Questions for BANE, SCHOLAR, and All Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • bohm

    Bane wrote: So JUST like on IMDB, I have won a major victory here with this half banning. I told you all that I am the best witness! That eventually apostates GIVE UP and become losers. I predicted correctly with my first post here.

    HAHA! you won a major victory by being so annoying and stupid you got thrown out of IMDB? tell me, WHAT were you trying to accomplish on IMDB that you had such a success with?

  • isaacaustin

    LOL Bane...Its kind of hard for me to think of what to type since I am laughing too hard right now. Do you really enjoy being scornfully laughed at bane?

    I supposed Charles Manson won too right? He was so dangerous and victorious that they had to lock him up! Or Ted Bundy?? He was so dangerous and victorious that they had to kill him.

  • BANE

    Yeah Issac...REAL logic there. Bundy and Manson killed people and tortured them. I just tell the truth and get banned. You apostates are something else!

    Bohm, No...I just preach. The truth from the bible. I was never banned from IMDB. You almost cannot be banned from there. I just beat the apostates there that no one would debate me anymore. The same thing is being done here. Half banning me like this is a huge victory for JAH and myself.

    Rara, No it´s not that long. It just cuts into the preaching work. Maybe other real witnesses here can keep going if they don´t get banned to from

  • isaacaustin

    No Bane, you do not tell the truth. You make an a$$ of yourself spouting cultic dogma....and don't even do a good job of it. Do you suffer from Tourettes syndrome or something?

    You have not 'won' anything just because you received the consequences of acting like an idiot here...just as the notorious serial killers I mentioned did not win because they received justice.

  • jookbeard

    BANE do you know how many so called "apostates" are members of this forum? I goes into the thousands , do you know how many people have left the WTS over the years? it probably is more then the current membership, so much for beating us apostates up.

  • isaacaustin

    So Bane, why do you come to, your favorite webiste, and pretend to be a Witness, when it is so obvious to everyone here that you are not one? Does it give you sexual pleasure or something?

  • isaacaustin

    Exactly Jookbeard, why is the number of 'apostates' growing quicker than the JW membership. LOL

    I highly doubt that Bane 'beat' anyone on IMDB. If people starting ignoring him it is because he never said anything of any value or made any valid points so they decided to ignore his trollish behavior. I find him kind of boring- he has never made even a half-valid point on here that would require any sort of brain cells to refute.

  • isaacaustin

    What is IMDB??? Internet Movie Database??? JW doctrine is debated there??

  • hotspur

    Bane's prognostications are 100% correct?

    I don't think so - not seen Mrs. Jones resort to cussing (and I have read nearly all of it)!

    More BANE lies.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Since we're making bold predictions, I'll make one of my own. I predict Bane's next post will be incredibly stupid.

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