What if WBTS is right?

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  • exwhyzee

    I don't think any of it matters...every one of us has it wrong and we are kidding ourselves if we think anything we are doing is even close to pure worship. We can't possibly have 100% of the correct information 100% of the time even if we think we do. Jesus died for our sins...end of story. There is no amount of worship or corectness that could earn us enough to be worthy of that ! This endless arguing, fighting and agonizing over details that can't be proven in any way and is probably part of our inherited imperfection.

    According to the Bible there is only one true God. There have always been religious fanatics who have come up with countless ways to worship him...and they all insist they are the true religion and will punish, in one form or another, anyone who disagrees with them. Including the International Bible Students who marched around wearing sandwich signs and playing recorded messages over loudspeakers mounted on cars telling people the end was in 1914. Later as JW's and the WTBTS they have been 100% wrong with the dates they say were revealed to them by Jehovah.

    It's all nonsense and I am so glad to be free of the pre packaged program for worshiping god. The connect the dot scriptures that could be used to prove just about any idea and this whole obsession of thinking in order to be happy we need to have a purpose, and an eternal hope and are responsible for having an accurate biblical answer to everyting when it isn't possible. If you think you have it made and your beliefs are right on the money....enjoy your self righteousness and the temporary feeling of security and of being on the winning team.....but have a plan B my friends.....your going to need it.

  • James_Slash

    The WTBTS are NOT right. They promote this perfect little religion by spreading false propaganda, with perfect little people who never do anything wrong and if they do then they are gone - anyone of us who have been a JW know that this is not the case and that they are not the 'happiest people on earth'.

    We all know cases where the Elders have turned a blind eye to wrongdoing when the culprit is 'liked', 'favoured', 'related', 'in a position of responsibility' to save embarrassment. Yet, we have also seen the 'weak' being made examples of to confirm that unscriptural behaviour would not be tolerated and that Jehovah's standards are being adhered to.

    "You cannot go beyond what is written". You will see that they have regularly gone against this verse with false predictions, twisting the scriptures to suit their own agenda - like the ridiculous recent generation change.

  • steve2

    When I was a JW, from time to time I would think, What if the

  • steve2

    When I was a JW, from time to time I would think, What if the Society's wrong? Now that I'm no longer a JW, I am surprised that I do not think, What if the Society's right?

    I guess I've grown up and learnt to take responsibility for my decisions.

    No human knows it all, but most humans know enough to tell bullshit from common sense. Seldom do we waste time thinking what if the bullshit is right and commonsenseis wrong? We acknoweldge our limitations and get on with our lives as best we can. We've left magical thinking behind. Ino more think what if the Watchtower is right than I would think what if Harry Potter is real.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    This is the way I see it. It's not a case as to whether the WBTS is right. It's whether they are the anointed of God. If they are then all who talk against them talk against God. To their peril. The nation of Israel made many errors. The GB and Christendom would be able to make such errors but God would not reject them. Because of Christ. They are hidden in Christ.

  • AGuest
    It's whether they are the anointed of God.

    Which they are not (may you all have peace!). How can I say that? Easily. Indeed, there are least 10 (actually, MUCH more) ways that I can:

    1. Someone who is anointed can explain that anointing, as well as when they received it.

    2. Someone who is anointed would NOT call themselves... or any other earthly entity... the "truth" because they would KNOW... by means OF that anointing... that there is only ONE Truth, Christ, their Leader (John 14:6).

    3. Someone who is anointed would KNOW that the Bible is NOT the Word of God... but that CHRIST is that Word, even as the Bible itself SAYS, so that they are sanctified "by means of [God's] Word,"... which Word is CHRIST... who sanctifies them with HIS blood... and NOT the Bible... which is merely a compilation of writings, including but not limited to "scripture."

    4. Someone who is anointed would HEAR THE VOICE OF THE FINE SHEPHERD... because it is by means OF that anointing that he SPEAKS to such ones.

    5. Someone who is anointed would NOT be superstitious... or fearful... because they would have been set FREE from such things... because the Truth that IS Christ (John 8:32, 36; John 14:6) would have SET them free... which is the point OF the anointing.

    6. Someone who is anointed would NOT follow Paul, or the Pope, or the GB, or the WTBTS... but CHRIST and ONLY Christ... for they would KNOW... by means OF that anointing... that NONE of these are their Leader and ONLY Christ is (Matthew 23:10).

    7. Someone who is anointed would NOT direct people to ANY organization... and certainly not one with such opulent and financial holding (where in the WORLD do you see Christ in THAT, he who had no where to even lay HIS head???)... but instead direct ALL to Christ, and NO ONE else.

    8. Someone who is anointed would NOT say you need to come to/through THEM in order to "know" God, thus "seat[ing] themselves in the seat of Moses" (Matthew 23:2,3)...and in essence, making THEMSELVES the mediator... which they do by lyingly and falsely teaching others that they CAN "climb upon some other way" (i.e., through them) to get to the Most Holy One of Israel... rather than going through THE DOOR, which is Christ and the ONLY way ANYONE can "come" to the Father.

    9. Someone who is anointed would NOT be in an organized religion because they would KNOW... by means OF that spirit... that such are "unclean" and that it is not until one QUITS touching the "unclean" thing... that the Most Holy One of Israel can/will take them in... as a son or daughter...

    10. Someone who is anointed would NOT "shut up the kingdom of the heavens" by FALSELY teaching that the "way" is open to only a few... and that only such few are "worthy" to eat and drink the flesh and blood of Christ... which eating and drinking establishes a UNION with Christ... by means of which union ALL who partake "will live forever" and be "resurrected"... BY CHRIST HIMSELF... on the last day. RATHER... they would "DECLARE ABROAD"... meaning to ALL... Jew, Greek, rich, poor, male, female, old, young, circumcised or uncircumcised (in flesh)... what have you... the RICHES of God's kingdom... which RICHES include EVERLASTING LIFE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD... which kingdom is open to ALL of mankind... not just some who were born "before 1914, in 1914, in sight of 1914, at some point in time so that they know someone born in 1914"... or any other melarkely like that.

    I am sorry, but I cannot stop at 10...

    11. Someone who is anointed would KNOW... that it is NOT know about or "taking in knowledge OF" God and Christ that means everlating life, but that it is KNOWING the True God... and the One whom He sent forth, Christ... that means such life.

    So that someone who is anointed would KNOW...

    12. That eating of the Tree of Life, which Tree IS Christ, the True Vine (John 15:1)... and drinking from the Rock-Mass, which IS Christ (1 Corinthians 10:1-5), is the ONLY way to obtain everlasting life... that it was the ONLY way for Adham and Eve to retain it... that it was how Israel survived for 40 years in the wilderness of Sinai... and it is the ONLY way for earthling man. They would KNOW... that, as Christ himself is recorded to have said: "UNLESS you eat the flesh of the Son of Man... and drink his blood... YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU"... and to teach that some will be resurrected TO such a life and live... FOREVER... WITHOUT eating and drinking such flesh and blood... as symbolized by LITERALLY eating the bread and wine... is a LIE. (John 6:51, 53)

    Any who "walk" in direct opposition to these things is a liar, "offspring" of their "father", Satan, who is the FATHER of the lie. And their primary purpose, imposters that they arem is to... "mislead, IF POSSIBLE... EVEN the chosen ones."

    The WTBTS, its "hired men" (the GB), and its "wolves" (the Branch Overseers, District Overseers, Circuit Overseers, and Congregation Overseers)... are of this ilk. They are imposters, false christs, and false prophets. Without a doubt. And I state this with certainty, confidence, and WITHOUT fear. Because... THIS... is the truth.

    Again, I bid you ALL peace.

    A true slave of Christ, by means of a true anointing with holy spirit, the "oil of exultation" and "water of life" which oil I received directly from that One, the Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, he that is the HOLY One of Israel and Holy Spirit... and my Lord, to time indefinte, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... and I am NOT afraid to say so... because it is the TRUTH,


  • tec

    Thank you Shelby. That was wonderfully put.

    I have a couple questions about what you said, if you don't mind. Mostly about point eleven? I think you've said before that you didn't believe that Hindus and Buddhists and the like were all automatically excluded at the resurrection, because they've had their own versions of prophets and teachers who lead them into love and mercy, etc.?

    Just wondering if you're saying something different here.


  • QuestioningEverything

    They're not. And just reading this question, makes me physically sick. I heard it too many times in my life.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    A blind hog roots up an acorn every now and then......

  • AGuest

    I am saying something different, dear Tammy (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!)... but not contradictory (and sorry for the edits - I had to "submit" before I was completely finished so as to not lose the post).

    Such ones are not automatically excluded because by means of their love and mercy, they will have "done good" TO the chosen ones. These are the "sheep" who inherit the kingdom, are also given white robes, and granted entry. They are the "guests" at the marriage feast. Ultimately, they are the "subjects" of the kingdom.

    The question, however, was as to those who are anointed, which are those who rule with Christ... upon the earth... over such subjects.

    For those of the first group of sheep, take heart: God's kingdom is MUCH different from earthling man's... and its rulers unlike those of this world. Unlike ruler/kings/priests of this world, these have a dual-purpose: as kings, they will have the RIGHT to judge; however, as those trained and "subdued" by Christ, they won't. He didn't... and they won't. He turns all judging over the Father; since these will be "like" him... "in every way"... they will, too! That is one of the lessons he taught when he was in the flesh... and that he is teaching still: although the right of judging is granted by law and so may exist... the law of LOVE... trumps the law of judging. And one always fulfills BOTH laws when one surpasses the law that permits judging.

    So, what will they do? Well, besides literally "sit on clouds and play harps" (yeah, okay, right ...), they will use their position a PRIESTS... to plead on behalf of those they rule over. There won't be issues to be decided BETWEEN subjects - since the body of flesh with its blood will no longer exist, there won't be the same... ummmm... "conflicts." Instead, there will be times when ones may transgress the law... of LOVE... in which case they may need "the prayers of the holy ones" to be offered up... as a "sweet-smelling odor"... on their behalf.

    THIS is why I look forward to the kingdom: because righteousness will prevail NOT because of the absence of lawlessness (okay, that's good, too, but not my primary concern)... but because the oversight of the rulership of that kingdom will be righteous... and administered in righteousness... not in judgment and condemnation.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


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