Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

by MrFreeze 150 Replies latest jw experiences

  • MrFreeze

    I'm sure topics like this have already come up but they tend to get hilarious with the absolute absurdity that goes on in the KH. I was once counseled for not shaving after two days. I was also counseled by a sister for eating Lucky Charms cereal.

  • notverylikely

    Having a soul patch. When I pointed out that the watchtower conductor and a servant both had one, it was said "They're black. That's acceptable in their culture. Since you're white it would make you look like you were associated with a gang."

    Oh, and being too into golf because i played three times in two weeks.

  • flipper

    Was counseled I wouldn't be allowed to carry microphones if I wore white socks to the meetings instead of colored socks. Also I was told to shave off a week old moustache or I couldn't be on an assembly part for this stodgy old elder. Weirdos. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    "Hugging" my wife during a prayer (Bull ((((COUGH, COUGH))))) Sorry had something in my throat. Must have been a curse word)

    Writing or making changes on the information board. (I feel that damn cough coming on again!!)

  • yknot

    I was counseled against correcting the conductor publicly when he called me by the wrong name.....

    (as a result several in my congregation call me 'Sister Wrong-Surname' after near 30 years)

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I was told that I needed to take my kids door to door and teach them how to do it, myself instead of using others all the time.


  • nelly136

    my dad was torn off strips for allowing a bunch of us kids to have piggy back races, lewd unbecoming christian behaviour blah blah

    but the best one was probably when he was counselled for weighing potato's in the kitchen.

  • elderelite

    ok weighing potaos? I have to hear this one....

    as for me the dumbest thing was a fellow elder chastizing me for taking my son to see starwars. that got him a great big MYOB from me

  • finallyfree!

    My ex got counselled by an elders wife for wearing a denim skirt. It was down to her calves so discreet an all. But this other piousnear sister never got counselled for her super tight skirts with the long crack down the side. I also got counselled for missing meetings when I was in the middle of building my house. And also for missing meetings and being inactive in the fs when my baby was born just to name a few. Oh also for working to much. And all these things I was counselled on I was told I could have privileges (passing the mikes, reading the wt etc..) If they were improved. Sorry I don't need your goddamn watchtower stripes to make me feel important. It works for that 35 year old ms brother who's still single and cleans windows cuz he needs that "pat on the shoulder" to make him feel important.

  • highdose

    wearing bright nail varnish when i was a teenager

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