Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • blondie

    snowbird, my pioneer partner (she) wore those all the time...not a peep...shows how it depends on the BOE, or just one elder....Pharisees

  • snowbird

    Yeah, Blondie.

    I'd worked like a dog and saved enough to buy myself 3 pairs - navy, red, and white.

    Broke my heart, but I listened.

    Pharisees, indeed, and philistines!


  • Pootler

    Hugging my wife during a prayer

    And how would he know that unless he wasn't praying properly, hmm?

  • snowbird



  • LongHairGal


    I was counseled on the slit in my skirt (a long skirt), my off-color language and other cliches that offended the super-sensitive JWs in field service. Car groups were so treacherous for me that I practically had to tape my mouth shut because I always said something that shocked somebody. Is it my fault some of them were brought up in a broom closet and are super sensitive? I was made to feel that I had the capacity to send somebody over the edge. Ridiculous really. But, I noticed this concern was a one-way street. My feelings were hurt plenty of times but that didn't seem to matter. Gee. I wonder why?


    If I was told something like that about my name I probably would never have gone to a meeting again. Then when the son-of-a-bitches came to my home to ask why they aren't seeing me there, I would tell them that if they can't get my name right, and I am expected to tolerate it, they can drop dead.

    A-K JEFF,

    Talking about people in car groups is their favorite pastime. Elders probably feel they have the right to talk about anybody they want. I am glad you called these hypocrites on their bad behavior.


    Why would you tell anybody about the intimate details of your sex life?? Or, did your wife tell? Honestly, nobody has the right to know anything like that about anybody.


    The problem is that YOU HAVE NICE LEGS. Attractive sisters are always scrutinized the most and sometimes they are actually persecuted.

  • snowbird

    Down the road, I realized that, LHG.

    And, his wife was the jealous, catty type.

    Adds up now.


  • undercover
    A friend of mine was counseled for wearing Nike shoes because Nike was a false God -- the brother counseling happened to be driving a Mercury.

    I remember someone going all ape shit over the friends wearing Adidas logo apparel... because... wait for it...

    Adidas stood for: All Day I Dream About Sex

    I shit you not...

    But of course, we were also counseled for listening to KISS - Knights in Satan's Service; Rush - Raised Under Satan's House; the list goes on...

    God, were we lame or what?

  • donny


    Why would you tell anybody about the intimate details of your sex life?? Or, did your wife tell? Honestly, nobody has the right to know anything like that about anybody.

    I agree. We had attended a party at her employers the previous Saturday and we had a few drinks. When we got home, she was feeling "good" and asked me to perform oral sex on her which I did and she liked it. But she had "oral remorse" a couple of days later and called an elder and told him about it. The follwoing Thursday was our school/service meeting night and after it was over two elder approached me and asked to speak in private.

    Once the doors closed one of the elders asked if I had anything on my mind. I told them "no" and then they told me about what my wife had said earlier. I was stunned into silence for a moment as my mind was trying to wrap around what was just said. Then an elder asked me if it was "69" and I replied "No, It was this year 1988. I was only 10 in 1969."

    He said to quit being a wise guy and answer the question so I said yes. I was then counsled on this behavior that was orginated and practiced by the homosexual community and therefore was something that should be avoided by lovers of Jehovah.

    P.S. Doesn't telling a guy to be a lover of Jehovah sound like a gay practice? Just wondering out loud.


  • LongHairGal


    Wow, this is infuriating.

    As I said, these things are nobody's business. The elders noses do not belong in anybody's bedroom. Did you remember that David Koresh told men in his cult compound they couldn't have sex, etc. (apparently he was the only one who could do the procreating).

    I cannot help but wonder what the JW religion would start to resemble if they were geographically cut off from the rest of society. I think in a short time they would resemble this or that other group that was in the news a year or so ago.

    This is TOTAL control of other people and their bodily functions. Sick and very unacceptable to me.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Forget anything about the JW history, doctrine flip flops, false predictions or scandels. These examples of getting counsel is enough to prove it is a cult.

    Think About It

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