Questions for BANE, SCHOLAR, and All Jehovah's Witnesses!

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    Just in case I am banned where are the other apostate sites you guys go to?.....Bane

    This is probably the safest site for you..

    We don`t have any rules prohibiting stupid people,from voicing their opinion..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    I tried to post the youtube videos for the Twilight Zone episode of "Four O'Clock", can't get it to work but the links below work. The episode is in three parts:!v=zVeNqwIEC9s&feature=related!v=Wget8cvXcjs&feature=related

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    The IMDB gave up, I am sure you guys will too. You cannot defeat the scriptures nor Jehovah´s holy spirit.
    and what is IMDB??

    IMDB is the Idiot Moron Dumbass Board. Hope that helped.

    Think About It

  • moshe

    A good question for JW's is a simple one, "Are you happy?", "Do you always understand what the WT tells you?", " Have you ever been afraid to ask a question?" "Why are there no quick-build JW soup kitchens, homeless shelters or other JW run charity like others have?" " Could a JW go to a JW charity or shelter for help?- or would he need to turn to a non-JW charity for his needs?" "Is it right for the WT to layoff thousands of Bethelites who have given their most productive years to the WT Org?"

  • FacePalm

    Bane, no offense, but you may be in serious need of mental help. You seen extremely deluded, your posts are incredibly offensive, it is no wonder people choose to ignore you and your vulgarity. I have trouble believing you are an active witness as you frequent a board that YOU BELIEVE is an apostate board, regardless of what the board calls itself. YOU KNOW BETTER, no? So why keep frequenting? also stop attacking people simply for disagreeing with you, this is by definition a bigot. If you have a point of view different from others, no1 is objecting to you posting feel free to go right ahead, but dont expect immunity from being called on your bullshit, and dont use broad strokes to label all people that disagree with you demeaning names, doing so will and did result in people taking offense and defending themselves. Your posts have been amusing, you give positive re-enforcement to those that are not sure if they should leave the org, its just great, thanks!

  • ziddina

    Per Bane: "I don´t want to be banned because it´s a great way to count time..."

    And: "I give high regard to the Elders ..."

    SURE you do, Bane... SURE you do...

    If you REALLY gave "high regard to the Elders", you'd be perfectly frank and honest with them, telling them EXACTLY where - and how - you were spending your "time"...

    I look forward to the day when you stop your hypocrisy and reveal all to the "Elders"... Then, I want to hear ALL about their reaction...

    And your subsequent disfellowshipping - that is, if you were ever baptised in the first place... And if you ever actually STUDIED with the "Witnesses" in the first place...

    Heh... I'm certainly not going to hold my breath, though... Zid

  • pirata

    Bane, Not sure if they mentioned at your assembly this year, but at ours they said that we should not say "new world", we should say "new system". I believe because the NWO is a term also used by the Free Masons.

  • ziddina

    Hey, BANE!!

    Is THIS the thread you think you're "banned" from???

    I couldn't post to the last page, either...

    BUT!!! HERE'S my post!!!

    HOW did I do it??? Maybe "Jehoover" blessed ME - instead of YOU - by allowing MY post on this thread!!!

    Haven't figured it out yet, have you...??

  • ziddina


    You're a MAROON!!!

  • blondie
    the NWO is at hand.

    BANE, does NWO mean "new world order"? I checked the WT-CD and the only time it refers to that phrase is when it is quoting non-witnesses.

    The WTS only says "new world" or "new order" but never "new world order" which is considered a term originated by non-witnesses.

    Other terms the WTS uses:

    New system

    New system of things

    New world society


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