Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • hamsterbait

    I know of a family that left en masse, because their sons had incredibly thick luxuriant black CURLY ( I capitalise for a reason) hair.

    Their hair was "unruly", "too showy", "too feminine".

    When they got the hair cut to the bone, they were being too worldly, as only "gays" have crew cuts.


  • ambersun

    Allowing my new born baby to make baby noises while brothers were trying to concentrate on the meeting. Even though I always sat right at the back of the hall, everytime he made a little sound the whole congregation would turn round and glare at me and one of the brothers would guide me and baby outside to sit in the book room with no sound system. Oh, happy days! That was such a lovely congregation, full of Christian love. How I miss them all !!!!!

    A few years later at an Assembly, my husband was councelled for allowing our little boy to play quietly on the floor at our feet with a toy instead of sitting bolt upright in his chair for hours on end. My husband told the brother in question what he thought of the suggestion and we started fading very soon after that. Our now grown up son is eternally grateful!!!

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Just thought of something else -

    Told an elder I took a picture with a Michael Jackson wax figure. His response? "UUUgghh!! Why? He was disfellowshipped!!"

    Told another elder I rode the Tower of Terror at Disney. His response? "Why?! That's demonic!"

  • sooner7nc

    Was told by an MS friend of mind that I shouldn't like a certain kind of painting because he was was convinced that you would have demon problems if you had one of those garish paintings of dogs playing poker or pool. Hell, I didn't even have one, I just liked them because they were so goofy.

  • shamus100

    Looking like a skinhead for getting a short haircut.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    That stuff sounds like counsel from my mother through the years.

  • Palimpsest

    Having my body.

    I was already 5'8" by middle school (5'11" now) and was one of those girls who went through very dramatic development pretty much overnight. I ended up having very curvy hips and very large breasts, much to my chagrin. As if that's not mortifying enough as a young girl suffering through gym class, imagine having pioneers and elders in the congregation telling you that your figure is tempting the men and that you need to hide it in order to "protect" them. (WTF? Easier solution: Creepy old men should stop checking out 12-year-olds.)

    I went through a phase of binding just because they made me so ashamed of myself, but fortunately, I got over that. The next time I got pulled aside a few years later about daring to wear a shirt that actually fit instead of a potato sack, I "helpfully" offered to start wearing maternity dresses instead, since that should have provided adequate coverage and hidden my frame a bit. That shut them up. But the self-esteem damage was already done. :/

  • Palimpsest

    Oh, and I also listened to U2, and apparently "The Joshua Tree" is somewhere on the same level as Marilyn Manson.

  • EndofMysteries

    WOW Kevin Bacon in the video Gibberin posted!

  • EndofMysteries

    Years ago saw a sister yelled at by another who was video taping a congregation picnic, who said, 'welcome to the 'xxxxxxx' congregation picnic' and was told, "NO IT"S NOT< WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT, ITS JUST A GATHERING, THE SOCIETY SAID WE CAN"T HAVE CONGREGATION PICNICS".

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