Questions for BANE, SCHOLAR, and All Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • ziddina

    Ho-leee Hannah, you mean Titus is a WITNESS????

    Damn!!! I never would have guessed that... What with his taking the name of a political figure - especially one whose reign was somewhat questionable - as in a bit of a dictatorship - and all...

    Weird... Kind of like the Watchtower mentality in declaring themselves champions of "religious freedom", then turning viciously upon anyone posting exposés or writing books that discuss and/or expose their origins and inconsistencies...

    Also like "Alice", who postures as a "good" Jehovah's Witness, but who flagrantly defies the edicts of the Watchtower Society and the Governing Body's commandments to avoid interaction with "apostates"... SO ironic that they apply the term "apostate" as an epithet, yet when discussing their founder, Charles Taze Russell, and HIS "apostasy" in breaking away from the "Second Adventists" and starting his own sect, they ballyhoo his supposed "honesty" and "spirituality"...

    Hypocrites!!! Gotta love 'em!!! At least, according to the bible...

    Fortunately, I don't believe in the 'bible'... winking devil Zid

  • Titus

    Titus IS a WITNESS!

    And Zid is the Wall!

  • ziddina

    the wall

    pink floyd the wall

    Hmmm... Looks like a buncha marching soldiers... Fascist, Nazi, Communist....

  • Titus



  • ziddina

    From "Pink Floyd - The Wall" - a famous rock band from the '60's - '70's... Very anti-establishment attitudes... Much of their music was anti-warfare... One of the lead guitarists and primary song-writers was badly scarred psychologically by what he and his mother went thru during WWII in England... Lost his father during the war, and it affected his mother very badly...

    "The Wall" is all about that period in his life... Zid

  • Titus

    Interesting. Do you like Pink Floyd? Is that reason why your nickname is "Zid" ("The Wall" in my language)??

  • ziddina

    Wow.... No, my nickname is a contraction - a 'shortening' - of the name "Ziddina"...

    So, do you know where "Ziddina" originated from??? (heh, heh...)

    Oh... And my apologies for the times I've been less - MUCH less - than respectful for the fact that you Jehovah's Witnesses are people with feelings, too...

    But, as other posters have pointed out, those of us who have seen through the Watchtower Society's misrepresentations and false prophecies, tend to become irritated, impatient and frustrated with that mental 'wall' that the WTBTS has successfully erected in their minds...


  • garyneal
    Damn Boner, I said I would get baptized if you can answer the questions using only the bible.

    LOL, I suppose I could twist the scriptures to support those arguments. I still see that no witness apologist answered them.

    Come on guys, how did I do?

  • BANE

    Fine Gary...You did fine. Except for a couple of things. I don´t know this Simon. He would probably ban me if I asked him to change the name. As far as whoever will get baptized if I answer...1. I don´t believe it. 2. It´s not enough for me.

  • poppers

    I don´t know this Simon. He would probably ban me if I asked him to change the name.

    I highly doubt that; besides, it's your only hope for a name change, and now you appear to back away from such a demand. He's not hard to find if you are serious about your request - the ball is in your court.

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