2nd video on 1919 Watchtower's Wacky Chronology

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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    I had some time to put this together... let me know what you think..

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  • NiceDream

    Great video! All your videos are excellent, and were really helpful when I began questioning the doctrine. The "paradise earth" video was especially shocking for me, and the blinders fell off.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


  • yknot


    Informative (give viewer a little smidge longer time to lookup CD references please)


    I luvs it!

  • garyneal

    Yeah my wife is one of those witnesses who thinks dates aren't important.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Excellent work - as usual AaG! I always enjoy watching your vids because they are calm, collected, researched and well-reasoned. You are definitely an asset to those of us who look to insiders and former ranking JWs to clear up some of the issues looking from the inside out.

    Keep them coming!

  • CandleSurgeon

    Another great one [email protected]

  • alice.in.wonderland

    In retrospective, the John class is applying the 1,260 days (1919 – 1922) to their own experiences as Jehovah's Organization was developing in the twentieth century.

    re chap. 27 pp. 183-184 pars. 24-26 God’s Kingdom Is Born!

    While the first world war was being fought, Jesus’ brothers faithfully kept on with their witnessing to the extent possible. This was done in the face of intensified opposition from Satan and his vicious henchmen. Finally, the Bible Students’ public witnessing was virtually stopped. (Revelation 11:7-10) That was when they had an experience quite similar to that of the Israelites in Egypt who also endured under great oppression. It was then that Jehovah brought them swiftly, as if on wings of eagles, to safety in the desert of Sinai. (Exodus 19:1-4) Likewise, after the bitter persecution of 1918-19, Jehovah delivered his witnesses, as representing his woman, into a spiritual situation that was as safe for them as the desert was for the Israelites. This came as an answer to their prayers.—Compare Psalm 55:6-9.

    In the wilderness, Jehovah brought forth the Israelites as a nation, providing for them spiritually and physically. Similarly, starting in 1919, Jehovah brought forth the seed of the woman as a spiritual nation. This is not to be confused with the Messianic Kingdom that has been ruling from the heavens since 1914. Rather, this new nation is made up of the remnant of anointed witnesses on earth, who were brought into a glorious spiritual estate in 1919. Being provided now with “their measure of food supplies at the proper time,” these were strengthened for the work that lay ahead.—Luke 12:42; Isaiah 66:8.

    How long did this respite for the seed of God’s woman last? Revelation 12:6 says 1,260 days. Revelation 12:14 calls the period a time, times, and half a time; in other words, three and a half times. In fact, both expressions stand for three and a half years, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the spring of 1919 to the autumn of 1922. This was a period of refreshing recuperation and reorganization for the restored John class.

    If the remnant of anointed witnesses on earth were brought into a glorious spiritual estate in 1918 they would have said so. The fact that there is a gap does not mean that the 1,260 days in Revelation 12:6 cannot be applied to (1919 – 1922). While dates are noteworthy, they don't carry the importance to Jehovah's Witnesses you stipulate. There's not a system of dating for the outworking of events in God's purpose in its entirety that can be followed. There doesn't need to be if you're on the right side of things.

  • thetrueone

    There's not a system of dating for the outworking of events in God's purpose in its entirety that can be followed.

    Self contradiction, the historical doctrinal dogma that the WTS/JWS have been spewing out of their mouths since their

    existence would suggest an opposition to that statement.

    This bogus religious publishing house has come up with many deceivingly concocted marketing schemes.

    You aren't fooling anyone here with that deliberate cover up ALICE.

    Now go back in your hole you little lying devil, the end is near and you need to hide.

    By the way good informative video Lance , you should win an honorary doctorate degree in honesty and ethics.

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