Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • FreeAtLast1914

    Also they told me not to mention beer and miniskirts in my talks. I didn't buy into that advice either.

  • CuriousButterfly
    Once we established my marital status [divorced] the next question was, and guys this is a doozy; "Do your body have sexual urges?"

    He wanted to get his rocks off. I have had a family member who was asked questions VERY inappropriate questions during a JC. I swear some get off on other's activites and go off into perv fantasy land.

  • booby

    Rocky220 - I think you missed somethin there. It was turned into a sheparding call. Had you said yes next question would have been, can I be of help. I know you still would have put the run on him, maybe even faster.

  • rocky220


    The elder was with a sister who has a waggy tongue....and after serving refreshments he pulled me into the livingroom while the other sister distracted mom in the diningroom, but I was ready for him, my mom is 77 yrs old and I didn't want to upset her. But "El Creepo" wasn't heard or see again, he fell ill with pneumonia, I heard. Elders who show this kind of arrogance is shown no special treatment from me. rocky220

  • undercover

    Thanks for the clarification, rocky...

    Not as sinister as I had feared, yet still pervy and creepy, nonetheless. He was probably just trying to intimidate you, he being an elder and all. Those sanctimonious and sef-righteous type elders have no clue how to react to someone who stands up to them, like you did, other than tuck tail and run.

  • gutted

    I had counsel on my face stubble before, especially when I didn't shave for a few days and then gave a demo on stage.

    The worst thing I was counseled on was after a talk the elder which I was very close to basically said I need to change my personality to be more out-going. He knows I am more on the shy side and have a hard time with talks/comments, now I consider him an insensitive asshole.

  • Palimpsest

    He wanted to get his rocks off. I have had a family member who was asked questions VERY inappropriate questions during a JC. I swear some get off on other's activites and go off into perv fantasy land.

    I was assaulted by someone outside the congregation when I was 12. My mother told the elders and they decided to come have a "counseling" session with me, alone, in my bedroom. They demanded graphic details of everything that happened. There was absolutely no reason for them to do that. Combined with the previous incident I cited, I'm pretty sure I'm justified in thinking they were absolutely horrific creatures who got off on tormenting young girls. I only feel fortunate that I wasn't assaulted by one of them, especially since a friend of mine in the congregation had to endure that. Lowlifes.

  • zoiks

    Well, here's one where I should have been strongly counseled: I was 18, went across the border into Canada and bought booze, brought it back illegally into the U.S., gave it to younger teenagers and got them all wasted.

    Their elders called my elders, my PO took me aside and said, "You really shouldn't be buying alcohol for minors. They always talk."

  • CandleLight

    My husband was counceled to not wear his red suspenders.(It was the 80's)

    They were said to be too flashy and the CO said it was obnoxious.. lol

    I think he made a point of wearing them everytime he visited.

  • ana_dote

    i had elders mention to me in passing on several occassions that i shouldn't wear flip flops to the I told them that sisters in places like north carolina and california did all the time....they said "well we're not in (insert state), now are we?"

    also, i signed up to do seldom worked know how that works, they plan for that a good while in advance....well the elders waited until literally TWO DAYS before going to tell me that I was being refused the "privilege" because my hair was too short. (they also refused my request to auxiliary pioneer that same month, even tho the month was already HALFWAY over. I was making the hours and putting in the work and they waited until i was halfway through to tell me I couldn't do it) Without directly saying the word "lesbian" they strongly insinuated that having my hair that short was presenting myself like one (a lesbian) to the community. They told me that since my hair was not "exemplary" i could not participate in "exemplary" privileges. I was extremely humble at first and said ok and that i would grow my hair out and that i understood...blah blah blah. Then, after having billions of compliments on my hair all the time and after having all the elders wives come up to me after every meeting and literally telling me "oh i love your hair! I wish i could get away with that!" I got super pissed and said f*ck it and stopped attempting to grow my hair out. what point would my hair have been long enough?? They sure as hell weren't going to say anything to me about when it was ok. I grew it out for a month (my hair grows fast) and they didn't say a single word about it being an improvement. I think that might have been one of the turning points for me toward just not giving a shit anymore what they thought.

    ha...i'd love to see the looks on their faces now that I actually AM a lesbian.....LOL

    in your face, assholes.

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