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  • alice.in.wonderland

    "What you're trying to explain away is your assertion that minor victims should be blamed for not reporting to the authorities when abuse occurs and then you turn around and try to discount any testimony from a minor because they are minors.

    You can't have it both ways Alice and I really doubt you're an adult."

    You should probably find out how many adults will automatically contact the authorities just because a teenager tells them something. I'm glad the adult world you live in isn't associated with mine unless teenagers never lie.

  • DaCheech

    we're glad too

  • alice.in.wonderland

    “we're glad too “

    Today is Sunday. Why don't you go to the meeting today at your local Kingdom Hall. If after the meeting you still have some unsettled issue I'll be happy to answer any questions.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I do believe that the WTBTS directed or discouraged matters going to the police.....for a while.....then gave clear direction as how pedophiles should be handled. I think the policy now is as good as one could expect.

    Their policy on their official website still leaves it open for non-reporting in states where it it not required by law.

  • DaCheech
    Today is Sunday.

    thank you, you're such a good public service announcer

  • thetrueone

    Their policy on their official website still leaves it open for non-reporting in states where it it not required by law.

    Good point, the JWS are mostly concerned about public image than protecting children, you see there is an intuitive to make the JWS

    appear special in and amongst the rest of the religions out there, mustn't bring reproach on to god's earthly organization

    and always keep the congregation clean by DFing people who sin and are wicked.

    Public image is most important in the eyes of the WTS/GB.

    Well which way are going to spin your story now AIW. You whole heartedly tried spinning the pedophile problem of the JWS to many

    different directions. The fact is people who go to JW meetings ARE the general public most are good law-biding citizens some are not,

    some are sexual predators that need to be incarnated to protect the population in whole, not just a simple DFed or DAed from a congregation alone.

    WHY is this ? because many times pedophiles will re-offend even after being identified as being one.

    Its a serious offense that carries deep emotional scars on to the victims for years and perhaps for the rest of their lives.

    I guess fighting to keep the image of the WTS/JWS up right and clean

    is essentially make yourself appear up right clean and wholesome .....I know that since being myself JW for 20 years

    The point is that pedophilia has to handled in a different way than simple fornication or adultery, this is true in ALL churches of faith.

    The JWS organization hasn't been doing that like some other churches ( no names mentioned ) .

    Simply disbarring an individual from the place of worship is not enough and is wholly irresponsible toward the public in general.

    Doing so has proven to have dire and regrettable consequences on to a innocent few.

    Do you agree AIW on this ?

    Or are subjectively too morally hollow to agree with that assertion ?

  • palmtree67

    Alice, even by "worldly" standards, you are sooooo far out to lunch with regard to child molestation issues, that you really need to shut up about it now.

    Your 2 premises:

    1. NO molestation has ever happened amongst JW's and all people who report it happening are liars.

    2. Any teenager (age of majority) that reports being abused is a liar.

    You absolutely disgust me!!

    I hope your daughter (if there is one) never comes to you as a teenager, telling you she has been molested. Since you believe "teenagers lie", your child would get no comfort, help or support from you.

    If you are a mother, you are pathetic one.

    You seriously are a disgusting piece of work.

  • thetrueone

    Its alarmingly sad to some individuals be so blatantly cold hearted and morally irresponsible has to what AIW has displayed here

    since posting her own topic threads and comments on this forum.

    I truly hope that people who are making their way out of this bogus corrupt religion read all of her comments and

    be enlightened on just how socially irresponsible and dangerous a typical JW can really be.

    AIW has been a good Witness to just how mentally sick and verifiable dangerous a common JWS really are.

    I know most have been sicken by her twisted morality in a attempt to keep the JW appear clean and righteous

    indifferent to other religions that are out there.

    Technically she failed in doing so, but just like other people who put themselves in a religion by choice they more than

    likely to fight tooth and nail to support their divine faith, in essence its apart of the endeavored psychology of religion.

  • mrsjones5

    I'm glad the adult world you live in isn't associated with mine unless teenagers never lie.

    Like I said before you're no mother.

    Of course kids lie but an adult can see through the lies and know when their children tell the truth. I have four children, one is a 16 year old male and my duaghter will be 13 in September, I'm not under the mistake impression that my little darlings have never lied to me. I know my kids so well that most times I know when they're lying or my little spy (I won't disclose who it is) will tell me who is lying. Which is cool cuz my little spy is a terrible liar.

    You're a cold hearted lying joke Alice. And no I'm not sorry for resorting to namecalling. But I am holding myself back and not calling Alice what I really think she is.

  • DaCheech
    My daughter is three years old. Some of the individuals that tell things to the elders are not children, they're of the age of accountability (older teens and adults)

    guys still does not sound like reniaa?

    keep on building alice, your story's gonna get good

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