Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • krejames

    I was told off in front of everyone in the middle of the KH for answering up. The previous weekend my restrictions were lifted (following a JC a few months earlier) and I was encouraged to answer in the Service Meeting, which I did. after the meeting an elder came up to me and angrily said "why did you answer up when you're not allowed to?" I wanted to die on the spot.

    Less serious but maybe more daft matters I was counselled on over the years:

    As a small child, listening to Abba songs ("they are immoral")

    Again when I was a kid, wearing a badge (I think it had come free with fizzy drink or something)

    Later on, wearing a beard (wasn't formally counselled but just got a few barbed comments hehe. Ironically they made me an MS even though I didn't shave it off)

  • DeWandelaar

    We once got counselled (public need talk) by the PO not interfering in a conversation since it is quite disturbing if you are talking with someone and get interrupted. The next meeting he interrupted a conversation of me and I kindly remembered him about his own talk :P

    There have probably been many more things I have been counseled about but they must not have been important since I either do not remember or they have been mentioned by others here who got the same "counceling".

  • Rattigan350

    I was carrying the microphones and my collar was too tight to button. I was counseled about not having my shirt collar buttoned.

    I was doing the count and I was counseled for walking up too far to see people as it distracts them.

    There was a sister that I liked and I worked with at a Quickbuild. I had sent her a letter or a card. She sent back saying 'thanks but no thanks, let's stay frends'. Which was fine, her prerogative. But then my congregation's elder talked to me about being careful with the sisters. Well, she could do alot worse then me, a pioneer and a servant. Infact, she married someone from the world and then got divorced.

  • 88JM

    I was counseled for flirting with a young sister.

    I'm gay

  • jemba

    Wearing a pretty leaf pendant when my elder dads study came around he accused me of wearing a marijuana leaf around my neck. I said 'no its not' so he brought my dad back into the loungeroom and said 'tell her to take it off'. Of course any JW comes before my dads children and I was made to throw it out.

    Goes without saying that the stupid prick is now a real pain in the ass elder who made sure he gave me lots more 'counsel' before I told them all to get stuffed and left home at 15.

  • jookbeard

    My elder father told me not to speak about my recent holiday to one of the Greek Islands as it could stumble others who cant afford holidays

  • Dis-Member

    I was told not to cross the road anywhere near the kingdom hall, because if I got hot by a truck and splattered all over the road, it would reflect badly on the organisation.


  • donny

    Getting "adjusted" for engaging in oral sex.

  • TTATTelder

    My wife and I were counseled to not arrive at the Kingdom Hall in separate cars because it looked like we are having marital problems.

    The fact that we were coming straight from work didn't matter.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I was counselled for assuming the role of a valet parking attendant before and after a memorial.

    I was supposed to help direct traffic into (and then out of) the KH parking lot during a memorial with almost double the amount of cars expected. But when I noticed that certain elderly brothers and sisters had difficulty manuevering into (or out of) very tight spaces, I quickly intervened and parked their vehicles for them or positioned their cars so that they can simply drive straight ahead and out the lot at the end of the memorial. This only took a few seconds at a time and did not affect my primary duty as "traffic director". If fact, had I not done this, there would have been complete gridlock and the next memorial would have started late.

    The next service meeting, an elder pulled me aside and said that I should strive to follow directions from the elders and that he was told that I was "doing unauthorized things on my own" during the memorial when i was supposed to be simply directing traffic.

    Can you believe the audacity of this complete shit head???

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