Questions for BANE, SCHOLAR, and All Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • isaacaustin
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    You start with a quote from somewhere. "The facts show..." What facts?

    Then, is that a statement you are making about the FDS? Or are you quoting something else again???

    Then a scripture cited about false prophets??

    Then you go into another rant about the Catholics?? apostolic succession?? and some pope nobody cares about??


  • isaacaustin
  • isaacaustin

    Haha! Bane, why would you accept a promise from us apostates, since, as you claim, all we apostates do is lie? What is your assurance we would come thru?
    You are a waste of breath, life and bandwith on this board. But do stay. You provide great entertainment and are enjoyable to make fun of. Keep up the good work on your favorite website:



    I humbly recommend that we refrain from using name-calling toward Bane or any JW, such as calling them "idiots" or "stupid".....Undisfellowshipped

    I will say once again just for you..

    Bane has never been a Jehovah`s Witness..

    He can`t answer any of your Questions.....He does`nt have any idea what your talking about..

    But..He will continue to play you..

    Maybe you`d like to help him change the name of this site?..


    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Outlaw, he doesn't even know what a BOE is! LOL

    Hey Bane, do you know what the TMS is??? LOL Or, please tell me since you are a pioneer when you go to pioneer school! What is a KM? Service report?

  • Fester

    One thing I was never able to understand is how anyone can allow a religious organization to become the center focus of their lives. It would appear that we're living in such a free modern world, where the obvious ducks are quacking and walking just like ducks do, that for anyone to give up their basic ability to think for themselves and stop questioning authority is absurd.

    It's amazing how so many people can be convinced by television personalities and religious organizations into giving up their ability to make decisions for themselves and listen to people on pulpits.

    Think for yourself. Always question authority.

  • BANE


    Why would we want to change the domain name anyway?

    The stated purpose of this website is for ANYONE, including active faithful Jehovah's Witnesses to post and discuss ANYTHING related to Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Society, or the Bible.

    Since that is the stated purpose of this website, why would anyone want to change the domain name?

    This website welcomes ALL (who follow the website's rules), including active faithful Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as former members, and non-members.

    I am just trying to ask whether or not you are breaking the Watchtower Society's rules for speaking to apostates and reading apostates' writings?

    You cannot have it both ways Un. First you say it is for ACTIVE Witnesses, then you slyly try to say at the end of your statement that it is for apostates...


    Which is it? Is this an apostate site or is it for Jehovah´s witnesses? If you say it´s for Jehovah´s witnesses, then WHY do you say I am reading apostate writings here? If you say it´s for apostates, then WHY shouldn´t the site name be changed to something that is more appropiate?

    You and the others are demanding I comment on these so I am demanding something of you first. I don´t see what the big deal is. Change the site because IF this is an apostate site as the apostates claim it is, I don´t want to see my brothers get bamboozled by the junk going on around here.

    Funny...My prediction WAS true. Outlaw mocked, so did Issac.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane, how about your mom? You said your dad is a JW. Any siblings?

  • Mythbuster

    Here's your reward, answer all of the questions, using only the bile, no WT quotes, no huge cut and paste articles from who knows where, and I will get dipped as a JW at the next opportunity.

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