Questions for BANE, SCHOLAR, and All Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • BANE

    Nope. I won´t give them to you. Apologize for the one I did give you. Paradise Earth is in the bible. I showed it to you and as exactly as my prediction holds, you haven´t acknowledged your mistake. I win, you lose. As per usual.

    Any other apostates want to get their head handed to them or do you want to continue on that you do not have any holy spirit?

    Jehovah´s people are the BEST people on Earth. Our God will come to our rescue very soon. Keep turning a blind eye to the world around you.

    Don’t read into it too much

    I hear you rappin but I think I heard enough

    Your stuff is dead and outdated

    top notch to the top, I’m rated

    while you still freestylin and apostating

    I’m cold I know, I gotta reason to be

    20 years old, and no one seems to see

    that I’m worth my weight in gold and kicking your B´s

    Now take that apostates!

  • CuriousButterfly

    LOL OMG Bane you are a nut and need some serious professional help.

  • Paulapollos

    Okaaay......Bane is a rapper

    It all makes perfect sense now


  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    BANE you are delusional. You wrote -

    'Nope. I won´t give them to you. Apologize for the one I did give you. Paradise Earth is in the bible. I showed it to you and as exactly as my prediction holds, you haven´t acknowledged your mistake. I win, you lose. As per usual'.

    'PARADISE EARTH' is not in the bible. 'Paradise' & 'Earth' are in different scriptures (as you've shown) but nowhere does it say 'PARADISE EARTH'.

    As for the fact you wont show me where the others are, that is simply because you cannot find them. Those other major WT teachings are not bible based either. Yes the bible speaks of '7 times' & 'Gentile times' but never '7 Gentile times', (another major WT doctrine that has no basis in scripture).

    I feel sorry for you, you are obviously young (immature). You, like 7 million others will waste your life waiting for a fairy tale that doesn't exist. I believed all that you believe for 30 yrs, until i decided to open my eyes to 'Real' world. According to you every man, woman & child on earth will be slaughtered Armageddon. Regardless how good people they are, how they've lived their life. Simply because they haven't sat in a KH and listened to recycled, regurgitated BS. If you truly believe that BANE then someone is eating your dinner in your nearest mental hospital.

  • Twitch
    Twitch, You got it all wrong. I actually want all of you to stop bashing Jah´s organization. Yes, Jehovah and his son know exactly what I am doing. Slaving for them! Pioneering and making disciples. It´s the best way of life.

    Well you sure aren't doing a good job of gaining favor for the org. How many people here take you seriously? Look at the history of the responses to you and you'll see the effect of your actions. These facts don't lie. It's obvious that you're awesome at alienating people. In fact, you're the very essence of a troll; they prolly have your picture in the dictionary. You should thank me for even talking to you. You're a fringe member at the congregation because of you're freakin' crazy and here as well.

    Our God will come to our rescue very soon. Keep turning a blind eye to the world around you.

    LOL. Of course he will. Hopefully he can restore your mental state to some semblance of sanity. Keep on waitin' brother Bane. He's coming for ya.

    Let's see, what else is on the troll bait menu today? How 'bout,...

    My eyes are open. I live in the real world, have a career I like, play bass in a band, have a woman who loves me, friends who've been with me thru thick and thin and have some great experiences and memories. I'm glad for all that I've had and don't regret a thing. Everyday. What do you have other than empty promises from a man made organization?

    Bane, don't you have any frenz? Why don't any of the other alleged "JWs" here want anything to do with you? If 7 million people have your back, why don't any of them post here in support of you? Just one. They are allowed to, aren't they? Nothing to fear here is there? Why only you?

    Here, Bane, here boy. I gots a lil snack for ya. Dats a good pooch!

  • BANE

    Icecream, No you wrote that I won´t find paradise nor Earth in the bible. I proved you wrong and your intellect cannot handle it. Also said you would never acquiece in that I DID find them. Right on both accounts. I won´t show you the others because you haven´t admitted I showed you one. Why should I go through the trouble? Do you have trouble believing God would destroy men women and children at Armaggedon?

    Oops...It´s time for another biblical smackdown. Ready? Um...Yeah God destroyed men women and children in the FLOOD! So it was done before you became a witness. You knew the information beforehand. So you have no excuses. You accepted THAT info before you were baptized and believed it for 30 years. You have no one to blame but yourself. If they were not on the ark, they perished. Yes you HAVE to be in the KINGDOM HALL to be saved otherwise what is the use of Jesus saying that we need to make disciples? Did Noah get locked up in a hospital? Nope. But he SURE WAS SAVED WASN`T HE?

    Twitch, Read the bible. Apostates beat their former masters. They don´t take them seriously anymore. I don´t expect to be so because you do not have the holy spirit anymore. You act as bullies and children. I haven´t alienated TRUE christians. They love me. Why do you think I don´t have a career? I have a GREAT career. I am married to a fantastic woman etc. I have had friends for years who saw me through thick and thin...ALL THE WHILE I am having Jehovah´s blessing.

    I do not want ANY brothers here. This is a snakepit. You would try to mislead the brothers. You are so freaking pompous that you actually think Bethal gives a darn about this hellhole.

    I am here because I can give it to you. And you guys can´t stand it. Jesus was right. Vipers and snakes.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis
    God destroyed men women and children in the FLOOD!

    So all these souls are now burning in the Fires of Hell.

  • Thor


    I just read many of your posts and I must say you are amusing.

    The only excuse I can come up with for your behavior is that you are young and inexperienced.

    As you grow and mature you will begin to understand things that you are not able to comprehend yet.

    There has been much going back and forth here and it all seems pretty silly, you just need to grow up and quit thinking about these things as a competition.

    You can be happy with your faith, just like millions of other people on this earth, but you don't need to cram your faith down other peoples throats. The Jesus you claim to follow would never act like that.

    Try reading the bible and take notice of how Jesus treated other human beings and emulate his attitude.

    One more thing that might help you deal with your emotions would be to talk to your local elders and your CO, show them your writings on this site and maybe they could help put your mind at ease.

    It just seems like you are very agitated and could use some help from someone you trust.

    May you find peace!

  • ziddina

    OUTLAW!!! rofl emoticon

    BANE, you're a MAROOON!!!

  • Ice cream
    Ice cream

    BANE, its there for all to see, i asked you to find 'Paradise Earth' not 'Paradise' & 'Earth'. It's obvious that you can't.

    I ask again WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH? Are you 'Reaching out'? Can't quite manage the 10 hrs service per month so you're on here counting your time. You make all the meetings, WTS publications all nicely underlined, but you can't quite get the 10 in.

    BANE, there is no way on earth are you married to a 'fantastic' woman as you claim. You are a virgin & habitual masturbator. It's as clear as day!

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