The old big orange "Paradise" book

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  • beksbks

    Takes one to know one Watson.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Just looked at my old Paradise Book. Released 1958!


  • trebor


    Nothing like promoting 1975 with the good old "Truth Book":

    The Truth Book, primary study aid for Jehovah’s Witnesses to use with Bible Students published prior to the year 1975 reads as follows on page 9 under ‘Grand Blessings from God Near at Hand!’:

    “Also, as reported back in 1960, a former United States Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, declared that our time is "a period of unequaled instability, unequaled violence." And he warned: "I know enough of what is going on to assure you that, in fifteen years from today, this world is going to be too dangerous to live in."

    [Note: 15 years from 1960=1975]

  • cantleave

    All WTS publications are poorly written garbage, designed to entrap people into a cult.

  • TD
    The link was brilliant....

    I wonder how Eduardo (The author of that site) is doing. I hope he is well.

  • aquagirl

    The rumor was that the song "Cryatal Blue Persuasion",was about the Truth book. Doubt it.Im so happy that all of you are sharing your memories of the Paradise book! And Id quite forgotten about the dinosaurs and such on the inside cover!Now,Ive GOTTA find my old one...You guys ROCK!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I was six when it came out. It was my parent's primary recruiting tool in a tropical paradise, I still have my copy.

    Looking at it again, I can understand why I grew up warped.

  • Borgdrone

    I have that book in new condition and I remember now that is where I got the fear and interest in the Truth but only studied the blue Truth Book in 1968. I got supicious of the Borg after the 1975 prediction failed.

  • yknot

    Remember this one.....

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis


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