Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    A company where I worked carried products with strange and goofy sayings on them (most were very clean, no vulgarity). Eventually this got turned into the Elders, proof that I was peddling filth .

    I also got counseled by a very old Elder who was angry about the fact that my wife didn't turn her time slip in promptly at the end of the month. "A man should be in charge of his wife, Drew, now make sure you get her back in like ok?"

    Glad to be done with that!

  • nelly136

    elderelite the potatoes....

    my dad had a mobile veg business, although he had a cold storage unit to store the main veg in it was time effective to weigh out potatoes into small bags for some of hes regulars in advance.

    potatoes made dust in my mothers kitchen and that led to the screaming abdabs and the counselling on potatoes.

    i should imagine the elders dreaded my mother on one of her fitz cos i think she had her own personal direct line to the elder batphone and she wasnt afraid to use it! especially at silly oclock at night when she wanted to get him in the shit for going to the pub.

    i dont think she was ever counselled for skimming the biz money, but then i doubt that got mentioned.

  • gubberningbody

    I was a servant, and full-time pioneer working full-time, and whose wife also was a pioneer....

    "I walk funny."

    "My shoes weren't shiny enough."

    "My comments indicate I rely heavily on worldly wisdom."

    My response.... (internally pissed, and then I thought...perhaps if I took it well they'd feel good about themselves and wouldn't pester anyone else...)

    So I said, "I'll try to do better with the shoes. Sometimes I don't take the time as I should to go home, shower and shine up my shoes before the meeting after I've been out in service all day. With regard to my walking, I'll try to do that a bit better. I have an issue with scoliosis so I go a bit from side to side, but I'll work on that. Oh, and I certainly don't intend to sound like I rely on worldly wisdom. Most of the things I've been discussing in private have been the result of looking up references in the magazines. Perhaps if I underscored that fact, I'd not give that impression. Please let me know how I'm doing in the next few weeks, because I know I'm not as objective as I could be. I know giving counsel can be difficult, but I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks!"

    Internally ... (vomit!!!)

  • XPeterX

    I was counceled not to chew gum in the meetings and to be more emphatic when giving talks.

  • gubberningbody
  • IronHill

    I was counselled for reading 'The Davinci Code'. To quote the elder: It's a book about demons. How could you read that?

    I bit a hole in my tongue and just listened to his ill advised, non-sensical bull!

  • littlebird

    I couldn't take a job at a medium security prison, because there is too much demonic influence.

    I can't talk to my best, then jw, friend about my problems with my husband. I could only talk to my husband.

    I shouldn't have let my kids watch, starwars, lord of the rings, wizard of oz, name it.

    They removed bs from our house because my gay son had to move in with us temporarily, even though we let an elder before we agreed to have it at our house.

    Of course, I was never out in service enough, even though I lived 45 miles from the hall, I should be more like the witness who swim through alligator infested waters to go out in field service.

  • dandingus

    Was counseled for:

    Listening to rock music. (I think it was Metallica at the time.) I'm still a metal head.

    Telling a young lady her dress looked nice. Apparently the comment "made her feel uncomfortable". Whatever. I was just trying to be nice. Wasn't interested in her at ALL.

    Being late for a meeting for service.

    Mispronouncing a word as the watchtower reader (which I almost never did). In fact I used to pick up on others' mistakes, which is probably why they made a big deal about it when I got one wrong.

    Holding my girlfriend's hand. Laying side by side with her in my back yard, talking (not holding hands or even touching). Not getting engaged to her fast enough. Pretty much everything about my being with someone back then.

    Staying up too late talking with friends in the hotel lobby during a District Convention.

    Hair too long.

    Even got counseled once for turning down an invitation to go somewhere because I said I couldn't afford it. I was a Regular Pioneer at the time and I COULDN'T afford it. But the elder said I "shouldn't go around all the time poor mouthing". Almost everyone in my congregation was rich or at least had a little money so apparently they didn't like being showed up for their materialistic ways by someone who was actually doing what they only said they wanted to. Grrr......

  • maninthemiddle

    I was counseled against attending meetings at congregations other than where I was assigned to.

    Two elders used this scripture to back that up.

    (James 4:17) . . .Therefore, if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him. . .

  • lisavegas420

    I was about 16 and counseled for wearing a push-up bra. I acted like I didn't know what they were talking about.


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