially non-Jws are willing to goto our main website for better information than just my limited points or the heavily biased post of some off here against witnesses.

    I think it helps that a good lot show they have rejected God and the bible as well as witnesses and People can see their arguments are more against a belief in Jehovah and his word and secondary against witnesses who follow Jehovah.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Man I really didn't think this was Reniaa at first - now I think I've been had - I'm such a newbie - hook, line, and sinker - sheeze.

    Next time I get caught up in discussion with her will somebody please come hit me on the head with a tack hammer?!!!



    You have had it pointed out to you..On more than one occasion..

    Most here have no problem with individual JW`s..

    They have a Problem with the WBT$ Rules you don`t follow..But..

    Expect everyone else to..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • wobble


    Why should we accept God and the Bible ?

  • elderelite

    at this point I cant help but believe that Debator has taken over as Bane's spot as number one troll. Not your fault Just In... I was getting caught up as well.

  • TD


    Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. Do you think ther bible is wrong in this stated principle?

    It's not a question of whether the principle as right or wrong as I suspect you well know.

    It's a question of applicability. The contrasts between, 'Christ' vs 'Belial'; 'Light' vs 'Darkness'; 'Righteousness' vs 'Unrighteousness' and 'The Temple' vs 'Idols' are self explanatory

    Drawing finer distinctions than that only makes the case of judgemetalism for me.

  • BANE

    Yeah ElderElite, ANYONE that beats you guys with the Bible MUST be a troll right?

    Lord have mercy...Armaggeddon is coming! Wake the heck up! Look around you! This is just a small video that explains it.

    Stop being ignorant complainers! Some being idiot apostates!!!

  • elderelite

    LOL just like a troll... I said his name and he appeared!

    (look a pic of bane)

  • BANE

    Elderelite, You are supposed to be some kind of Elder. You shouldn´t mock your brothers. In fact if you really are an Elder how do you find the time to be here? IF you are loaded down as you say?

  • elderelite

    I have also figured out, beyond doubt, that Debator and bane are the same person.

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