The old big orange "Paradise" book

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  • aquagirl

    Anyone remember that? I learned to read on that book.There were some very disturbing images,like the earth opening up and people falling into it.Like upside down ladies and hippies.Id love to get a hold of one and peruse it with a friend and some herbal medicine.Maybe there is one in the attic?Anyway,that and the image of the snake talking to the beautiful,bare shouldered Eve,who was holding an apple,made a big impression on me.Any else have any faves from that book?Is it still being used?

  • undercover

    I remember that book. Damn scary for a little tyke...all those illustrations of death and destruction that was going to happen before we were going to be adults.

    Those illustrations get posted from time to time on the board. When I see them even now, it takes me back to being a kid staring at them and being somewhat frightened that I might not be good enough to escape the carnage.

  • blondie
  • Soldier77

    I just went through some packed boxes and found it along with a bunch of older books not found on the CDROM library. It was like finding treasure... worthless treasure, but I view it as evidence of hypocrisy. Gonna keep them and hold on to it maybe some day I can shove it in the face of the elders.


  • changeling

    It was the "children's book" in my day. I knew all the pictures by heart before I could read and Mom would use me to demonstrate the book door to door at the age of 3. Sad but true.

  • aquagirl

    Thanks Blondie,they are wonderful! How strange to have grown up with these books instead of ,say,Dr Suess...BTW,how do I change my bio and pic? I cant find any links.Thanks you guys!Love ya all!

  • mrsjones5

    I have that book in storage. My parents sent it to my kids for them to have, it's my old orange book. I've never let my kids see it.


    The paradise book was one of my first childrens books..

    What sort of idiot gives that book to a little kid?..

    Why not just make them watch a horror movie over and over..

    I was raised in a F*cking WBT$ Mental Institution..


    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I remember the fruit they used looking like a pitted pear, the heel of a foot pressing down on a coiled snake, and a picture of Armageddon where a lady looking like Carol Burnet in an apron and short curly hair was running screaming from the carnage around her, people falling into the earth, and lots of fires.

  • aquagirl

    You and me both Outlaw,you and me both.

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