Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • laverite

    I tried to be so good. But I did get counseled twice as a teenager.

    Once, I was out in service with the CO, and there was a really gross little pond in someone's yard that we came across. I referred to the "pond scum." The CO had an ABSOLUTE FIT for the next hour: "Scum is what comes out of the man's penis and impregnates the wife." I got into terrible trouble for my "filthy" mouth -- using the word SCUM! I was horrified and wanted to just die on the spot.

    The other thing I was counseled on was this...It was thought that I was overly sexually attracted to two or three teenage sisters in my hall and that my facial expressions, body posture and stance gave away my feelings of lust for them. Their elder fathers had a "talk" with me in the back. I was so horrified to be having that talk. As I was a 16 year old GAY male teenager I really couldn't see what they were talking about. Mostly I was just glad that they didn't know I was gay. One them had a very cute son my age who I was gaga over. How I wanted to marry HIM (and certainly NOT his sister!!). Shows how completely clueless they were.

  • nelly136

    "Scum is what comes out of the man's penis and impregnates the wife."

    and this is the level of biological expertise that would then go on and give counsel about blood transfusions?

  • recovering

    very interesting since nowhere in the dictionary is the scum described as what the co contended it was. Perhaps he was just afflicted with a dirty mind.

    Main Entry: 1 scum Pronunciation: \ ' sk?m\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Middle Dutch schum; akin to Old High German scum foam Date: 14th century

    1 a: extraneous matter or impurities risen to or formed on the surface of a liquid often as a foul filmy covering — compare pond scum 2 b: the scoria of metals in a molten state :drossc: a slimy film on a solid or gelatinous object
    2 a:refuseb: a low, vile, or worthless person or group of people

    scum·my \ ' sk?-me\ adjective

  • highdose

    Since when have the JW's needed a dictionary to decide what a word means?!!

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I forget where, but the NWT, written by the WTBS, translates a scripture to say "scummy dross." The horror!!

    Anyone remember that? I wonder what that pickle head of a CO would've thought if you brought that up?!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


  • Mattieu

    Man, could write a book, but my 3 fav:

    1 - Pious Elder to me after a meeting walking to the Magazine counter to carry out my responsabilities " Br Mattieu, why do you have to smile so much, you should be more serious like Br So & So." Br so & so was the most serious fun hating person who had no friends. My crime? Smiling & being happy too much. I still shake my head thinking of that night....

    2 - Wifey and I pioneering with 2 young children, stop for a moment to get some food out of the nappy bag to give to 8 month old baby, Br Elder High Priest and his trusty sidekick come running up to us "Can you please hurry up Br Mattieu, this is Jehovahs time, not family time."

    3 - Going door to door during one hot Aussie summer after the Sunday morning meeting in a new congo. I am wearing a long sleave meeting shirt with the sleeve cuffs rolled up once. I get pulled aside by 1 Elder and am told to roll the sleeves down. I thought he was joking so laughed it off. He then said no, shirts are not worn like that in this congo, dont let Br Elder High Priest (see above) catch you like that. I still refused and was pulled aside next meeting for having a bad attitude.....

  • Pistoff

    With me, just the usual hair over the ears when in high school in the early 70's.

    Of course, at the time, my father, not a witness, had left the family, we lived paycheck to paycheck, my mother struggled to support us and I was pioneering in my last year of high school.

    So it makes perfect sense that the only input I got from Bro Mega Strict was to cut my hair. Literally, I never heard once that I was doing a good job, that they recognized the struggle.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm LOLing at the CO who didn't know the difference between scum and cum. What a dope.

  • yellow

    Helping a bro up off the floor, who had multiple sclerosis, (I was d/f at the time it happened) no one else around to help

    Being told I needed to widen out but not to invite anyone over to my home unless it was tidy.

  • snowbird

    Scummy dross in NWT: Proverbs 25, Isaiah 1, Ezekiel 22.

    Someone loved that expression!


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